Why Are Glycine Watches So Cheap?

why are glycine watches so cheap by ohmyclock.com

Glycine watches are cheaper then other high end watches and have some very unique designs to offer, but there are quite a few people who often end up asking the question that why are these watches comparatively cheaper then some other watch brands.

Well the biggest reason for Glycine watches being comparatively a bit cheaper is that as of now they do not make their own movements, rather take other swiss movement which is one of the biggest cost-reducing factors when it comes to making watches.

But this, however, doesn’t mean that the quality of the watches is undermined or anything of that sort, as the watches are made in Switzerland, under the extreme supervision of watch experts as one can expect. Furthermore, it is due to the overall quality of these watches that many of them offer reasonable value retention, the other brands that target the same price point like Tissot!

A Video On Glycine Watches

Glycine Warranty

Glycine watches come with a 2 year warranty with them which is a very reasonable warranty time and the most common one found in the watch- universe.

But this does mean that the customer needs to have the warranty certificate with them when they come to claim for repair through the warranty. So, if you are planning on buying a Glycine watch, make sure to place the warranty card, somewhere safe, so you would be able to get your watch reparied if need be, or get it checked without having to worrying about incurring a cost

Glycine’s Optimized Online Store

Glycine’s online store or in other words, their website is quite well organized and optimized for potential customer use. Moreover, they offer quite a few differenty options for payment like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and PayPal. Moreover, the payment process reviews are mostly appreciative and clean as can be expected from Glycine

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