How To Tell If Your G-shock Is Real?

Check Warranty Card To Spot A Fake G-shock

G-shock watch accompanies a worldwide guarantee card. If you have any issues with your G-SHOCK, visit the closest Casio shop. All G-SHOCK watches accompany a 2 Year Warranty. In any case, you will have a card if you have an original one.

This is one of the effective methods to check that your G-shock is real or not

Stage 1: Press fastens A, C, and D TOGETHER AT ONCE.

Stage 2: You will see that at all where numbers should be seen, you will get 8’s in that places, while in where writings should be seen, you will see enormous dark squares of pixels. and other yield squares will be filled. Press D 1, 2, or multiple times relying upon your model.

You ought to get a code, which is the equivalent of the one that is composed at the rear of your G-Shock watch, in the metal cover, close to the words CASIO (note: it might rely upon the model), if you do it effectively. Attempt again if nothing appears. If you are returned back to the timekeeping mode soon after you press D then you can be certain that your watch is a FAKE. If you get a code, chillax. You have purchased a unique G-Shock.

Let’s List The Things You Need To Check When Buying A G-Shock Carefully:

An image of a gshock watch

The packaging

It’s perhaps the least demanding approach to check a fake G-Shock. A unique G-Shock arrives in an aluminum box, so does the fake one. however, the certifiable G-Shock’s aluminum case is encased in a cardboard box. It doesn’t imply that you should just play the bundling card; it implies that it is something you ought to recollect.

The tag& manual

A fake G-Shock will come from a client manual, and it’s half-written in Chinese is one sign that you’re not accepting a unique G-Shock. The certifiable G-Shock accompanies a thorough guidance manual and numerous insights regarding the watch.

A tag with a code is additionally something that a unique G-shock includes. The code coordinates the one showed on the MRP sticker. You can likewise utilize the code for checking your watch on Casio’s site.

The weight

If you have the chance, it’s likewise a smart thought to feel the heaviness of the watch because the first G-Shock being more gigantic than the fakes. Regardless of whether a G-Shock is lightweight, it’s actually going to be more significant than the fake one. To give you a thought, a unique GA-400 weighs 72grams, while a fake one is around 63grams. You may believe it’s insufficient to differentiate, but rather you will have the option to feel it.

The back plate and screws

A unique G-Shock imprinted backplate, while a fake one does not have imprinted back. Simultaneously, the model number is constantly composed accurately on the backplate of the original watch, and a fake one will highlight a ton of grammatical errors and spelling botches. The screws are additionally more conspicuous for the original G-Shock watch.

The hands

It’s not required, but rather for most unique G-Shock watches, the closures of the hands are painted with various tones. You should pay special attention to this detail also.

The buckle

It is anything but an undeniable difference, yet it’s simpler to spot it when you realize what to search for. The clasp of the first G-Shock is marginally sparkly, and it accompanies “Casio China” composed on the rear. A fake has a matte completion on the clasp.

The lights

With regards to lights, you’re simply going to have the option to see the difference if you have both a unique and a fake next to each other. The shade of the watch is comparable for the two, with the light of the true being more serious with both tone and level of brilliance.

Then again, the Auto-Light capacity can help you know whether you’re purchasing a unique or a fake. You may initiate it by squeezing the LIGHT catch for 3 seconds, and an LT text or a light symbol will show on the dial. It’s regular for fake watches not to include the Auto light capacity.

Watch Animation

It’s quite standard for both G-Shock and Baby-G watches to include movement for showing seconds (or different capacities). On account of a unique G-Shock, the activity will match up with the seconds. You’ll realize that your G-Shock is fake when the model is fairly irregular. Terrible liveliness and irregular examples are signs that you’re purchasing a fake G-Shock.


The capacity is crucial, and the distinctions aren’t difficult to spot. A unique G-Shock watch inside the cover accompanies an opposite lit display, yet a fake will have a normal screen.

As frauds approach trend-setting innovation, the imitations look like the firsts significantly more than in the previous years. It’s better if you know much about a specific model so you can know without a doubt that you’re purchasing a unique.


You will get some answers concerning your watch’s accuracy in the wake of utilizing it for some time. The vast majority of the time, a G-Shock and a Baby-G have an accuracy of 15 seconds out of every month (plus or minus). Remember that the 15 seconds accuracy is the most extreme that a unique G-Shock could introduce. Any G-Shock client will affirm that accuracy is once in a while an issue with the Casio watches.

A watch that turns out to be quicker/more slow 1 moment or over 15 seconds out of every month is definitely not a unique one. Nonetheless, it’s not something that you can see when you’re purchasing on the web or in a shop.

Water & shock resistance

G-Shock watches are known for their water and shock resistance. A large portion of G-Shock watches come today with water resistance up to 660ft, though for the Baby-G is up to 330ft. At the point when you swim with your watch on and notice water inside or mist, the odds are you’ve quite recently tossed your cash out the window.


You can utilize this viewpoint just for the G-Shock watches that accompany the second-time include, really both advanced and simple showcase.

A phony G-Shock will utilize two distinct motors one for the simple and the other one for the advanced. If you need to pull the crown for setting the simple for your G-Shock, it implies that your watch includes a twofold motor and the danger for being a fake one is higher. It doesn’t imply that there aren’t fake watches that accompany only one motor, making it more testing to know the distinctions.

The details

You should take a look at the front and the rear of the watch, to see the Casio brand name. Indeed, even a fake will look like a unique one, and it won’t accompany all the subtleties. A phony G-Shock is going present a bogus model name (G-Sport, Aqua Sport-it’s not difficult to check if it’s unique or not).

An authentic G-Shock includes a square pointer at 12 o’clock and not a triangle, which many fake G-Shock watches have. The change button on a certifiable G-Shock is constantly positioned on the upper left, while the day’s window is directly under and between several dials on top. Many fake G-Shock watches will show this kind of data directly under the subsequent dial.

Some likewise propose that the fake G-Shock watches accompany straps that lose their color after some time. however, it’s not totally precise as ties of certified G-Shock watches may blur the shading quicker comparably well. Hence, you should think about while taking other factors into consideration the part of the toughness of the straps.

At the point when you go out to shop for a G-Shock, it’s not continually going to be not difficult to know the contrasts between an authentic and a fake kind.

By the day’s end, purchasing from an authority shop or seller is the most ideal approach to realize that you’re going to purchase a unique G-Shock watch. Yet, when you know it’s a certified G-Shock, you should never twofold consider getting it or not. It’s going to worth each and every penny!

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