Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!

Did you know that people cannot read time in their dreams? But why is this? Well, the curiosity around this topic is intense which is understandable due to the mystery that the word “dreams” comes along with. One of the questions that circles dreaming is that why can a man fly, have superhuman strength and even fight alien robots in dreams but not have the ability to read clocks in their dreams. Well, that is exactly what we’ll be discussing elaborately in this very blog, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Fun Fact:

There Is Also A Scientific Field That Revolves Around Studying Dreams. It’s Called Oneirology

We normally don’t see clocks in our dreams but it’s not that rare. It’s just that anything that can give you a frame of time and provide information just seems like gibberish in dreams. Moreover, when you dream, time itself loses its purpose, and hence you don’t see many clocks, and even if you do, you can’t concentrate on them to tell the time, and nor will the time seem to move, as the frame of time sub-consciously loses its purpose

A picture of a woman draming to answer Why don't clocks appear in dreams?
Why don’t clocks appear in dreams?

Dreams are images and motions that our mind creates while we sleep. The reason and content of dreams is still not yet completely understood. people have different beliefs as to why they happen and what different kinds of them mean. In fact, there are many people who claim to have the knowledge of the world of dreams and claim that they can interpret what they actually mean. Moreover, they also go onto claim to know the impact these dreams will have on the person’s real life.

Why can’t we read clocks in dreams?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding clocks and dreams as we said in the above paragraph. Most people can’t read the time of a clock in their dream and it will tell a different time every time you look at it and some even say that the hands of the clocks don’t seem to be moving but why is that this phenomenon occurs. Well, it is because the part of the brains that let us read and understands words, symbols and numbers are much less active when we sleep. These two regions of the brain are the Broca area and Wernicke’s area, named after the scientists who discovered them. These two regions have been crucial to determining what goes in the brain’s language sector whilst a person is dreaming.

Broca’s the area of the brain that deals with forming and expressing language. That means connecting meaning to different words. Meanwhile, Wernicke’s area deals with grammar as well as syntax. Hence, allowing us to put words together in meaningful ways. Usually, both of these parts of the brain work together allowing us to communicate in a meaningful way.

Some more science behind it

A decorative picture of a brain to answer Why don't clocks appear in dreams?
Why don’t clocks appear in dreams?

But there are a few people, though rare, who could recall either reading, hearing, or speaking languages in their dreams. And it was inferred after talking to them that the sentences that come out always suggest that the Wernicke area is defective. In a talk in 2014 Barrett, a researcher on this very subject, put in front some snippets of language that the college student say to have remembered word by word in their dreams. Those sentences and words make total sense grammatically but, have groups of words that don’t exactly fit with each other

Statements like these suggest that the Wernicke area explicitly is the part of the brain’s language center that doesn’t function too well during sleep. It won’t be wrong to say that most people don’t necessarily use language meaningfully when they sleep. And that’s what makes people who do so. exceptional and extraordinary. This small class of people, Barett further explains, mostly consists of writers and poets. The crux of the reason of the reason behind is very simple as writers and poets think about and work with words more than the conventional person. And holding these thoughts into mind immediately before sleep can have an influence. An influence that makes them a bit better at getting what they say in their dreams.

Some other interesting facts about dreaming

A Video Elaborating On Some Interesting Facts About Dreams
  • Lucid dreaming: This basically refers to controlling yourself in your dreams. Knowing that you are in a dream and then doing whatever you want to do. This is something that many people train themselves to be able to do. Mostly, just because it’s fun and empowering. If you want to learn how to train yourself to lucid dream lifehacks.orgOpens in a new tab. has a great article written on that so give it a shot if you’re interested
  • There have been some great inventions inspired out of dreams: For instance, the idea of Google that came to Larry Page, AC generator to Tesla. Not only this but DNA’s double helix spiral form-James Watson, The sewing machine -Elias Howe and the all-famous Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev were all inspired from dreams
  • Premonition: This refers to your dream coming true later in your life in reality. In the exact same way, it occurs in your dream. This is scary and fascinating at the same time. Some famous examples of these are:
    • Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination, Abraham himself saw himself getting assassinated before the unfortunate event happened
    • Many victims of 9/11 had similar drams about the catastrophe
    • 19 people also had dreams about the Titanic which later then came true.
  • Sleep Paralysis: This is the feeling of being conscious but unable to move and produce any sort of sound. This, though scary is not something that’s dangerous in most cases. And hence shouldn’t be a cause of alarm if they do happen.
  • Dreaming is also a drug: There are some people who love dreaming and the things they can do in dreams so much that they want to dream all the time. So, they take drugs like Dimethyltryptamine that helps them dream in broad daylight. The drug’s illegal and can prove detrimental

Some more facts

A decorative picture of facts to answer Why don't clocks appear in dreams?
Why don’t clocks appear in dreams?
  • More brain activity: Surprisingly, our brain works becomes even more active whilst we sleep
  • Animals also dream: You can see this by just looking at the moving paws and the chasing noises they make whilst sleeping
  • Blind people also dream: You can only see those faces in your dreams that you have already seen somewhere

This was an extensive article on dreams and why you can’t read and read clocks whilst dreaming. Hopefully, it was helpful and catered your query well. Moreover, if you still have any further questions do use the comment section below.

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