Mido Vs Longines Watches: A Comparison

Mido Multifort Chronometer 1 - M0384311104100 | Mido

Getting right to the comparison, they are both great watches’ brands, both are stylistic yet semi-formal or dressy in their different models. They are reliable and have respectable waterproofing components. The Mido has, IMO, probably the best dial you can get at the price point. On the other hand, Longines is a more reputed and a well known brand with quite a few style variations.

Both of these watch brands mostly target the same price range which is one of the major reasons why many people want to compare them so today we decided to do just that. So without furhter ado, let’s get right into it

If you just want to know our preference when it comes to these two brands just scroll down to the ‘conclusion’.

In any case, the Longines Conquest has an exceptionally great arm band and completing quality for the situation. The absence of applied lume in my model isn’t a bother, since the metallic markers truly will in general jump out and work pleasantly with silver or white gold wristbands.

Longines Brand Reputation

Longines watches are known for class and the brand is supported by its long Swiss watchmaking legacy. Numerous individuals would consider Longines a passage level extravagance brand. They are not at the extravagance level of a Rolex or Omega nor do they contend in a similar space. While they do have some more extravagant watches, numerous Longines watch models sell for around $1,000 or under so a part what you’d pay for a very good quality extravagance watch.

In case you’re searching for a correlation, watch brands, for example, Hamilton, Rado or Oris would be a more sensible examination. On the lower end of the value range, numerous customers additionally contrast Tissot watches and Longines.

While Longines watches are as yet thought to be acceptable quality watches, many watch devotees will disclose to you that quality has declined. They are not, at this point the exceptionally respected brand they were in the late nineteenth century. Additionally since the quartz emergency of the 70s and 80s and the brands later joining into the Swatch gathering, it is not, at this point in the class of watch producers it used to be. As a result of that many watch gatherers would look more to vintage Longines pieces instead of their more current creations

Are Longines Good Watches?

As referenced, paying little heed to their movement as a brand, Longines watches are still excellent. They are contrasted with other Swiss-made, passage-level extravagance brands. On the off chance that you are searching for your first Longines watch, you might need to focus on their exemplary “Legacy” assortment that highlights the re-issues of their notorious models.

Mido Watch Reputation?

We ought to consider the information that is available about Mido watches concerning connection history. It has a solid history of 100 years of saving unbelievable quality watches. One thing about Mido is the relationship of the brand with the military, notwithstanding, the brand in addition offers a wide level of ladies’ watches.

Mido has for quite a while been seen as a trustworthy expert’s watch, presently properly in the current style to be astute constantly. Every development confirmation of the Multifort Series, and the beginning of the solid heart, all add to their standing. With the introduction of Multifort, for, a few in number features were offered, as against engaging properties, water snag, and shock resistance. They have overwhelmed close by chronographs, finishing the tenth condition in the world.

Are Mido Watches Good Quality?

Today, there is a conversation about the association not gathering the whole of its types of progress inside. Regardless, we need to value that today, Mido is an assistant of Swatch. Consequently, the quality culture of both Mido and Swatch isn’t most likely going to be something to be played with.

Thus, going to the key concern you may have you are thinking about buying a Mido watch, yet you need no weakness. We have dove into the better nuances of Mido watches. Consider the brand reputation and the chronicled foundation of the association. You can thoroughly buy a Mido watch and be ensured something wonderful that will outfit you with basic stretches of satisfaction. Mido falls some spot in the mid-level of all brands in the Swatch pack close by brands like Hamilton or Certina. Mido consistently appears contrastingly as per other Swiss watch brands like Rado, Tissot, or Longines.


Longines is the winner according to me. The Mido Watches offers extraordinary quality in the dial and the Longines offers incredible quality for the overall style and wristband. And if offered a Longine and a Mido watch with the same price and functions, I’d personally prefer Longines Over Mido as it is not only more renowned but its overall style is preferable over Mido for me. But both of them use swiss movements and don’t lack in quality, so if you don’t care much about the popularity of the brand, choose whichever style you like as there is not much of a difference when it comes to the quality to be completely honest.

Mido, at the present time, is as of now situated inside the primary 5 Swiss chronograph makers. This affirmation was cultivated in colossal part as a result of their Mid World Timer game plan which they uncovered, beholding back to the 90s. With Mido’s arrangement of encounters in the watch business, you can expect first-class watches that are both apparently stunning and incredibly reliable. Mido watches are moreover indivisible from military-style watches. They similarly develop some top-of-the-line watches proposed for use in the clinical field.

Mido developments aren’t so extraordinary, ETA 2824 in the Longines and ETA 2836 in the Mido, which implies a day of the week work, no biggie. Longines is a more regarded brand around the world. Mido isn’t that notable.

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