Why Is TAG Heuer Hated So Much?

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Watch - Diameter 41 mm WAY111C.BA0928

Many people mock TAG Heuer watches and claim that they would never want to own one. Many people don’t see the value in overpriced timepieces, particularly to the extent that Tag Heuer does. They’re playing a marketing game that only a few companies, including Rolex, have mastered. Tag advertises their timepieces aggressively in order to sell them to mall-goers who believe they are getting the best thing since sliced bread. In reality, their movements are similar to Hamilton’s, but at twice the price. Plus, especially with their Formula 1 line, the designs rarely change.

This isn’t to say that Tag is a bad company; in fact, they aren’t. The quality is acceptable, and you may be able to get one that will last for decades. If you’re set on a Tag, the Monaco and Carrera are the only two I’d consider, and they’ll set you back a pretty penny. If a cheap Tag appeals to you, go ahead and rock it. The only person whose opinion matters is the one who is wearing it.

These are the two main reasons why Tag Heuer is so despised.

Excessively Expensive

Many people in the watch industry believe TAG Heuer is overpriced. When compared to other luxury watch brands, it is overpriced for what you get. This is, however, a touchy subject. As watch companies exist to make money, they are in the watch business to make money. Are TAG Heuer watches, on the other hand, truly overpriced? Yes, many people would say. However, price is extremely subjective.

They Claimed Ownership of a Seiko Movement.

TAG Heuer introduced the Caliber 1887 in 2009, touting it as their own in-house movement. However, it was later discovered that it wasn’t a TAG in-house movement, and it wasn’t even entirely Swiss-made!

Instead, it was a Seiko movement. This is a heavily modified Seiko movement. However, it was still a modified version of the Seiko TC78 movement. Tag Heuer, on the other hand, claimed that the movement was created in-house!

They should have just told it like it was. They claimed to have altered a Seiko movement. Nobody would have given a damn. They made some excellent changes to it.

But lying about making the movement in-house and then having everyone discover it was a Seiko from the start. What a blunder in terms of public relations!

History of TAG Heuer

Edouard Heuer founded Heuer in 1860 in Switzerland. This watchmaker was known for producing chronographs that were popular among race car drivers. Heuer was the first Swiss watch to be launched into space! John Glenn wore a Heuer chronograph in 1962. In 1985, Heuer was purchased by the luxury TAG Group, and the watchmaker was renamed, TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer is a luxury goods company based in Switzerland that produces watches and a variety of other fashion accessories. TAG Heuer also licenses their brand to other companies for the production of other products, such as sunglasses and phones. Providing them with the right to use the brand name. Since 1999, TAG Heuer has been owned by LVMH, the world’s largest watch company.

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