Shinola vs Tissot Watches: A Comparison

Shinola and Tissot are both reputable watch brands and there are quite a few people out there who want to know which one is better for them. So today I decided to do just that and compare both of these brands and analyze the pros and cons of both of these brands at length. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Comparing Both The Brands

Every Product Comes With
a 2 Year Warranty
Comes With A 3 Year
Renowned For Its Durability
And Accuracy
Comparatively Less Durable Then
Has A Varied Range Of
More Diversity In Style When It
Comes To Style
Can Be A Bit ExpensiveIs A Bit More Affordable
Comparatively More
Comparatively Less Reputed
Made In SwitzerlandMade In USA
Most Watches Have Bigger
Dials Then Shinola Watches
Comparatively Smaller Dialns Then
Tissot Watches
Founded In 1853Founded In 2011


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History of Tissot

Tissot was established in Switzerland back in 1853. It made its imprint with its sensibly valued watches that give excellent exactness, making it a serious celebrated brand for the general population. The way that they are still notable right up ’til today is a demonstration of the nature of their watches.

Tissot watches use the accuracy quartz development; this made the watchmaker very acclaimed in games. Tissot is additionally the authority accomplice of a few F1 dashing groups which further concretes their standing of having perhaps the most precise time-keeping gadgets on the planet today. Snap here to see some extremely cool watches made for vehicle darlings, including one from Tissot.

Tissot was additionally the main organization to present the double time region watches on the lookout, which helped its deals dramatically around the world. One of Tissot watches’ unmistakable highlights is the two-year guarantee that comes appended to each and every watch that they have in their list.

Tissot watches are water-resistant up to 30, 50, 100, 150, or 200 meters which is shown working on it back. Consequently, the water-obstruction of a watch can’t forever be ensured. It very well might be influenced by the maturing of gaskets or by an unplanned stun to the crown or pusher.

Tissot Watches Are One Of The Oldest Watch Brands In The World, It Is Older Then Other Watch Brands Like Rolex And Rado!

Tissot Watch Reputation

With its long history and for being a certified Swiss brand from the beginning, Tissot has acquired and had the option to keep a decent standing in the watchmaking business. Its new consolidation with the Swatch bunch has additionally moved its advertising and delivered really front-line plans that have inhaled new life into the brand.

Tissot is a since quite a while ago settled brand that is notable for creating incredible quality watches.

The plan and work of Tissot watches are remarkable and many watch devotees think about Tissot as an “reasonable extravagance” brand.

Tissot has likewise been developing the plans and functionalities of their watches, trying to one or the other keep up or keep a stride in front of the latest thing. A portion of its developments, like the WoodWatch and the RockWatch, may appear to be set for some due to their extraordinary creativity, yet there are as yet the individuals who discovered advancements like these really engaging.

Are tissot Watches Acceptable Quality?

In excess of hundred and fifty years and Tissot is still broadly referred to across the globe as a quality watchmaker. From its establishment, the organization developed, extended, and improved. Consolidate that set of experiences with 35 years under the Swatch gathering and the brand is as yet acquiring ubiquity.

Exemplary models, for example, the Tissot Visodate has been around since 1953 and keeps on being an exemplary watch or the Tissot Le Locle which arrived on our rundown of best dress watches under $500 with its 80-hour power save, called Powermatic 80.

On the off chance that you are as yet not persuaded, the brand’s association with famous people and players, and sponsorships of different games ought to be legitimate pointers of how extraordinary Tissot is.

Among the celebrated wearers of Tissot watches are Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, Grace Kelly, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine.

Generally, both Tissot and fossil offer watch fans a fabulous determination of mid to high reach watches. The two brands convey perfect style and first in class usefulness. The decision of which one to get will reduce several fundamental variables.

Tissot watches are additionally known to take a more customary and traditional way to deal with their watch plans. The distinction in stylish will generally be the essential central consideration for most watch devotees. One thing is certain; the two brands are top-level watchmakers that follow through on all fronts decisively.

Best Tissot Watch

Tissot PR 100 Men’s Chronograph

TISSOT Tissot PR 100 Chronograph - T1014171104100 - Tissot® | Tissot

The 41mm Tissot PR 100 Chronograph has a tasteful that the brand depicts as having a rich and exemplary style, is off Tissot’s T-Classic assortment.

This variety has a novel anthracite dial tone (think a gritty, dull dark shade) and a dim tempered steel tie. It’s additionally 100m water-safe and has a treated steel case with a rose gold PVD covering. Probably the most prominent highlights incorporate a 30-moment and 1.10 of second counters and a focal 60-seconds chronograph hand.

Different models have various tones and case materials like hardened steel wristbands, and case colors like blue and dark. The entirety of the models are readable and basic, making them wonderful regular watches that are not difficult to match with various outfits.


More than Men's Watches: Timeless Timepieces | Shinola® Detroit | Shinola®  Detroit


Shinola was set up in 2011, making it a youthful organization by all accounts, and an undeveloped organism in the watch business. Their first contributions were delivered in 2013, the 40mm and 47mm Runwell models, both extraordinary releases with a creation restricted to 2,500 pieces altogether. They sold out in seven days. A second run later that very year met with comparable achievement.

The new child was looking great from the beginning, with energetic horology fans arranged to meet the shockingly high-at a-quartz-watch cost tag, apparently glad to fork out for a true blue piece of Americana. More model reaches followed, all intended to mirror the city’s common foundation; straightforward, rough, and striking, and all bearing the wizardry words ‘Worked in Detroit’.

Which is the place where the issues began. Since, incidentally, ‘inherent’ and ‘gathered in’ are not tradable terms. The Shinola creation office includes a mechanical production system where parts sent in from Asia and somewhere else are consolidated into the different watch cases. As per the FTC and their absence of a comical inclination over these things, that doesn’t comprise ‘Worked in Detroit’ or even ‘Made in America’. To wear that qualification, each part should be really fabricated in the U.S., not simply assembled and shoehorned into a case.

All alone, there isn’t anything amiss with Shinola’s methodology. Sourcing the different constituents that go into a watch from various producers and consolidating them is the way Rolex began. The enormous distinction is in quality and cost.

Quartz Tech, Mechanical Money

Shinola is really an association of three organizations: Bedrock Manufacturing Co., the brand advancement venture established by Tom Kartsotis, Taiwan-based dial producer BAT Ltd., and Ronda AG, a Swiss firm that spends significant time in mass-created quartz watches. The types discovered inside Shinola observes all come from Ronda and, indeed, the greater part is quartz.

There is a horrendous parcel of pretentiousness in the horology world over quartz. Tune in to any bad-to-the-bone authority regarding the matter and you will hear them grumble about the ‘shortfall of the soul’ or the ‘absence of masterfulness’ in an electronic watch.

In any case, some unimaginable models have been made utilizing quartz developments. Omega’s Speedy Skywalker, for example, or the Breitling Superquartz or the Grand Seiko 9F, even Rolex had a couple of quartz watches called the Oysterquartz.

And keeping in mind that Shinola is clearly not in such an organization, it hasn’t halted them charging such cash for their watches that could cause you to accept they figure they ought to be.

As of now, you will not discover any Shinola for under $550. Their top Chrono, the 48mm Black Blizzard, comes in at $1,500. Precious stone set women watch The Cass costs $2,100. These are all, fair to repeat, watches gathered on a creation line in Detroit, from parts brought over from China and Thailand, fueled by a modest quartz motor.

Shinola Brand Reputation

The Shinola brand is for watches, cowhide, and other design products. Consequently, this took the brand name to numerous sides of the world. Tapping on the Quartz development may have pulled in analysis from watch darlings. All things considered, in any case, Shinola has figured out how to keep steady over the market for its talented craftsmanship and special, creative plan.

Also, Shinola has won the hearts of the Americans by rebranding their name as “American Made.” Kartsotis’ compelling showcasing procedure and approval from previous Presidents made Shinola a household name in America. Shinola’s affection for narrating reflects in their plan and development. For example, a lion’s share of Shinola’s assortments draws motivation from elite creators and draftsmen.

Is Shinola A Good Brand?

On the off chance that you are searching for a reasonable, solid, and upscale watch, Shinola has a great deal to bring to the table. With a normal of $800-$1000 across their assortments, Shinola has figured out how to draw in any semblance of many. While a few pundits in the press like to remember the brand for a class they call “new extravagance,” numerous genuine horologists discount the brand as a style watch because of its get-together cycle utilizing cheap parts.

Watch aficionados condemn the brand for fixing it as American-made since the majority of the parts are imported from abroad, and afterward amassed in Detroit. Consequently, the supposed bogus marking has lost Shinola some possible clients, however, this is changing with Shinola’s development and new strategies.

Some watch fans would suggest a brand like Hamilton with its American source and current Swiss possession and creation. You could likewise go for other American watch brands with an any longer history than Shinola like Bulova or Timex.

For those searching for snazzy and durable watches, Shinola has satisfied its name. The Shinola brand has likewise pulled in acclaims for its promotion, however, when contrasted with brands like Fossil, the latter has been liked with many saying the quality is comparable to Shinola yet at a lower value point.

Best Shinola Watch

The Petoskey Vinton 38mm

Vinton 38mm|Petoskey Stone Dial|Stainless Steel Bracelet | Shinola® Detroit

On the off chance that you’re a devotee of vintage or even vintage-looking watches, you’ll love the Shinola Petoskey Vinton 38mm. From a remote place, the cream dial gives it an exhausted vibe which retro sweethearts appreciate. It looks practically like a patina.

Its name comes from the Petoskey stone a fossil of a frontier coral. In the event that you find it on the Internet, you would see a stone with dazzling hexagonal examples. Very much like the stone, the watch’s dial includes a sunburst plan.

The Petoskey stone changes in example and shading. This is the reason no two watches are indistinguishable. It likewise arrives in an engravable case back and a treated steel armband to make it closer to home.


Tissot Watches Are The Winner! both of these watch brands are without a doubt great when it comes to their overall style and accuracy, but Tissot is not only more reputed, and older in the industry, it’s watches are also more durable comparatively speaking, and I personally love the bigger dials. So there you have it

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