Timex Ironman Vs G Shock: Which Is Better

Timex Vs G Shock by ohmyclock.com

G Shock is quite reputed for its durability and rugidness but many other brands are trying to catch up to its level of durability and Timex attempt to do this was seen in its model “Ironman”. This has raised many people to question whether Timex’s Ironman is actually up to the standard and if it actually comes near to the functions and durability of G Shock, so that is what we’l be doing in this very article, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Timex IronmanG Shock
Comes With
a 1 Year Warranty
Comes With A 2 Year
$1-$5 Cheaper$1-$5 More Expensive
Water-Resistent Up To 100
Water-Resistent Up To 200
There Are Some Bad Reviews Online
Saying That The Strap Of Their
Watch Broke
Rarely Any Bad Reviews Of This
Watch Brand
Comes With with 30-lap memory;
Has a24-hour countdown timer.
Also Comes With4-hour
military time mode;
And 3 time zones that are:
Day, date and month calendar
Comes with a calender,
ime zone read-out, an
hourly chime along
with the Night-Mode feature
More DurableComparatively More Durable
Is Less RenownedWay More Renowned
Made In SwitzerlandMade In Japan
A Video On G Shock Watches!


G Shock Takes The Win In This Comparison! Though Timex has tried quite a lot to catch up to the durability of the G shock but it hasn’t been able to achieve that level as of now.

Moreover, it also has a bit more of a plasticky feel when worn, but on the other hand; it is without a doubt quite a lot cheaper then an original shock and considering the price it is more then just great. The Timex Ironman itself has literally thousands of reviews that appreciate the watch not only due to it offering so many functions but also being more durable then many buyers aspect of it. Down below is also a screenshot showcasing the amount of great reviews that the Timex ironman also has

Timex Vs G Shock by ohmyclock.com

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