Luminox Vs Hamilton (An Elaborate Comparison)

Every Product Comes
With A 2 Year Warranty
Comes With A 2 Year
Generally More ExpensiveGenerally A Bit Cheaper
Better Value Retention
Then Luminox Watches
Better Value Retention
Richer HistoryComparatively A New Brand!
Not A Luxury Watch’ BrandNot A Luxury Watch Brand
Very unique stylesReliable and praised
for its overall quality And Style
More known in comparison
Way More Renowned
Comparatively Less
Made In SwitzerlandMade In Switzerland
Founded In 1892Founded In 1989


An Elaborate Review Of Hamilton Watches

Hamilton is commonly compared to Tissot and Glycine since each of the three Swiss watch companies competes in a comparable price range and has comparable product offerings.

It’s not a common comparison, although some models of the brand have been compared head-to-head with Omega. Many owners believe that their Hamilton is just as sturdy and well-built as the more expensive brand. Hamilton is renowned for his gentle loving care and long-term success as an entertainer.

Hamilton watches are guaranteed to be of acceptable quality, especially when it comes to form quality and affordability. They place tremendous emphasis on the mid-value ($250-$500) segment of the watch market for this particular model. Some watch experts believe Hamilton is an underrated brand, given that many watch styles use low-cost Japanese quartz advancements and poor parts to sell in a comparable price range.

When compared to other watches in the same price range, Hamilton timepieces have a long history and a strong reputation. Hamilton is well-known for its designs that evoke the Jazz Age, Art Deco, and the Art Deco Era. When the company was still owned by the United States, they used American-developed internal advances.

Hamilton isn’t seen as a luxury or premium brand, but watch lovers give it high marks for accuracy, and many consider it an underrated brand for the price range at which its watches are sold. Hamilton, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, is currently relying on Swiss ETA innovations.

Watches made by Hamilton are among the more reasonably priced Swiss brands; several of their models sell for less than $500.

However luxurious brands like Rolex and Omega are, Hamilton watches don’t really appreciate as a reward. In spite of this, the brand is still well-known in the watch industry for its high-quality timepieces.

In fact, Alpina, Longines, Omega, Rolex, and TAG Heuer were all included in a list of the top ten Swiss watch brands.

As a result, Hamilton watches are viewed as a good balance of both casual and formal mid-range timepieces. That the company is able to produce watches that are both dynamic and technologically advanced speaks to its versatility.

Hamilton’s history

Hamilton was founded in 1892 and is an American watchmaker. However, the central organisation was already in existence before that. It wasn’t until a few years later that the Hamilton Watch Company was able to acquire the Keystone Standard Watch Company and Lancaster Watch Company.

Hamilton timepieces have become an integral part of American culture. Hamilton adapted to the market’s shifts as well. When soldiers returned from World War I, wristwatches replaced the pocket watch as the watch of choice, knocking the pocket watch off the top. In response to this shift, Hamilton started developing their own line of wristwatches.

After the outbreak of World War II, Hamilton completely shifted its focus to the production of military-grade watches and gear, thereby abandoning the consumer sector.

The end of World War II paved the way for Hamilton to return to fashion design. The Hamilton Watch Company shifted its assembly operations from the United States to Switzerland in 1969 after purchasing the Buren industrial complex in that country.

When the Hamilton-Buren partnership came to an end in 1971 as a result of declining market transactions and a premium on Hamilton-Buren watches, the two companies had been working together for many years. Swatch Group was offered Hamilton in 1974.

Hamilton Warranty Period

When it comes to watch warranties, Hamilton’s is the most common at two years, which is a good amount of time to provide coverage.

Hamilton timepieces are excellent buys, and even though they don’t appreciate in value, many of them wind up holding their value for several decades.

Now moving on to Luminox watches and what they pertain

Luminox Watches!

This is a relatively a newer watch brand which is only a few decades old. But the designs and style variations that it offers seems to becoming more and more popular every coming year. The watch brand has a very clean site, and a youtube channel that is becoming better every coming day.

Price Range Of Luminox Watches

The price range of Luminox watches usually comes under $1000 (usually between $400 to $600). This is quite cheaper than a lot of watches out there including Hamilton watches. Moreover, it is also important to note that. The users of these watches have reviewed them as durable, stylish and classy.

Warranty Of Luminox Watches

Luminox watches come with a 2 year warranty time, moreover; most of these watches also come with a water-resistence that helps these watches keep functional even after limited contact with water.


Luminox would be my personal preference when it comes to these 2 brands, as not only is it cheaper, offers the same durability, and even better quality in some of its pieces, but i personally Lumionx’ designs over Hamilton’s designs. But if you want a more renkonwed brand than Hamilton would be your choice

Luminox is an upcoming brand that is gaining popularity, but there is no doubt to the fact that Hamilton is a way more renowned brand in comparison. Mroeover, it is also important to note that Hamilton watches are more expensive in comparison. The durability of both of these watches is comparable, and both brands offer a wide variety of designs. Unfortunately, the value retention of both of these brands is not optimal.

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