Lacoste Watches Review: Are They Any Good?

Lacoste Watches

Lacoste watches fit pleasantly into the organization’s product delivery, offering a decent assortment of styles at an appealing value point. They’re not going to cause you to disregard Rolex or U-Boat, yet they’ve tracked down a pleasant specialty among the individuals who appreciate looks like a design extra, as opposed to an absolute necessity have extravagance thing.

Lacoste Watches Build Quality

The form quality is satisfactory; they utilize tempered steel cases, steel, cowhide and silicone groups, and mineral precious stones. Water opposition is humble; the majority of the product offering highlights water obstruction in the 30 meters to 50-meter range. These aren’t sports watches, so don’t get one reasoning you will wear them while jumping or surfing. They’re more for wearing out for supper or beverages after you’re finished with the games for the afternoon. All in all, they are assembled all around ok at their cost point.

Lacoste Watch Brand Reputation

Lacoste is an organization with a long and interesting history. Tragically, Lacoste-marked watches are not as generally rich, thus, you’d be excused for being suspicious about possessing a Lacoste wristwatch. By and by, they fit pleasantly into the brand’s design and style sense, offering a wide assortment of choices for the brand followers.

At the point when you hear the word ‘Lacoste,’ what rings a bell is the minuscule yet notorious green crocodile on the polo shirt’s left bosom. During the 1960s, Dwight Eisenhower, at that point President of the U.S., was shot playing golf in a Lacoste polo shirt. This pattern, which had started, harking back to the 1950s when Lacoste dispatched their hued polo shirts, topped during the 1970s.

Following the immensely announced clash with China’s Crocodile Garments, they had to grow their contributions. Lacoste at that point needed to manage another wannabe-style house New Zealand-based Crocodile International. While we can’t in any way, shape, or form get into the legitimate particulars of these copyright fights, we would contend that Lacoste has a standing so strong, others need to ride on.

Is Lacoste a Good Watch Brand?

Lacoste’s prosperity and a long-standing for energetic plans are firmly connected to their capacity to play to mark strength. However, with regards to watches, they have been not able to take advantage of the organization’s legacy, particularly given their contributions’ variety. They began as a solitary product offering organization and were doing great until they enhanced.

The choice to extend their contributions was not really silly, at the same time, in doing as such, they have neglected to augment their plan potential in issue watches. Taking a gander at their plans, we’d say they are everywhere. Their dress watch, for example, isn’t the sort of wristwatch you need to wear in the meeting room.


You’ll see that the movements are completely quartz. We don’t know where they’re sourced from; they could be Japanese, Swiss, or Chinese. There’s no sign of the wellspring of the developments on the organization’s Website.

Right now, they don’t offer anything with a mechanical movement, yet on the other hand, at their value point, that is not actually astounding. On the addition to side, there’s little upkeep engaged with a quartz development, besides supplanting the battery, and quartz developments are exceptionally precise and solid, so you will get a watch that takes care of its work competently.


There’s very little specialized development to be discovered; they’re fundamentally a design organization, and their watches are style embellishments. Thusly, they’re utilizing reliable innovation and essentially placing it into an alluring case. All things considered, Lacoste watches are essential for the Movado Group, so they come from a long-lasting legitimate producer.

You’re not going to discover entanglements, periods of the moon, or confirmed chronometers in their product offering. Obviously, you’re not liable to search for this brand in case you’re searching for forefront innovation, at any rate.

Styling and Features

Lacoste watches ladies’ VictoriaThe current product offering incorporates approximately two dozen models for men and around fifteen models for ladies. Styling could be portrayed as fun and beautiful, with a couple of conventional-looking models and others that include brilliant tones, counterfeit gemstones, and obviously, that omnipresent crocodile.

A few models incorporate chronograph highlights, yet a large portion of them do not have any confusion. While you could wear a couple of these models for formal events, the majority of their product offering appears to be most appropriate for easygoing and everyday business wear.

Showcases are largely simple, and groups are accessible in gold and silver-conditioned hardened steel, silicone elastic, and calfskin. Then again, barely any organizations make watches with strong tones, like reds, blues, and greens, so in case you’re searching for something that will stand out, this could be a decent decision for you.

Care and Maintenance

The magnificence of watches with quartz developments is that they don’t need a great deal of support. That is the beneficial thing; they’re all quartz, so besides supplanting the battery each 2-3 years, you will not need to manage any genuine upkeep issues.

You’ll need to store your watch in a cool, dry spot and get it far from the limits of temperature and solid attractive fields. On the off chance that you wind up in or around saltwater, you should wash your watch cautiously thereafter with faucet water and afterward cautiously dry it. That’s the long and short of it; from that point onward, it should run well for quite a long time to come.

Lacoste Watches Warranty

The Lacoste watches guarantee is the business normal; the organization warrants their items for a long time from the date of procurement against abandons in materials and craftsmanship. These are tried at the manufacturing plant before delivery, so the risks are that you will not discover numerous deformities.


Lacoste watches men’s 12.12Perhaps the best thing about these models, besides the fun styling, is the costs. They’re very reasonable, with list costs going from about $125 to $295 for the two people’s models.

We’ve seen them limited a considerable amount on the web; we’ve really seen a couple of models at retail for about $75 or thereabouts. At that value, you can bear to get a few of them, and you’ll have a watch that looks great with various changed outfits in your closet.

There’s little authority interest, so don’t anticipate that your purchase should appreciate in esteem or become a gatherer’s thing. Simply value the way that you got a pleasant watch at a decent cost.


On the off chance that you like fun, cheeky styling that doesn’t view itself too pretentiously, you’ll love Lacoste watches. Furthermore, they offer fantastic estimating and their wristwatches are moderate to the point that you’ll be enticed to purchase multiple. They offer an assortment of models for the two people and they have a few plans that will draw consideration.

They’re not actually the ideal watches to wear in the meeting room, yet for ordinary wear or a pleasant date, they’re awesome. The form quality is satisfactory, the evaluating is extraordinary and the guarantee is adequate to keep you secured. All things considered, Lacoste watches make a decent purchase.

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