Is Fitbit Alta Waterproof?

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No, the Fitbit Alta isn’t waterproof. It is just water-safe, which implies it’s ready to withstand downpour, sprinkles, and sweat. It is suggested that clients eliminate the Fitbit Alta HR prior to swimming or showering. In the event that the Fitbit Alta HR gets wet or on the off chance that you sweat a ton with it in, it ought to be taken out and the band needs to dry out totally prior to putting it back on your wrist.

An Indepth Review Video On Fitbit Alta

What Is The Alta HR Useful For?

Despite the fact that you can’t utilize the Alta HR for your swims or even in the shower, it’s as yet an incredible action tracker. Like other Fitbit gadgets, you can monitor the number of steps you require in a day, see consumed calories and exercise, your resting propensities, and significantly more. Furthermore, in the event that you have different companions who use Fitbit, you can challenge them and see who can be more dynamic.

Something else that is incredible about the Alta HR is the way that it has constant pulse checking because of PurePulse innovation. This tech implies that there’s a green LED light on the rear of the tracker, and this continually glimmers to reflect off of your skin and recognize changes in the bloodstream. This information is then used to decide the number of beats each second for you, and it works best when it’s straightforwardly on your skin.

The Alta HR screens your pulse day in and day out, so in the event that you need to make note of any inconsistencies, this is an extraordinary tracker to do the work. In addition, it’s sharp and smooth.

Can You Swim With A Fitness Tracker?

While the Fitbit Alta HR isn’t waterproof, the organization fabricates a couple of trackers that are waterproof, not simply water safe. In any case, remember that a portion of the options might not have PurePulse, so you will not get ceaseless, programmed pulse following like with the Alta HR.

In the event that you approve of a waterproof other option, Fitbit has the accompanying alternatives: Versa ($200), Flex 2 ($60), and Ionic ($300). Fitbit Versa is a wellbeing and wellness smartwatch that will keep going more than four days on a solitary charge. It has a day in and day out a pulse, and it permits you to tune in to music sans telephone, have applications, instructing, and then some.

Flex 2 is a straightforward and barebones wellness band that is very thin and scarcely perceptible. It’s swim-verification, and can even withstand chlorine and salt. Ionic is another smartwatch from Fitbit. It offers wellness direction, wellbeing bits of knowledge, music stockpiling, applications, persistent pulse observing with PurePulse, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

A portion of those alternatives additionally uses PurePulse however they’re waterproof. Truly, we don’t have the foggiest idea why Fitbit didn’t make the Alta HR waterproof. The Versa and Ionic both use PurePulse innovation too and can be lowered in the water, so it’s a secret why a similar treatment was not applied for the Alta HR.

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