Recycling Watches (Quick Tips And Tricks)

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Yes, watches can be recycled in a multitude of ways, and that is exactly what we’ll be looking into in this very article. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Recycling is basically the process through which a product that is to be thrown away is turned into another useful rather then just being part of the waste. A few ways through which watches can be recycled include

  • Using The Watch Straps For Other Watches Yourself
  • Using The Insides Of The Dials For Another Watch Yourself
  • Give Your Watch To A Watch Expert Who Can Then Take Out All The parts And Reuse The Functioning Parts For Other Watches.
  • Give Your Watch To An NGO
  • There Are Also Watches Called Wood-Watches, You Can Also Use Them As They Are Quite Eco-Friendly (Being Made Of Wood)

Moving on, we’ll be looking into each and every single one of these in elaborate length. Starting off with the Watch Straps

Using The Watch Straps For Other Watches Yourself

Discover all kinds of watch straps

Watch Straps Are In Most Cases The Easiest Part Of The Watch To Recycle. In most cases, where a watch is not functioning, its strap is still quite intact, in fact, in rather a good condition: so, your watch straps are quite easy to take out, compared to the other parts of your watch. Moreover, this isn’t something too technical and is something that you can do at home for many watches. Down below is a video elaborating on this very topic

A Video Elaborating On How You Can Extract Your Watch Strap

Using The Insides Of The Dials For Another Watch Yourself

If you are a watch enthusiast and want to experiment with your watch yourself before taking it to a professional. This is one of the things that you can do. You will start off by getting yourself the right equipments needed for getting into the intricacies of the insides of the watch. These things include tools like the following

  • Watch Hand Lifting Levers 
  • Watch Case Opener
  • Watchmakers Screwdriver Set
  • Watchmakers Tweezers
  • Eyeglass or Eye Loupe
  • Movement Holder
  • Parts Container
  • Pegwood
  • Glass Benzine Jar and Watch Degreasing Fluid
  • Rubber Dust Blower
  • Watch Oils and Greases, Oilers and Oil Pots
  • Rodico Cleaning Putty

After you are set with the tools, you can get started with taking off the back of the watch first and then delve into the intricacies of the watch. You can go on to remove the watch movements (which might be the cause of the dysfunction of your watch). The video down below further elaborates how this might be done

Taking Your Watch To A Watch Professional

This is one of the smoothest ways to understand what is it that is not working in your watch and how many parts of it can be truly recycled. The watch professional personal could then go onto remove every defective part inside and out, and turn it into a functional watch. There are some watch professionals who might even buy the watch after that. But after it becomes functional, you can go on to use it yourself or give it to anyone you like

Giving Your Watch To An NGO

NGOs appreciate everything that you can give to them, and after you have made your watch functional after going through a watch-professional, then you can proceed to give it away to anyone who might actually appreciate having your watch through an NGO, and there are a tonne of people there who would love to reuse your watch.

Using Wood Watches

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There are also watches made of wood out there, these can be quite eco-friendly. As like I said, they are made of wood. Moreover, they also make a statement about you. Moreover, these watches are great in the looks department as well. So, one great way you can go about recycling watches is having a wood watch in the first place, if this is something that suits you. We have an article written on some of the best woodwatches out there, you can give it a look “here

Contact The Manufacturer

Another way, but rather an unconventional one is contacting the manufacturer. Many times, manufacturers don’t mind taking their watches back if you are thinking of throwing them out, as they know they can find a way to use it one way or another. Moreover, they might be offering services like polishing your watch, we have an article written on polishing watches “here“, you can give it a look to see if you are looking into whether polishing is something that you can to it

Get Creative

An old, undesirable watch can help you tap into your innovative side or help another person develop theirs. A few people like to utilize these watches to make armbands, and a large group of different specialties.

Why You Should Recycle Watches?

As we all know, recycling helps protect the overall environment by restricting the overall amount of waste. Recycling also saves energy and even helps reduce the overall emissions of greenhouse gases. Along with many jewels, many watches out there also consist of things like steel, plastic, titanium and tin along with other things which have been refined to form a watch. So recycling watches is definitely something that should be considered if you are thinking of disposing a watch. This way not only would you be helping the environment but might even helping someone else by maybe giving them a watch that you no longer need

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your clock-related questions. If you have any clock-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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