Sinn 104 vs 556: A Comparison

Sinn might not be one of the most renowned brands in the world but it is definitely one of the most creative. Some of their intuitive creativeness can be seen by their Dehumidifying tech, their Tegiment case along with the other features that they introduce in their watches.

Today We’ll be looking at and comparing two fo the most popular Sinn watches namely: Sinn 556 and Sinn 104, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Sinn 556Sinn 104
Simpler In LooksA Bit More Chich Looking
Cheaper Then Sinn 104$200-$400 More Expensive
Uses ETA 2824-2 movementSW 220-1 automatic movement
by Sellita
Comparatively A Bit More
Rigid Strap (Comes With A
Few Options Of Straps You
Can Choose From)
Thick Leather Strap And Comfortable
To Wear (Comes With A
Few Options Of Straps You
Can Choose From)
Glows In The DarkGlows In The Dark

Sinn 556

Sinn 556 I

The watch has a pilot-style case which Sinn is acclaimed for. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Sinn’s set of experiences is profoundly established in aeronautics in 1961 when Sinn started to produce route clock and pilot chronographs (the late Helmut Sinn was an educator for daze battle and previous World War II pilot).

It’s a smooth-looking watch that underlines on its utilitarian properties, yet by one way or another, it’s extremely perky in its looks.

A Video Review Of Sinn 556

Another extraordinary thing from this watch is the reflexive dark black dial. it’s too great has this nearly porcelain-like quality to it yet holds the profound dark subtleties.

All that joined with the sensibly measured 38.5 mm case does what needs to be done, making this watch quite possibly the most adaptable watch presently accessible on the watch market.


Sinn is notable for its demanding case execution. As one of the solitary brands to have their own case-making offices, under the name SUG in Glashütte, they have striking abilities. Sharp lines and wonderful completing are the least you can expect and are available on the 556i.

The 556i is one of the more completely estimated watches, and it keeps an eye out there in awe. Coming in at 38.5 x 45.7 x 11mm with 20mm carries, it’s minimal and proportional.

Toss in the 200m water resistence, and you have a watchful and adaptable design that is often loved and respected by watch lovers all over


The 556i and 556a vary just in their dials. The 556i highlights a non-mathematical dial with a sparkling surface, while the 556a has a pilot plan (huge 12, 3, 6, and 9) on a matte surface.

Both are attractive, yet there is something especially charming about the 556i’s restricted jargon of structures. It without a moment’s delay addresses military watches and something more specialized and configuration center. In that capacity, it’s extremely flexible and interesting to a wide scope of tastes

Straps And Wearability

For those of us purchasing stateside, the tie choices for the 556i are either on a calfskin for $1,090 or on an armband for $1,330.

The 20mm dark cowhide strap the 556i comes mounted on is wonderfully made.

It’s delicate, flexible, and extravagant inclination. I realize Sinn utilizes Di-Modell as a provider for a portion of their ties, so this might just structure them as well.

Sinn 104

Sinn Uhren: Modell 104 St Sa I

One of the primary things you’ll see about the 104 is the plain dark dial with counterbalance rectangular hour markers for ideal clarity.

A moment and seconds track goes around the dial border with markings down to the quarter-second imprint.

Superluminova covering is applied to the hour markers just as the vital blemish on the turning hour-long commencement bezel.

The needle-style hour and moment hands have a cool vintage look and are likewise radiant.

Gaps for the afternoon and date sit at 3 o’clock, with the two fields delivered in an insignificant sans-serif text style. Eminently, the day can be changed from English to German, and the other way around, through the crown. This is a beautiful cool and one-of-a-kind component that adds some appeal to the 104 St Sa.

A Video Review Of Sinn 104

With a cost under $1,500, we’re not astounded to see the 104 use a stock Sellita development with basic “Sinn” marking on the rotor. It actually presents great worth because of its strong development and simple functionality. While there isn’t a force save pointer, the development is outfitted with a 38-hour power save which will suit the necessities of most wearers.


Sitting at 41mm wide, 47mm haul to-carry, and 11.5mm thick, the 104’s tempered steel case is comfortable on almost any wrist.

The change made to this exceptional version is the hand-completed dot impacted case that gives the watch a truly intriguing matte look.

Sinn didn’t go too hefty on the globule impacting, as the steel actually has a touch of try to please.

It’s not exactly as quiet as one of their regimented cases. It’s about as blingy as you can get with a matte completion, and the 104 pulls off the look effortlessly.

Dial And Hands

Clarity is key with regards to the dial on the 104. A matte dark dial with white accents enhances the front of the watch.

There are enormous rectangular hash marks for every one of the hours, while little, better hash marks separate the minutes, and surprisingly more limited ones in the middle.

Sinn’s content logo sits at 12:00, while “Automatik” is imprinted in content simply above 6:00. Separated by the 6:00 file is the content “Made in Germany” that is even on one or the other side of the square.

The 104 highlights a day-date show at 3:00. You’ll track down a German/English white-on-dark day wheel flanking the dating show in a similar tone.

In light of a legitimate concern for making things simple to peruse, the day/date is laid out in a thin, fresh white bouncing box. While some may need an inconspicuous date show (the dark on a white date at 4:00 on my Sinn 856 rings a bell), the showcase on the 104 kindnesses clarity.


Obvious though the sapphire case back, there’s a Sellita SW220-1 top evaluation programmed development beating endlessly inside. This development beats at 28,800bph for a smooth second clear. Completely twisted, the development is useful for around 38 hours. You can hack the seconds for the exact time setting and hand-wind it to make it run. The top-grade development includes some pleasant completing like blued screws, striping, and perlage.

There’s an enormous gold-tone rotor that is engraved with the Sinn logo in dark. The top-grade development is a pleasant difference to the usually distinct pilot watch stylish that the watch radiates, and the straightforward case back is a decent token of the unpredictable brief period teller you lash to your wrist regularly.

Straps and Wearability

Given the dark/white/matte steel look of the 104, you can essentially toss this on a lash you need and it’ll look extraordinary. It’s a fresh start. Actually, I might want it on an olive nylon mil-tie or a tan cowhide two-piece.

Directly from Sinn, you can get the watch with either a chocolate earthy colored softened cowhide lash with twin-fasten subtleties, or you can get it on Sinn’s H-interface armband. The softened cowhide lash is incredible it’s thick, however not very thick, and it has an observable surface. It was promptly delicate and agreeable on the wrist.



The German brand Sinn is well-prestigious for its instrument watch resourcefulness.

From oil-filled jumpers for the military to clinical looks for paramedics. Numerous Sinn watches serve an expert capacity and are famous for their quality as well as looks.

Let’s take a look at one of the many great watches that Sinn has introduced. In 2019, Sinn praised twenty years of the Arktis. The 206 Arktis II was augmented to 43mm from the first 41mm dark dial rendition. Very much like the first’s fundamental trademark, this plunging chronograph has a temperature resistance of – 45°C to +80°C

The dial and sub-dials highlight a coordinating with frigid cool blue sunburst finish.

Build in outrageous conditions isn’t a factor on account of the dehumidifying innovation executed between the dial and sapphire precious stone. The hour-long scale on the bezel offers valuable runner’ data, and the Valjoux 7750 based development is the pulsating heart visible through the sapphire case-back.

There is likewise a trace of Patek with a steel wristband with Nautilus-style focus joins. While the Nautilus might be out of conflict, the Sinn is cheerfully reachable at €3,690.

1994: New Era and New Beginnings

The essential revamping by Schmidt after his assume control overdrove him to pursue new and imaginative mechanical skills. The “new” organization dispatched the Sinn 244 model produced using titanium.

This watch accompanied Sinn’s updated innovation attractive field security as well. Sinn also uses titanium in this watch as well as many others. Sinn clarifies on their site that titanium is best for looks as it ingests internal heat level and furthermore diminishes electric voltage remuneration between the skin that causes static stun. And

Hence, when combined with attractive field insurance, these watches are ideal for pilots and outfitted authorities as well due to obvious reasons. Predominantly in light of the fact that it discredits all attractive disturbance caused while flying.

1995: Ar-Dehumidifying Technology

In the year 1995, Sinn once more dazed the world with the 203 Ti Ar jumping watch.

Ar-Dehumidifying Technology was presented out of the blue, designed by Sinn, adequately tending to two issues of mechanical watches. One, it forestalls the hazing up of gems in the watch when there is an abrupt change/drop in temperature. Two, it tackled the issue of maturing of oils because of air dampness getting into the watch. Resultantly, this all-encompassing the existence of the watches because of the counter maturing impacts.

1996: HYDRO Technology

Sinn’s new HYDRO innovation in 1996 gave three primary benefits, making it ideal for remote ocean divers.

1997: Mission Timers

Denoting the beginning of additional advancement, Sinn dispatched the EZM1 and EZM2 mission clocks in 1997, uniquely created for the German Police power and the Border Protection Group.

These watches zeroed in on ideal estimation of time and ideal perusing. Therefore, mission clocks ultimately developed to turn into the substance of unwavering quality and accuracy.

The watches have an insignificant plan all over to guarantee precise time intelligibility. Throughout the long term, Sinn prepared for some more innovative redesigns. Resultantly, planning a large group of clocks exceptionally created to meet the prerequisites of pilots, specialists, jumpers, firemen, and salvage laborers.

1998: Temperature Resistance Technology

Since 1998, Sinn has also introduced temperature resistennce in their watches

Sinn set for wonderful the current innovation, while additionally improving for more up to date ones, it designed the Temperature Resistance Technology.

Through this innovation, Sinn created unique oils to drag out the grease of the inside segments. This empowered watches to work all the more precisely and read the ideal time between temperatures of – 45 °C up to +80 °C. Besides, to test the innovation the 303 chronograph KRISTALL watch highlighted at the Yukon Quest where it won with no trouble at all. This further reestablished Sinn’s consistent accomplishment with ace craftsmanship and watchmaking expertise.

1999: Year of Multiple Achievements

The year 1999 denoted an achievement for Sinn’s accomplishments. First and foremost, it began with the dispatch of the model 203 AR KITS implied for outrageous plunging conditions. Frankfurt-based limit jumper Mario M. Weidner wore the 203 AR KITS as he dove profound into the Arctic Sea with a group of Sinn engineers. The group of specialists and jumpers tried the model far past the northernmost place of human civilization and the watch more then just survived.

The test spot was outrageous to the point that it would have required five hours for the closest helicopter to contact them if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis.

This lone implied that the dependability of the gear was of most extreme significance.

At profundity of 64.5 meters, the most profound at any point passed by any jumper at that time, the 203 AR KITS worked consummately and remained dependably watertight/resistent.

Further tests after the jump additionally showed that not a solitary drop of Arctic water leaked inside and there was no indication of deviation inside the model.

Sinn Brand Reputation

Sinn began with a goal to make extremely useful watches that can withstand any environment or pressing factor and it has remained consistent with its name. Throughout the long term, Sinn has designed the absolute best advancements to withstand outrageous temperatures, in contrast to its rivals. Mr. Sinn at first occupied with direct selling followed by Schmidt’s new plans of action utilizing accomplices and merchants. Along these lines, Sinn could retail at much lower costs in contrast with other extravagance watches.

Despite all surveys, Sinn holds its head high for going with record-breakers in accomplishing their accomplishment, be it somewhere down in the ocean or high above noticeable all around.

Is Sinn A Good Brand?

Yes, Watch lovers value the brand for what it is moderate, tough, and improved durbility. However, notwithstanding being evaluated on the lower side of extravagance watches, many trust Sinn to be hefty on their wallets. In the event that you are on the lookout for solid meaningfulness at some random condition, exactness plan, and complicated tender loving care, at that point Sinn merits considering.

In particular, many watch enthusiasts notice that Sinn doesn’t engage masses, not at all like their rivals however rather we should their watches do the engaging. By adhering to inventive and exceptionally designed watches, Sinn has figured out how to fabricate a faithful client base throughout the long term. In spite of the fact that there is likewise a typical agreement that no other brand conveys like Sinn, paying little mind to their fluctuating costs each year. Subsequently, Sinn clients depend on their watchmaker because of its unmistakably contemporary plan and intriguing innovation.


Sinn 104 is the winner for us, not only just because of its looks but the variety of straps it offers, along with its movement. But there is not much difference when it comes to the quality of both of these watches and besides, Sinn 104 is a bit more expensive then Sinn 556, and then there is also the point of your own personal taste. If Sinn 556 suits your taste better then go for it!

That’s about it for this blog, if you have any further clock/watches-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to read an interesting article on why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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