Is Bell And Ross A Luxury Watch?

Is Bell And Ross A Luxury Watch By

Frankly speaking, there is no absolute definition of a luxury watch. They are just well built watches that usually come with the following characteristics:

  1. Great Quality
  2. Come With A Premium Price
  3. Exceptional And Recognized Movement
  4. The Brand Has A Rich History
  5. Retains Its Value
  6. Require Extreme Care When It Comes To Its Making!
A Video On What Forms Luxury Watches

Today we decided to take a look into whether Bell and Ross also falls under the luxury category of watches.

Bell and Ross make good durable watches with Swiss movement, but they are not that renowned as a brand and don’t have a rich history. Moroever, they also don’t make their own movements (which is another thing that is often observed in luxury watches)

However, when it comes to prices, Bell and Ross does have watches with premmium prices going upto $10,000 and even more.


Bell and Ross does not fall under the conventional definition of a luxury watch brand due to the lack of awareness around the watch brand but it is becoming more and more popular as time passes and it does provide good value for its watches. Some even call this brand a ‘semi luxury watch’ brand’

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