Is Rolex Oyster Perpetual Waterproof? Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 Stainless Steel / Oyster Bracelet /  Blue Dial: Watches

Yes, The Oyster case is ensured waterproof to a profundity of 100 meters (330 feet). Its center case is made only from a strong square of especially erosion safe 904L steel. The fluted case back is airtight screwed down with an extraordinary apparatus elite to Rolex watchmakers.

Would You Be Able To Swim With A Rolex Oyster Perpetual?

All Rolex wristwatches are waterproof to profundities of in any event 100 meters for Oyster Perpetual models, and 50 meters for Cellini models. Some Oyster watches can withstand profundities of 1,220 or even 3,900 meters.

Would I Be Able To Wear My Rolex In The Pool?

That being said, it is okay to wear your Rolex into the water with you, climate it’s a chlorinated pool, warm tub or pungent sea. Your Swiss show-stopper is constructed like a tank, and the overall dependable guideline is; whatever you can deal with your Rolex can deal with also.

Testing The Limits

OK, so a snappy shower is alright, yet shouldn’t something be said about making a plunge the sea? In the event that you are an ardent jumper it’s essential to do somewhat more voyager limitsresearch on the particular Rolex model you own and what it is fit for withstanding. An overall principle to follow for those considering a one-time jump or experience is that anything up to 100m of static water pressure is OK. For anything more profound than 100m, ensure you check the determinations for your particular model of Rolex.

You’ll be glad to discover that the Rolex plunge watches go through colossal testing prior to being delivered out to your nearby approved seller. They are tried in jumping tanks and they guarantee that after a profound plunge or broadened timeframe spent in the water, no buildup structures under the face. They test their watches in water up to 12,000m profound.

So that responds to our inquiry regarding profundity, however what might be said about that shiny new hot tub or sauna you at long last bought? Lamentably, the rules here are not as obvious. In any case, it isn’t prescribed to wear your Rolex in the Jacuzzi much of the time or for broadened timeframes. Despite the fact that the water isn’t profound, the danger comes from the likelihood that a gasket may lose its shape from the warmth. Despite the fact that for this to happen the warmth would need to be very outrageous. You ought to try not to go into exceptionally chlorinated water with a strong gold Rolex, as chlorine is known to consume the amalgam blended in with the gold.

Cleaning your Rolex

On the off chance that you are presenting your Rolex to cleanser, saltwater, chlorine or some other synthetics, it is essential to clean it appropriately by Washing and Cleaning Rolex With Soapafterwards. Cleaning your watch is basic; in a little box combine as one tepid water and alkali free cleanser. After these are blended, wash your watch in the water utilizing your hands; delicate cleaning ought to get the job done. At long last, utilizing a delicate cotton material you can wipe your watch off.

Contingent upon your way of life and what you do every day you might need to consider wavering prior to wearing that Rolex 24 hours per day. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re not spending extended periods of time unwinding in a Jacuzzi or remote ocean jumping, at that point you don’t have to avoid potential risk. Feel free to wear your watch while in the shower or as you do your morning laps in the pool. Simply remember to clean it at times and watch that your winding crown is totally shut. You treated yourself by buying extraordinary compared to other created watches on the planet; with its advanced innovation and quality materials, you can feel sure wearing it all through your whole day.

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