Pros And Cons Of Polishing Your Watch! All About It

In this article, we’ll be elaborately talking about the pros and cons of polishing your watch and whether you should be polishing your watch. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it! starting off with the pros of polishing your watch

Eliminates Scratches

We get into mishaps with our timepieces all the time, and it never turns out good. Even if you have a very robust watch like a Casio G-Shock, the case will likely have been scratched at some point. These scratch marks are not only unsightly, but they also do damage to the exterior. Therefore, most people who are passionate about watches choose to have their watches professionally polished to remove the unsightly scratches. By buffing the scratched areas, watch owners can restore their timepiece to a condition where it seems as though it had never been scratched. Because scratches can be removed when a watch is polished, you can feel confident wearing it.

Improves Watch’s Appearance,

Everyone enjoys the sight of a brand new timepiece, whether it’s an expensive Royal Oak Offshore or a more modest Seiko Prospex. Over time, though, the watch will lose some of its brilliance and become less appealing. A watch with a dull case, especially one that is dirty and scratched, is not the most aesthetically pleasing wristwatch to look at, but the loss of its lustre does not significantly damage its durability. Watch cleaning not only removes surface scratches but also restores the watch’s original, streamlined appearance. The two of you have been through a lot, and with a decent polishing treatment, your watch will feel like new again.

An Elaborate Video On Polishing Watches!!


It May Change the Structure Of The Watch

Polishing a watch necessitates the removal of very fine layers of metal from the casing. This procedure is permanent unless you have extensive knowledge and experience with laser welding. A polished watch may look better at first glance, but the process actually removes some of the details that make the watch special.

The watch’s aesthetically pleasing bevels and chamfers can be diminished by removing metal layers. By doing so, sharp corners are rounded off, bezels are lowered, and lugs are rounded off. You might accidentally make your watch look deformed and fake. It is advised that you refrain from having your watch polished if you wish to preserve its construction.

Lowers Value Of The Watch

Do you ever ponder why it is that collectors value a scratched Rolex more than a brand new one? Because a watch that hasn’t been polished keeps much of its original worth. Your watch’s worth will decrease by more than a few thousand dollars if you have it polished, as the process changes its composition. This is especially true for historical timepieces, since savvy collectors who want to buy the watch will always value authenticity over perfection. Do you intend to resell your stolen high-end wristwatch? It is the last thing on your list of priorities to polish it.

Is It Necessary to Polish Every Watch?

No, ideally they shouldn’t, especially not rolex submariner watches or other watches that have been bought as an investment, since polishing them would undoubtedly lower the price of the watch.

If your watch is made of a single metal (such as stainless steel, titanium, gold, etc.), you can safely clean it without worrying about stripping away any protective finishes. However, you can only “revamp” (or clean) a watch twice or three times before the loss of material starts to distort the timepiece’s form.

Does Keeping a Watch Polished Decreases Its Value?

In the case of vintage watches, polishing can significantly lower their worth. In addition, if you are thinking of having your watch polished, it is imperative that you do so during a period of normal, routine RSC administration. People who feel the need to clean their Rolex every time they notice a fingerprint or scratch are the bane of any Rolex owner’s existence. In addition, it seems wasteful to pay to have arm band cleaning done when it may be done as part of regular support.

Things to Do While Polishing Watches

  • Maintain the precision by cleaning and adjusting the mechanism.
  • Order a Professional Dial Refinishing Service
  • Clean up the case to make it look good.
  • Scrub and straighten your fingers.
  • if the crystal needs to be replaced, do so.
  • Put on a new leather band or give the old one a good shine.
  • If it breaks, you may need to replace the crown, stem, and/or mainspring.
  • International Dial Co. is where dials go to be refurbished by industry experts.

Hopefully, your questions about polishing your watch have been answered here. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions in the space provided below. Last but not least, we have a fantastic piece explaining why clocks never show up in dreams; if that’s something that piques your curiosity, by all means click on it! Time and Dreams! Also, if you’re interested in learning more about clocks and their rich history, you may find it here: “Devices for measuring time throughout history” If you enjoyed this article and want to read more about clocks, be sure to subscribe to ohmyclock.

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