Where To Hang Clock In Kitchen?

Clocks are a part of our daily lives, we use them to tell time, to set alarm, and many times even as add a zest of decor to the overall environment of the surrounding, one of the things the question which is often raised by people buying a new clock is regarding the location as to where they should be hung, and the question in this category that we will be dealing at length today would be, where to hang clock in a Kitchen. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Clocks can be quite helpful when it comes to cooking as one often needs to note the time of how long a certain dish has been cooked for, which often leads to many people thinking of hangning a clock in their kitchens

The clock that you wish to install in your kitchen should be on the other side of where you have your stove, as you don’t want it to be effected by the heat. Moreover, make sure the clock you are installing there is not wooden and is preferably water proof.

Away From The Stove

This is quite easily understandable as you don’t want the clock you install in your kitchen to be affected by the fire and heat of the stove if at all possible. Moreover, this can sometimes lead to the melting of the clock in extreme cases, and in case your case tells temperature as well, this can hinder that functionality permanently. Moreover, some wifi clocks have also been seen to be affected by the heat waves that are produced by the stove, so preferably the clock that you use in your kitchen should not also be a wifi clock, but a regular analog clock.

Water Proof And Not Wooden

It can get quite humid in the kitchen as we all know, as nearly all the time when we are cooking some type of liquid is essentially involved. This means that the vapors of water are in the overall proximity, this has led to temper with the functionality of some clocks in extreme cases, so preferably the clock you use in your kitchen should be water-proof. Moreover, it not being wooden stems from the fact that wood is rather more likely to catch fire, so t not being wooden is preferable, if unfortunately, god forbid there is a fire.

The Opposite Side Of The Stove

Why on the opposite side of the stove you ask? well, this is recommended because most of the times the stove is against a wall and hence a clock can not be in front but can be on top of the stove, which as we discussed above is not recommended. So the next best place to hang a clock happens to be the opposite side of where the stove is in most cases. This not only leads to convenient head movement while as you don’t need to look too up to get the gist of the time. But also has been noted to help the chef in conventional cases stay more attentive to the task at hand.

Not A Wifi Clock

These are clocks that are connected and take time from the atomic clocks that are located in different institutions. Atomic clocks are what tell the actual time that our world runs on as of now. And Radio/wifi clocks are directly linked to Atomic clocks when it comes to telling time, and this is the reason that they too along with the actual atomic clocks are considered super accurate. Radio clocks come in Analog as well as digital form, you don’t need to set their time, once you set in a battery in them, as they are directly connected to the atomic clocks nearby and would be getting signals directly from there. How do these clocks function you ask? well, these radio controlled clocks have radios inside along with the ordinary parts of being a clock and it receives signals directly from an atomic clock just as we said

We do not recommend having these clocks in the kitchen as the heat has been seen to temper with their receiving signals functionality, so it is recommended that you don’t hang them in your kitchen

Why Do People Hang A Clock In The Kitchen?

People hang clocks in the kitchen because of the connection between telling time and cooking, one always needs to cook a certain dish for a certain amount of time, and having a clock right in the kitchen can put you quite at ease. You can just note the time when you start and then keep looking after a bit to see if its been enough time for the dish to achieve the structure you want it to get. Moreover, recently it has also become a fashion trend in many areas to have a nicely placed analog clock in one of the walls of the kitchen, so many people also hang a clock on their kitchen wall for the sake of decor which is rather quite an interesting thing to do

Hopefully, this article was helping in answering your query as to where a clock should be hanged in a kitchen. If you want to know where to put a clock in your living room homedecorrbliss has a great article written on just that, do give it a look “here” if you are interested. And last but not least if you are interested in knowing why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Hopefully, this article was an interesting read, stay tuned to ohmyclock for more interesting articles regarding clocks

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