Is Fitbit Ace 2 Waterproof?

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To put it simply, no watch is truly waterproof, but they are water-resistant, and most Fitbit watches are resistant to up to 50 meters in depth and Fitbit Ace 2 also falls into this category, which means that it is also water-resistant up to 50 meters in water. It is also suggested by Fitbit, that after you use the watch for a swim or with you in the shower, that you allow it to dry for some time

The Ace 2 is the sequel to Fitbit’s first children’s fitness tracker, the Ace. It’s intended for a wide range of kids of different ages, at a lower price that parents can appreciate. Although it tracks the same metrics as its predecessor like counting steps, active minutes, hourly movement, and sleep. Moreover, Fitbit Ace 2 is more durable, simpler to use, and has a more flexible design. It’s a sound and flexible approach to ensure your children are remaining active.

In contrast to the first Ace, which just came in two plain colors, Ace 2 has a playful aesthetic. You can pick between a night sky band with a neon yellow, or even a watermelon band with a greenish-blue dial. Fitbit likewise offers different bands at the price of $29.95 each which is quite reasonable.

The Ace 2 is additionally more tough than the first. First of all, it’s waterproof up to 50 meters like we said, so children can take it for a swim. moreover, the band serves as a defensive guard to protect from scratches on the tracker’s presentation. It’s stain safe also and is easy to wipe off any type of dirt or stains from the watch.

A Video Review Of Fitbit Ace 2

Features Of Fitbit Ace 2

The tracker has a 0.72-inch OLED contact show, which is a decent advance up from the tap screen on the first. With the 128-by-72-pixel goal, the grayscale screen looks fresh and clean, however, it’s somewhat hard to see in direct daylight. The screen feels smooth and responsive and you can keep the Screen Wake setting turned on and flick your wrist to handily turn on the display.

The Ace 2 accompanies 19 clock faces to browse, the greater part of which are fun and enlivened a decent change from the boring choices on the first. Exploring the on-screen interface is basic. Press the catch as an afterthought or tap the display to wake the screen and see the time. Hold the traditional to get to battery rate, alongside easy routes to flip Screen Wake and Notifications. Swipe up to see details including step tally, active minutes, and movement each hour. Swipe down for applications like Alarm, Timers, and Settings.

Parental Controls

To set the tracker up, guardians need to make a different profile for their child under their principal account. From that point, the profiles are isolated into Parent View and Kid View.

Under Parent View, you can see your own measurements for the duration of the day and deal with the details your child sees for them. You can likewise check your children’s advancement through the My Family feature. After tapping on your child’s name, the app opens you to their profile which shows their steps per day, trophies or badges earned, and friends they’ve added to the app.

Under Kid View, the dashboard shows similar measurements that appeared on the Ace 2 presentation number of steps, active minutes, and steps each hour. Moreover, you can likewise see time snoozing, rest quality, and rest plan. Children likewise approach customization settings, where they can change the clock face, change show settings, set a caution, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. At the point when a child gets a call, the contact looks across the display. However, to reply or reject the call, they need to utilize a telephone.

For additional motivation, both kids and parents can send one another encouraging emojis and personal messages using the app. There’s likewise the alternative to set up a stage challenge among loved ones. The tracker additionally sends suggestions to move. Ten minutes before the hour is finished, the tracker bumps you to finish a particular measure of steps to arrive at your objective.

Fitbit Ace 2 plan

  • Waterproof design
  • Multiple colors available
  • Removable strap

2018’s Fitbit Ace may have been focused on kids, yet it was really founded on the organization’s grown-up situated Fitbit Alta, so it could barely be asserted that it was worked starting from the earliest stage in view of more child clients.

Fitbit has changed its methodology this year, and the Ace 2 is unmistakably planned with kids as its fundamental center; accordingly, the age range has dropped from 8+ to 6+.

Fitbit Ace 2 display

  • Monchrome touchscreen
  • Intuitive interface design

The Ace uses a monochrome OLED screen to show data like the time, date, all-out strides for the afternoon, and complete active time. The screen likewise shows warnings, so your kid is continually being refreshed on their advancement; the little movements that play out given them the motivator to keep active

You can likewise utilize the Fitbit application to move an uncommon watch face to the unit; our undisputed top choice is ‘Fledgling’, which shows a plant pot that contains a bloom that gradually develops as your child develops their progress check for the duration of the day.

The screen on the first Ace wasn’t contact empowered, and all things considered, the unit depended on ‘taps’ for connection by means of its inherent accelerometer. The Ace 2 has a touch-delicate screen which improves things significantly; there’s undeniably more power over the on-screen data now.

There’s as yet not a huge measure of stuff to do on the Ace 2 itself, yet the capacity to swipe as opposed to tap fastens hugely improves communication. You can set alarms and clocks, just as swipe through your present advance tally and other fitness-related objectives.

Not at all like setting up a fitness tracker for yourself, there is constantly somewhat more to it when you’re doing it for a child. You basically have two alternatives here: to combine the tracker to your child’s telephone or to a parent’s telephone.

Like previously, you’ll need the Fitbit application downloaded to your Android telephone, iOS, or Windows gadget. You’ll additionally have to set up a Family account prior to making a child’s account and appoint a ‘Watchman’ for the records.

Fitbit Ace 2: Fitness Tracking And Extras

In this way, here’s a once-over of what the Ace 2 can really follow. There’s a 3-pivot accelerometer on board that will follow steps and active minutes. There are likewise programmed rest following. Moreover, that is your parcel. That precisely what you got on the main Ace.

The big difference is how the improved display and the more playful UI can make that information more absorbing and, hopefully, more motivating. You’re currently getting rocket ships and adorable beasts to help to track progress. Little animated goal celebrations will accompany earned badges to mark those major milestones, making the whole process of exercising seems a little more fun.

Fitbit Ace: Battery life

Fitbit claims the Ace 2 is useful for five days of battery life, the same as the first Ace. That a few days off what the Inspire constantly HR trackers can offer in correlation.


The Fit Ace 2 is an improvement over the first all-around. Its new plan is active and fun, also more sturdy. The expansion of a touch screen additionally makes for a smoother client experience. What’s more, the significant things stay something very similar: The Ace 2 stringently tracks the rudiments to assist children with building up a positive relationship with Fitbit and fitness. What’s more, at a lower cost of $69.95, it’s much more available than the first. The entirety of that amounts to a fantastic fitness tracker for children; it’s our top pick.

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