What Is A Tank Watch? (All About Them)

For those of you who don’t know Tank watch is basically a watch made by Cartier SA that has a name called the Tank.

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Louis Cartier designed it in 1917, inspired by the new Renault tanks he saw in action on the Western Front. Cartier presented the prototype watch to General John J. Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force.

The Tank was introduced in 1918 and went into full production in 1919, with six units built. Its lines and proportions are similar to those of tanks used on battlefields during World War I. Its strap is incorporated into vertical sidebars known as “brancards.”

Cartier has released variations of the watch since its inception, including the Tank Louis in 1922, the Tank Americaine in 1989, and the Tank Française in 1996. A Tank watch is distinguished by its bold Roman numeral dial with a chemin de fer chapter ring, sword-shaped blued steel hands, and sapphire cabochon-surmounted crown.

The Tank has become one of the most coveted and copied wristwatches of all time, and has been worn by Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others.

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Fun fact: As a thank you, Louis Cartier gave one of the first models to General John Pershing (shown here) in 1918.

Tank Watch’ Features

First, the Tank watch had Roman numerals for hours and minutes, a rectangle with “railroad” or “tank tread” lines for the minutes, blue steel hands, and a convex sapphire that was put in the crown. Of course, the watch is probably best known for having a rectangle case and a band that is almost the same width as the case.

The watch band also had a deployment (or deployant) buckle, which was made by Louis Cartier. This type of buckle was used on the band.

The different parts of the design work together to make a truly unique watch. There have been a lot of different Tank designs over the years, but a real Cartier Tank is always the same.

Celebrities and the Cartier Tank Watch go well together.

It doesn’t matter if the Tank has become an icon because it has a lot of famous fans, or if it has become an icon because it has a lot of famous fans.

As a way to give you an idea of how popular the Tank has become, we’ll look at some well-known people who have worn one: Actors Clark Gable, Catherine Deneuve, and Fred Astaire were there, as well as Andy Warhol and Princess Diana, of course.

These are just a few of the famous people who have worn (or still wear) a Tank.

Kim Kardashian And Tank Watches

She wore her Tank often in the 70s, and the gold timepiece with a black band sold in 2017 as part of Christie’s Rare Watches and American Icons sale. It was later found out that the anonymous bidder was Kim Kardashian. She paid $395,000, well above the estimate of $60,000-$120,000.

This is what Khloe Kardashian told Vogue. She said she wore the watch when she went to the White House in 2018 to meet with President Trump and ask for Alice Marie Johnson to be released from jail. “I wore it when I went to the White House.” Let’s get in there and get this done!

Unisexuality Of Tank Watches

“Its shape, as if governed by a golden ratio, is not square or rectangular,” the press materials for the jeweller say. “By being both masculine and feminine, the Tank says that freedom and elegance come in all shapes and sizes.” One of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ cars from 1962 is shown with a painting by the former first lady in this picture.

In the modern Cartier Tank Watch, you can read the time.

The original Tank watch is no longer being made. There are now six different lines: Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Américaine, Tank Française, Tank MC, Tank Solo, and the Tank Cintrée. There are a few of them.

First made for women in 1996, the Tank Francaise is a good example of how Cartier has updated their timepieces for the modern world, like by making them more stylish. Leather is replaced by a stainless steel deployment buckle. The Roman numerals and railroad face, as well as the sapphire crown, stay the same, as does the leather band.

The Tank Américaine

The Tank Américaine was made in 1987 and went on sale in 1989, but it wasn’t sold until 1990.

It was the first Cartier watch to have a curved, water-resistant case. It also had a new folding clasp that replaced the one Cartier had been using since 1910.

New in 2017:

There were two limited-edition collections of the Tank Cintrée Skeleton watch (left) made by Cartier to celebrate the Tank’s 100th birthday in 2017. After the Tank Française was made in 1996 and before the Tank Américaine was made in 1999. It was joined by the Tank Louis Cartier. .

Re-introduction Of Tank Watches In 2021

A Video On the 2021 Tank Watches!

The first Tank Musts debuted in 1977, with a design inspired by the Tank Louis Cartier. In addition to the stainless-steel model shown here, the new line includes three monochromatic options with matching straps and lacquered dials in navy, green, and burgundy.

“The Must watches are part of Maison’s heritage and legend,” explains Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s Director of Image, Style, and Heritage. “They have stood the test of time not only because of their instantly recognisable style, but also because of the excellent craftsmanship that Cartier applies to all of its creations down to the smallest detail.”

Some More Fun Facts About Tank Watches

  • Cartier based the design on a military tank, as seen in this 1922 Tank Chinoise.
  • The Losange, later known as the Tank Asymétrique, introduced a significant design change.
  • The rectangular shape first appeared with the Louis Cartier Tank watch.
  • The Losange, later known as the Tank Asymétrique, introduced a significant design change.
  • The Tank à Guichets, shown here, was the first complication Tank watch.
  • The rectangle inside the numbers on the face is known as the “chemin de fer” (“railroad” in French).

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