Ted Baker Watches Review: Are They Actually Good?

Ted Baker Watches Review: Are They Actually Good? by ohmyclock.com

Ted Baker is a UK-based company that has been known to create some of the most stunning fashion lines in the industry since the 1980s.

Ted Baker’s watches are made with a variety of materials and styles, so they can be worn by all.

With a variety of styles and designs, this makes it possible for women to have their own unique style.

The watches from Ted Baker have been crafted with care, and they keep the various facets of each design in mind. Most of their creations are heavily influenced by event-based styles as well.

The brand offers complex designs, and also makes scratch-proof as well as water-resistant watches of up to 165 ft.

But this doesn’t however, mean that all of there watches are scratchproof and water-resistant. It just stands to mean that the brand does offer watches of that sort as well!

This, as you can guess is ideal when it comes to swimming, and offering accurate time to the wearer of the watch.

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Ted Baker Watches’ Prices

Ted Baker watches usually range from less then a $100 USD to a few hundred USDs. This puts Ted baker usually puts in Ted Baker in the realm affordable watches.

Even at the most expensive, Ted Baker watches are usually under a $1000 USDs

When Was Ted Baker Founded?

Ted Baker was founded back in 1988, in Glasgow, which makes Ted Baker a relatively newer brand. Moreover, except only watches, the Ted Baker brand offers a variety of products for men, women as well as kids

Ted Baker’ Net Worth

Ted Baker as of 2021, is worth a bit over a $100 Million USDs, or in other words 0.1 Billion. Moreover, the worth of its shares seems to have an increment trend in the past few years. So, it is often estimated that this company is still to see its true growth, and it is in wait only for a few good decision by its directors.

Ted Baker Watches Warranty Time!

Ted Baker’s watches come with a 2-year warranty with them which is a very reasonable warranty time and the most common one found in the watch- universe.

But this does mean that the customer needs to have the warranty certificate with them when they come to claim for repair through the warranty.

So, if you are planning on buying a Ted Baker’s watch, make sure to place the warranty card, somewhere safe, so you would be able to get your watch repaired if need be, or get it checked without having to worry about incurring a cost

Ted Baker’s Optimized Online Store

A Co-operative Company

The company offers a variety of ways that the customers can interact with the company and free up any queries that he/she may have regarding the product that they are thinking of buying.

These means of communication include:

  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Contact Form
  • Live Chat
An image to elaborate on the ways of communication to better elaborate on Ted Baker's Review by ohmyclock.com

Ted Baker’s online store or in other words, its website is quite well organized and optimized for potential customer use. Moreover, they offer quite a few different options for payment like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and PayPal. Moreover, the payment process reviews are most appreciative and clean as can be expected from Ted Baker.

Refunds And Exchanges!

Ted Baker is quite cooperative when it comes to refunds and exchanges. Moreover, the main customer is notified about and everything around the refund process.

Down below are the words from the official site of Ted Baker to give you a better gist of how this company proceeds with things like refunds!

In order to maintain the safety of Ted’s warehouse staff, our online returns processes will be much more stringent to ensure maximum care is taken when processing inbound parcels. Fear not, you will receive an email once your order has been checked in – and a further email to confirm your refund/exchange has been processed.

This safer procedure might take us a little longer than you are used to but will still be completed within our usual 14-day window.”

If you want to know more about this, you can do that “Here” on their official site.

Where Are Ted Baker Watches Founded?

Ted Baker products are made in the UK, Glasgow. And this is not only for the watches but rather for each and every single one of their products

Is Ted Baker A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Ted Baker is often considered a luxury brand but not when it comes to watches ( as the bar for that is quite high when it comes to it!), but rather other things like clothes, purses and other things that the company has to offer to its customer base.

Who Made Ted Baker Watches?

Ted Baker watches was founded by the Timex Watch Group.

Timex has been around since 1854. Its origins can be traced back to Waterbury, Connecticut. The watch maker has remained consistent with its goal of making watches that are reasonably priced.

The watches that were sold by the organization during the turn of the century were worth over 6,000,000.

The following watch marks have become some of the best known watches in the world today.

Is Ted Baker A Men’s Brand?

Nope, Ted Baker is not a men’s brand, as it offers watches for not only men, women but even children, and a wide variety at for all of them.

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