Mido vs Certina Watches: A Comparison

Certina watches: Swiss watches since 1888

The two of them are strong entertainers in a packed zone, and they offer exceptionally respectable watches at great costs.

Certina is a Swiss watch brand situated in the memorable watchmaking city of Le Locle. Regularly depicted as a section-level extravagance brand, the organization has a set of experiences tracing all the way back to the last part of the 1800s. What’s more, it is likewise an option to say that the two of them are important for a similar gathering, that is, the Swatch gathering. Along these lines, it is helpful to see how the present circumstance became.

What occurred in the new past is that the Swatch bunch had a tremendous accomplishment back when it dispatched its line of quartz analogic watches that it is a real sense got a colossal measure of cash due to its deals.

That gigantic flood of cash made the Swatch bunch the huge shark searching for prey and like pretty much every other customary Swiss watch organization was debilitated by the strength of the quartzes, which were for the most part Japanese, they fell as simple prey to the gathering buyout procedures.

In a steady progression, the Swatch bunch gulped scores of different organizations and brands (you can see them in different responses to this subject) winding up building a tremendous arrangement of organizations of each value level, from the humblest Swatch to the best Breguet and Jaquet Droz.

As the Procter and Gamble technique educates, the gathering organized its brands so to fill each specialty of the market for certain brands getting the best position, others the medium-end, others still the lower end.

The entirety of the organizations/brands you have named have been put in the lower (however not least) level of its contributions. I need to say that this sort of situation has not regarded at all the practices of the various brands included, however a business will be a business, particularly with a beast bunch like Swatch.

All things considered, you will not charge seriously on the off chance that you purchase watches from these brands: by and by I have seen some exceptionally sweet Tissot watches, which at their present value level are very nearly a take. Outstanding amongst others I have seen is the “Chemin des Tourelles” line, particularly the beautiful skeleton rendition. You can see that on top.

Regardless of whether you did exclude it in your rundown, the equivalent can be said about Longines, additionally a piece of the Swatch gathering – you can wind up getting some astounding watches at deal costs, particularly since the Longines brand possesses a dim spot in this pyramid, being clouded by one of the most grounded of the gathering, that is, Omega, and winding up having a helpless appeal to clients. Be that as it may, this reality makes it advantageous for you in the event that you end up being looking for a Longines to purchase – you would wind up scooping it with a colossal markdown. Of the Longines queue, I love the Flagship which is an exemplary watch that won’t at any point become “old”.

All things considered, and returning to the three brands you are discussing, you would be completely alright in purchasing any of the three. Simply ensure you are purchasing a mechanical watch (recall that probably the greatest organization fabricating watch developments, that is, ETA, additionally has a place with the Swatch gathering), and you would be sweet.


Both are viewed as section-level Swiss extravagance watch brands. As far as quality, Mido and Certina are entirely similar. The Swatch bunch places them together in their mid-range level alongside Hamilton and Tissot so they do go up against one another.

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