What Are Watch Hands Made Of? (All About Them)

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Watch hands come in many different forms and shapes, so today we decided to dive a bit into what they are and what they are usually made of. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. Most watch’ Hands are made of metal strips. the metal can be gold, platinum, or treated steel.

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Some different kinds of watch hands include:

  • Alpha Watch Hands
  • Arrow Watch Hands
  • Baton Watch Hands
  • Breguet Watch Hands
  • Cathedral Watch Hands
  • Dauphine Watch Hands
  • Fleur de Lys Watch Hands
  • Lance Watch Hands
  • Leaf Watch Hands
  • Lollipop Watch Hands
  • Lozenge Watch Hands
  • Mercedes Watch Hands
  • Obelisque Watch Hands
  • Pencil Watch Hands
  • Plongeur Watch Hands
  • Skeleton Watch Hands
  • Snowflake Watch Hands
  • Spade Watch Hands
  • Syringe Watch Hands
  • Sword Watch Hands

We’ll be discussing each and every single one of them moving on in the articles

Alpha Watch Hands

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These watch hands slender from a wide base at the focal point of the watch dial to a restricted and pointed stem. Instances of Alpha watch hands are the exemplary A. Lange and Söhne Datograph or the Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Metrographe. A portion of the Omega Speedmaster models additionally include Alpha style hands.

Arrow Watch Hands

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Bolt hands are somewhat clear dependent on their name – the closures of the hands go to a sharp bolt shape. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic watch is a pleasant illustration of the arrow style.

Baton Watch Hands

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These watch hands are slender, straight, and uniform in thickness. Envision the flimsy stick that a symphony director uses to coordinate the artists or the cudgel that transfer racers hand off to one another.

Numerous work of art, moderate plans use implement style watch hands. Millennial watch brands, Danish watches, and other design watch brands, for example, MVMToften use them on account of their flimsy profile.

Breguet Watch Hands

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Named after the notable French watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet, these watch hands include an empty round loop close to the sharp end. Some watch devotees additionally conversationally allude to them as “Pomme” (apple in French) Hands because of the similarity of the circles to the round natural product.

However, most concur that the appropriate name is to offer credit to Breguet, who imagined the shape alongside numerous other watchmaking parts that actually convey his name.

Of course, probably the best instances of these watch hands are seen on exemplary Breguet plans, for example, the Breguet Marine Mechanical.

Cathedral Watch Hands

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In all likelihood propelled by the stained glass of European houses of God, these watch hands highlight and definite portioned plan on a more extensive hour hand and slim moment hand. A few Mont Blanc models, including this 1858 component this style. In some online watch discussions, individuals allude to these as “Squelette” (skeleton in French) since they look like bones however this is confounding since “Skeleton watch hands” have a piece of the hand dugout (“skeletonized”) see underneath.

Dauphine Watch Hands

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These hands have a tightened jewel shape and have a particular line down the center. Dauphin was an expression utilized from 1350 to 1830 as the given to the oldest child of a lord of France, showing that they were the beneficiary clear to the French crown.

Fleur de Lys Watch Hands

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The Fleur de Lys is a beautiful plan or theme regularly found in strict plans and numerous European family ensigns, including the regal families. The adapted lily is regularly connected with the Catholic church, particularly Saint Joseph. The one watchmaker that stands apart is Swiss watchmaker Czapek and Cie that utilize Fleur de Lys hands on a few of their watches.

Lance Watch Hands

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Spear hands are very much like Alpha, notwithstanding, they will in general be slimmer. Named for the long thin state of the hands, like the since quite a while ago, pointed weapon utilized by horsemen in jousting. The spear hands progressively tighten out from the middle to a restricted pointed end. Like blade hands, however, a considerably more thin profile makes them viable for dress watches.

Leaf Watch Hands

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Leaf or Feuille in French is utilized to portray these watch hands that have a wide, straightened hour hand impersonating the common, natural state of a wide plant leaf. While not utilized as regularly as a significant number of the sorts of hands-on this rundown, the leaf gives a watch an exceptionally recognized feel.

Lollipop Watch Hands

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Much the same as the children’s candy, the hands have enormous circles toward the finish of a stick. These are normally canvassed in the brilliant surface material. While they are not an exceptionally normal hand utilized available, an illustration of this style is the hands-on Tudor Oysterday 76100 model.

Lozenge Watch Hands

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Tablet hands top in width towards the center and afterward slender again toward the end making a precious stone like shape in some cases with a faceted face on the hand. This model beneath from Cartier is fairly a crossbreed with the moment hour hand finishing in a Breguet-like circle.

Mercedes Watch Hands

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In spite of the fact that there is no immediate association with the car producer, the tri-separated circle on the hour’s end hand takes after the vehicle brand’s logo. On account of the surface zone on the circle, these are here and there utilized on glowing watch plans.

Obelisque Watch Hands

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Molded like a monolith with a sharp end. This Blancpain jump watch is a genuine model. Named after the limited tightening landmark which closes in a pyramid-like shape, for example, the renowned monolith at the passage to Luxor Temple, in Egypt.

Pencil Watch Hands

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Much the same as the state of the exemplary wooden composing instrument utilized in schools around the globe, these are straight and end in a point, similar to a recently honed pencil. The actual hands can be lumped or loaded up with an alternate tone and the “tip” of the pencil. A decent example of this would be the Panerai Luminor.

Plongeur Watch Hands

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Plongeur is a jumper in French, a more thick and overstated blade shape. An illustration of this style can be seen underneath on this Omega Seamaster with huge Plongeur with orange aluminum and stained white hands that give the Omega Seamaster Mechanical a strong look and quickly conspicuous face of a notorious plunge watch.

Skeleton Watch Hands

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Like skeleton watches, which have a transparent bit of the watch face where you can see the interworkings of the cogwheels and developments, skeleton watch hands have a piece of the hand burrowed out with the goal that you can see through it. This Bulova watch is a skeleton watch, yet you can see that pieces of the hands are likewise transparent.

Snowflake Watch Hands

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Snowflake hands are the intense, precise hour hands that have become a famous piece of Tudor’s plan that presently returns more than 50 years. As of now all Tudor Pelagos and Tudor Black Bay are made with this hand style.

Spade Watch Hands

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Like the burrowing apparatus and the suit on a deck of playing a game of cards, these watch hands are an exemplary style of hand frequently utilized on pocket watches and old german watches and clocks. Still utilized today, this is a style that never appears to go “unfashionable”.

Syringe Watch Hands

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Similarly, as the name recommends, these watch hands in a real sense look like little clinical needles. The hands begin like a stick style at the middle yet restricted “needle” that polishes off the finish of the hands.

Sword Watch Hands

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Blade hands can be smooth like the ones that appeared above on this Cartier watch or can be a lot thicker and bolder, more like a Plongeur style. They can be strong or on a more extensive blade hand the center is a few times skeletonized.

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