Musical Clocks: All About Them

Musical clocks often intrigue many, so today we decided to write an elaborate article on them. We will start off by looking into what they are and some things about them and then move on to a list of our best recommended Musical clocks that you can buy as of now. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

A musical clock is simply defined as a clock that sings a song/tune/ rhythm after every hour of the day, hence it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the name of these clocks is quite self-explanatory. Yes, they seem quite similar to cuckoo clocks in the aspect that both of these types of clocks make a sound every passing hour of the day unless made to do otherwise. But in cuckoo clocks, a bird comes out every time an hour passes and they produce the sound of a clock. Moreover, most of them also need to be rewound. On the other hand, not only do musical clocks not come with birds that make a sound after popping out every hour, but many of them also come with a variety of songs and tunes that they can play. They are usually like simple analog looking clocks but seem more graceful than the conventional analog clock due to the work that has usually been done on them.

A Video Of A Mechanical Clock

The music of a musical clock is usually played with the help of the batteries that you put in. The batteries are the main energy source that gives signals to the speaker to sing every time an hour passes. Most of the times, the music is generated using an electronic sound module. Most of the musical clocks in the market right now also comes with moving objects more often than not. In case you are wondering how does the sound making part of these musical clocks work. They usually use the FM synthesis or sample-based synthesis technology for sound generation to produce. This enables them to produce high quality sound and even intricate music sounds.

Quirks Of Musical Clocks

As can be seen in the video attached above, musical clocks do way more than just tell time and sing every hour as they perform some very intricate movements which is a sight to behold nonetheless. The clock itself often splits and revolves around while there are different small flashes that light up while a soothing clock is being played in the background. What a musical clock varies from model to model and many of them perform different kinds of feats. These quirks are one of the reasons that these clocks are often way more expensive than conventional analog clocks. As there has been quite a lot of work done and there are quite some intricacies involved (at least more than the conventional analog clock ) when it comes to making these clocks.

Old Musical Clocks

One of the oldest known musical clocks dates back to 1598 which was constructed by Nicholas Vallain. This clock currently is in the British Museum in London.

Fun Fact:

Large sized musical clocks are placed in public places in quite a lot countries. One of the most popular examples is Japan. Such clocks usually play pre-recorded music sample. Or in some cases tune reflective of some part of the culture

Are Rhythm Clocks And Musical Clocks Same Thing?

No, this is something that often confuses people but Rhythm clocks are a very well-renowned clock-making company which in fact also produces musical clocks. Whereas musical clocks are just a type of clock

Some Of The Musical Clocks That We Recommend

SEIKO Swarovski Melody in Motion Wall

A picture of this clock to better elaborate musical clocks

A great looking musical clock that comes with the following dimensions: 18 x 5 x 19 inches and requires a total of 4 C batteries to function properly. Every hour when it’s time to sing the face of the clock would split and rotate while music plays in the background from a variety of 30 different songs. The clock is decorated with 13 Swarovski Crystals. Moreover, this clock also comes with light sensors that enable it to stop making a sound every hour during the night time, so you can sleep in peace. Last but not the least this clock is available on Amazon as of now for $159.99


This clock has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of a total of 420 ratings. 87% of these ratings were 5 stars. Down below are some of the reviews to give you a better gist from the mouth of the customers.

Gramalove says: Gave 5 Stars

“I purchased this as a gift for someone who loves the color teal. I have a different but similar clock myself from 10 yrs. back but I don’t think it has the quality of chimes this one does. This clock looks better in person than in the photo. It is simple but the swarovski crystals twinkle like diamonds and the chimes are soft and beautiful. Chimes can be adjusted for volume and can be completely turned off. This is the second Melodies in Motion clock we have given someone as a gift. Many people have mentioned the clock when they come visit. I highly recommend it.”

Julieta Petricia Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Beautiful, love the way it sounds. Looks a lot more expensive than it was, and it’s also a lot bigger in person than I expected!!

review image
J Hutchins Says: Gave 5 Stars

” This clock is definitely more beautiful in person. The crystals catch the light from so many angles, they bring life to the piece. It looks beautiful on the wall, is easy to read the time, and the speakers are a good quality. I have it hanging above a bookcase.”

Carol Smith: Gave 5 Stars

“Beautiful clock and watching it when it plays and moves on the hour is wonderful. I love this clock.”

MG Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This is an amazing clock. Huge! Way bigger than I anticipated but I’m so in love with it! The tunes sound clear and sharp and the movement is sublime. The materials do look a smidge plasticky and I wish it wasnt brown but meh! This was the best gift to me from me ever!”

Seiko Starry Night Melodies In Motion

A picture of this clock to better elaborate musical clocks

A musical clock that comes in a blue color and is just right to lighten up any place you deem fit. This clock comes with 20 LED lights and a total of 6 melodies that it plays. The melodies that this clock comes with are

  • Amazing Grace
  • The Planets “Jupiter”
  • Waltz Of The Flowers
  • Salut d”Amour
  • Pictures At An Exhibition “Promenade”
  • Dance Of The Reed Pipes

The clock has the following dimensions: 18.25 X 16.5 X 4.25 and requires a total of 4 D batteries to function, which come included with the clock. Lastly, this clock is available for a price of $305.30 as of now.


This clock has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of a total of 118 ratings. 88% of these ratings are 5 Stars. Some of the ratings go as follows

Janice Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I’ve wanted this clock for years and finally gave in to buying it. I absolutely love it. Six melodies are plenty and you get a chance to hear them twice in a day. I also can’t wait till my grandchildren can listen and watch it.”

Grant Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I purchased this clock in 2009 for our anniversary. It has been running fine for over 7 years (so has our marriage for over 52 years!). It runs on batteries that I have only ever replaced 2 times. This is amazing when you consider all of the energy used to run the clock motion for that length of time.
One year later I purchased a different “Melodies in Motion” clock that we mounted in the master bathroom. It has also been running with no problems.”

Colleen H Says: Gave 1 Star

“First one only lasted 6 months. Had to pay to ship back under waranty. Second one has been working so far”

Flatt Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Best clock Ive ever purchased!!! Don’t hesitate ont bit! Worth every penny!!might buy another, it is THAT cool!!!”

Diane O’ Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I love this is the 2nd one that I have puchased. The first is mine, this 2nd one for a friend. The sound is sweet, the melodies are lovely. I tried another brand and, on hearing its melodies, immediately returned it. Stick with Seiko, you won’t go wrong.”

Seiko Skyline and Starry Night Melodies in Motion

A unique looking mechanical clock that comes with a total of 18 melodies. The melodies include

  1. The Four Seasons
  2. “Spring,” Kanon
  3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  4. Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral
  5. ” “Morning” From Peer Gynt
  6. La Traviata “Drinking Song
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. The Planets “Jupiter”
  9. Waltz Of The Flowers
  10. Salut d”Amour, Pictures At An Exhibition “Promenade”
  11. Dance Of The Reed Pipes
  12. Deck The Halls
  13. Deck The Halls
  14. O Tannenbaum
  15. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  16. Joy To The World
  17. Silent Night
  18. Jingle Bells

This clock come with an average rating of 4.8 out of a total of 6 ratings. 78% of which are 5 Stars and the rest 22% are 4 Stars. Down below is a look at some of the reviews

Frank H Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I Gave this Clock for my Wife’s Birthday this Year. She’s been wanting one for Years. It is Better than the Ones in Virginia City and Way Cheaper. It’s Perfect. She’s very Happy.”

Joonbi Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This clock is just Gorgeous!!!! So happy with it and glad that I purchased it. It has 18 songs that play every hour unless it is dark and the clock has sensors that silences the sound. Amazing purchase.’

This clock has the following dimensions:: 17.4 X 15.9 X 3.8, requires 4 C Batteries to work which come included and is available at a price of 345.30 as of now on Amazon

Texas Rose Says: Gave 5 stars

“This clock is absolutely gorgeous! The sound quality is also excellent and the piece is very eye catching. I placed ‘this one on the Master Bedroom, as I have another Seiko clock that I have had for years in another room.
I have to disagree with the other review stating the hands of the clock are the same as the clock face. Mine has gold hands on a white face, as does my other clock. It is shown true to color in the Amazon picture. Quite elegant and easy to read, but the real show stopper is the music bedazzling you with the Swarovski crystals dancing to the tunes. Very happy with this wonderful clock. Highly recommend for a gift to anyone you love!”

Seiko Castle Night Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clock

Another great looking musical clock that comes with 18  melodies

  1. The Four Seasons “Spring,”
  2. Kanon
  3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  4. Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”
  5. “Morning” From Peer Gynt
  6. La Traviata “Drinking Song”
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. The Planets “Jupiter”
  9. Waltz Of The Flowers
  10. Salut d”Amour
  11. Pictures At An Exhibition “Promenade”
  12. Dance Of The Reed Pipes
  13. Deck The Halls
  14. O Tannenbaum
  15. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  16. Joy To The World
  17. Silent Night
  18. Jingle Bells

The dial also opens up and closes when the melodies are played. Moreover, the clock is powered by 4 C batteries that come included within the clock. Lastly, this clock is available at a price of $175.50 as of now on Amazon


This clock has an average rating of 4 stars out of a total of 4 ratings, and only one written review by Anthoney that goes as follows

Musical clock is amazing. Dial and numbers move at the hour and I can set it to 3 different types of music including Christmas! So fun for the kids to watch, and my elderly parents, lol. I guess it covers all generations in the family. It has a night sensor so it won’t go on night (which is great , my wife’s a light sleeper).
Can’t recommend it enough, it’s the lowest priced Seiko Melodies in Motion clock I could find (other than the Sam’s Club model – but that’s not in stock year round, only the holidays). PS- the castle theme is great, reminds us to save $$$ every month for our next trip to Disneyland! haha

This was an elaborate article on musical clocks, hopefully, it was helpful in informing you about musical clocks and recommending you some that you can look into if you are interested in buying one. Lastly, if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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