Watch Brands Collaboration With Famous Artists! (All You Need To Know)

If you believe the watch industry and the art world are worlds apart, you’d be wrong. Both fields depend on people being impressed by the visuals while also recognizing the technical skill of the artists. So it’s not unexpected that the watch industry is increasingly collaborating with artists, usually to add more colour to a watch or to come up with a unique design. Here are six incredible examples of artists working together.

Hublot’s Sang Bleu Big Bang – $25,200.

Although Hublot has released a number of Big Bang collaboration models in the past, none have been as well received as the new Big Bang Sang Bleu model that was designed by tattoo artist Maxime Büchi for 2016. The 45mm version has a brand unique time display in which octagonal discs stand in for the hands and the time is read from largest to smallest, with the hours at the outer edge, followed by the minutes, and finally the seconds. The timeless Unico HUB 1213 is housed in a watch that comes in three distinct materials: black ceramic, Hublot’s King Gold, and titanium pave. A true celebration of this watch would be the fact that it has single-handedly gotten the entire tattoo community talking about watches and watch enthusiasts talking about tattoos. This new timepiece could mark the beginning of an unexpected yet fruitful collaboration between sectors.

Elisabetta Fantone’s “Mona Lisa” Corum Bubble Watch retails for $3000 USD.

In 2016, Corum unveiled the ‘Mona Lisa’ Bubble watch, a modern take on a haute horlogerie classic. There are two sizes to choose from: 42mm or 47mm; the latter is one of only 88 produced worldwide. The creativity of the dial is whimsically complemented by the choice of a silver or vibrant purple watchcase, and the silver arc of the hands traces the pattern. This updated version of the iconic Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci has a likeness of the woman who inspired the original by which all others are measured.

Price: $2,100 (USD) / Rado and Le Corbusier

Several of Rado’s products have been recognised with the Red Dot Design Awards. The company frequently consults visual artists and graphic designers for ideas. The True Thinline Les CouleuresTM Le Corbusier limited edition timepieces are one of the company’s best-selling collections. The artist and architect’s distilled colour theory, Architectural Polychromy, served as inspiration for their creation. The range features nine different high-tech ceramic case colours with coordinating dials and straps. Each colorway is limited to 999 total units.

TAG Heuer and Alec Monopoly – Price USD 1,250

About six years ago, TAG Heuer began collaborating with Alec Monopoly, a well-known street artist, to design dials inspired by his spray-painted murals. Several watches have evolved from that relationship, including two special editions of the Formula 1 watch and the Carrera Heuer 01.

Even before the epidemic, he was always covered from the nose down with a bandana, and his graffiti was known for its bright colours. The same is true of the watches, which often boast Mr. Monopoly (the top-hat character from the famed board game) on the dial. In 2017, the Formula One watch cost $1,250. Newer watches continue to emerge from the collaboration.

Movado and Alexi Lubomirski – Price USD 595

For its newest Movado Art Series watch, Movado turns to photographer Alexi Lubomirski to recreate the dials of its watches. This is the first creative project to involve Movado in almost a decade. Lubomirski, the official photographer for the 2020 Golden Gloves, and the official photographer of the 2017 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interprets water, light, illumination, and New York city life on the dials of the watches. Essentially, the Alexi X Movado Artists Series is an “interpretation of time through a lens.” The series also marks the first time that Movado uses a vegan strap. Lubomirski is a dedicated vegan and animal rights activist.

Hublot and Richard Orlinski, Shepard Fairey, Takashi Murakami, and More

Hublot is a brand that regularly turns to artists from all walks of life for collaborations. However, the partnership with Richard Orlinski may be one of the most powerful to date. Orlinski is known for his colorful Pop-art style and for his sculptures such as the Wild Kong Gorilla that is faceted and highly geometric in style.

Swatch and Keith Haring – Price Around USD 100

Keith Haring has had a prolific image in the watch world, having worked with brands like Movado and now Swatch, among others. The 2021 collaboration with Swatch (the first one was in 1986) is for the Disney Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring line.

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