Tourby Watches’ Review: Everything There Is To It!

Tourby Watches' Review: Everything There Is To It! by

Tourby watches is a comparatively new watch brand that is rising up the ladder of popularity. It is a German watch brand that was made in 2007. It offers a very wide and diverse portfolio, and has won quite some awards in the little time it has been here.

So, today we’ll be looking into this brand, look into whether this watch brand is actually something you should look into!

Value Retention Of Tourby Watches!

Tourby watches are reasonably good at value retention, as they are quite well made, and come with some unique designs.

However, these watches are comparatively new and are not that well renowned, which is one of the major reasons for these watches not holding their value as they optimally can. But the brand is becoming more and more popular.

Where Are Tourby Watches Made?

Tourby watches are made in Germany. And these watches are quite well made, the company does also make its own mvoement as well.

And this is also the reason why these watches are more highly priced, then many other watches. The usual price range of these watches goes upwards from $2000 USD and upto a whopping $10,000 USD

All of the movement used by Tourby are well reputed like the Unitas pocket watch movement.

Price Of Tourby’s Watches!

The usual price range of these watches goes upwards from $2000 USD and upto a whopping $10,000 USD. This does sound quite high, and this is also the reason why these watches aren’t that preferred by many watch buyers, as there are many good and well renowned substitute at this price range, and the usual customer ends up buying watches that are comparatively more renowned then a watch brand that was born in 2007

History Of Tourby’ Watches!

Tourby watches was founded back in 2007. Tourby as a watch’ brand has always been famous for making its own watches and even making customized watches on demand. This goes as far as giving the customer the liberty of actually helping in the formation of the watch.

The designs of Tourby watches are inspired by the designs of pocket watches made by the owner’s (Erdal Yildiz)

In 2009, Tourby bought pilots watches from the international market and gained qutie some name for doing it.

In 2010, Tourby made its very first automatic watches. And this then grew to 2 different editions of automatic watches and 25 different models, and now Tourby has even far exceeded that

In 2011, This is when Tourby watches came into the construction of diving watches, and started making true water-resistent watches, and they did this with the help of the Brendan Lawless who was a professinoal diver at that time.

In 2012, In this year, the Tourby Aviator was selevected by Luxos (A lifestyle Magazine), in the list of its *Top ten best pilot watches which even meant that the Tourby Aviator had beat many runners from top brands behind in the ranking for its spot.

Another fun fact to note at this point is that all of the other 9 watch brands that were mentioned in the ranking were Swiss watch brands

In 2013, Here, Tourby watches made the Caliber 74 series using the Unitas movement as the basis

This is also when the Tourby watches got affiliated with the U.S. Navy and got many interesting orders from their behalf.

These orders included making watches for special pilots like the pilots of the ”US Strike Fighters Weapons School Pacific”.

This is also oen of the reason that the brand did not focus much on its advertisement as it was already preoccupied by its orders from the Navy. The models worn by the pilots have become quite famous and are now even desitred by collectors for quite some price. Moreover, each and every single one of these watches have a very special engraved number unique to only that specific watch.

In 2017, Tourby grew to make make a second store, and following this in 2018, the watch brand won a suit against a renowned watch group. In 2020, Tourby also went on to win the German Design award 2020, and last but not the least in 2021 the watch brand has yet again won an award for the Art Deco Sector Dial Model

Tourby Watches’ Warranty

Tourby watches come with a 2 year warranty with them which is a very reasonable warranty time and the most common one found in the watch- universe.

But this does mean that the customer needs to have the warranty certificate with them when they come to claim for repair through the warranty. So, if you are planning on buying a Tourby watch, make sure to place the warranty card, somewhere safe, so you would be able to get your watch reparied if need be, or get it checked without having to worrying about incurring a cost

Tourby’s Optimized Online Store

Tourby online store or in other words, their website is quite well organized and optimized for potential customer use. Moreover, they offer quite a few differently options for payment like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and PayPal. Moreover, the payment process reviews are mostly appreciative and clean as can be expected from Tourby.

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