How To Tell If A Rolex Submariner Is Real? Rolex Submariner Date 116610: Watches

The genuine Submariner has the Rolex type 3135 pulsating at its heart, though the impersonation has a phony ETA 2824. The impersonation development is a sensible duplicate of 2824, however it can’t coordinate to real Rolex designing.

The Rolex Submariner holds the questionable honor of being the most duplicated watch around the world, so it’s a decent edge of reference to begin from. Held up close to an impersonation, the contrasts between the genuine Submariner 116610LN and the phony are unbelievably inconspicuous, and usually, high amplification is expected to see them. Generally speaking, a decent dependable guideline is that the phony watch will not be done with almost a similar meticulousness as the certifiable Submariner.

The cases, for instance, seem to have amazingly comparative cleaned and brushed completions—however the lettering between the phony watch’s carries parts with the game, including a lot more unpleasant etching. Taking a gander at the machining of parts like the crown will likewise uncover the work to be sporadic and less refined.

It’s likewise essential to look out for the little subtleties. Intently analyzing the fake, you can see that the lume on the bezel markings is somewhat dimmer, and the shade of the pips marginally more white. No cost is saved at Swiss workshops to accomplish extraordinary quality, so the numbers on the genuine bezel are applied in platinum through a tedious and costly PVD measure. The phony, in the interim, has painted numbers that, under high amplification, are uncovered to be lopsided and raised.

The forgers go to extraordinary lengths to trick the shopper, in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to record Rolex’s particular laser-cut crown on the glass; with the unaided eye, it doesn’t show up very different, yet amplification uncovers the messy idea of the impersonation’s drawing. The text style, as well, is amazingly comparable on paper quality; it just tumbles down on the more extensive separating among characters and the similar slimness of the letters, causing them to show up greyer and less fresh. Most likely the greatest giveaway on the dial is the date wheel; the numbers are not as focused on the phony and the print quality not as great, while the amplifying window isn’t just coarser than the first however includes a bluer enemy of intelligent color.

There’s nothing very like Swiss craftsmanship, yet this isn’t to imply that that forgers aren’t doing their damnedest to make it difficult to distinguish certifiable from impersonation. It takes a sharp assessment to advise one from the other, which is the reason Watchfinder watchmakers are fabricate licensed to deal with bona fide watches, and exceptionally prepared to recognize the deceitful duplicates of them. Going to a brand-confirmed retailer is the most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from the traps of purchasing a phony watch, giving you true serenity that the Rolex on your wrist is actually what you think it is.

The Most Effective Method To Check If A Rolex Is Real

Rolex Submariner Oyster, 41 mm, Oystersteel M126610LV-0002 | Submariner |  Rolex Watches | Goldsmiths

Throughout the long term, the forgers have gotten better constantly at making counterfeit watches. The phony watches have gotten increasingly hard to recognize from the genuine article, yet regardless of how diligently they attempt, they’ll never arrive at Rolex’s norm, since they’ve contributed billions of dollars, and created and refined their looks for over a century.

With the fake watches getting increasingly more real-looking, it’s significant that you realize exactly how to check if a Rolex is genuine. Some fraudsters endeavor to sell fake watches at the cost of a genuine Rolex, and a decent method to secure yourself root is by figuring out how to recognize a phony Rolex from a genuine one.

1.Know your watch

The initial step to check if a Rolex is legitimate is to know the model of the watch you’re purchasing. The models can vary essentially, and this is the reason on certain models, you can’t utilize a similar strategy to check if a Rolex is real as you might have the option to do with different watches.

Start by finding out about the watch you’re going to purchase. Find out about what it looks like, what subtleties it has, and how it ought to be executed. Thusly, you’ll have a smart thought of how the watch should look once you investigate it, and it will help you spot irregularities.

Not all fake Rolexes are made such that makes them difficult to recognize from the genuine article. Truth be told, most phony Rolexes are terrible quality, and they frequently highlight certain components or configuration includes that don’t exist on the genuine model.

This is clearly a super-simple tell, thus on the off chance that you know precisely how the Rolex model should look, you’ll in a flash have the option to tell if there’s something that is obviously off-base.

Some basic blunders that forgers do are, for instance, to have date capacities on the Rolex Daytona, to make a watch in a metal that doesn’t exist or even compose the name of some unacceptable model on the dial.

  1. Look at the details

The initial step is to realize the model you are purchasing, and afterward take a gander at the subtleties of a genuine one versus the one you’re going to purchase.


Weight is a conspicuous separating factor among genuine and counterfeit Rolexes. Since counterfeit watches use lower quality materials to make the assembling cost less expensive, the watch is frequently a lot lighter than the genuine article.

In the event that you approach a scale, you can look into how much that watch model ought to gauge, and afterward put the watch on the scale. In the event that it gauges the equivalent, it’s most probable valid.


Cost is likely the clearest tell for a phony Rolex watch. We people will in general need to accept things that are unrealistic.

The issue, in any case, is that phony Rolex watches can be costs much the same as a genuine watch, by tricksters attempting to sell their watch as the genuine article, in any case, if the watch is considerably less expensive than what it is being sold for, it’s most probable phony.

Try not to succumb to any snares, and don’t accept something that is unrealistic. Dodge any arrangements that are excessively alluring.

5. Second Hand Watch

A genuine Rolex watch has the notorious clearing second hand, and this is a way that you can check if a Rolex is real. The second hand of a Rolex watch should clear, flawlessly. Counterfeit watches, then again, will in general have quartz developments, and this implies that the recycled ticks away. Rolex has made some quartz watches in the Oysterquartz range, however, these are suspended, thus in case you’re taking a gander at a Rolex that isn’t an Oysterquartz, ensure the recycled clears.

Another approach to assess the development of the watch is to put your ear to the watch and tune in. Not at all like what many accept, legitimate Rolex watches don’t produce a ticking sound, yet counterfeit Rolex observes frequently do.

6.Micro-etched crown

Rolex began etching the precious stone on their watches from 2002 onwards with a microscopic Rolex crown, directly by 6 o’clock. Since this is so little and difficult to make, forgers will in general neglect this element, thus if your watch has a miniature carved Rolex crown, it’s most probable not phony. In any case, this isn’t a standard as an ever-increasing number of forgers have begun actualizing this element in their watches.

  1. Pay attention to details

Rolex gives incredible consideration to their watches. They cautiously control every single watch before it leaves the production line, and this guarantees that everything is made flawlessly. no incorrect spellings, ideal letters with no ink dying, a right adjusted cyclops, etc.

At the point when you’re purchasing your Rolex watch, investigate the entirety of the little subtleties and components and ensure that it’s totally done flawlessly. On the off chance that it’s not, it’s most likely a phony piece. Note, nonetheless, that vintage pieces will in general change after some time, so here, the content may go downhill, and the tritium on the dial will get conflicting and lopsided. This is for current Rolex watches.


One approach to check if your Rolex is true is to investigate its waterproofness. Today, Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches have a base water-obstruction of 330 feet/100 meters, yet fake watches will frequently begin to spill when you lower them in the water.

Before you attempt, ensure you screw down the crown of your watch first and note we don’t assume any liability for what may occur on the off chance that you lower your watch submerged.

9.The crystal of Rolex watches

All cutting-edge Rolex watches have a scratch-evidence sapphire gem to shield the glass from scratches. Most phony Rolex watches, then again, have standard glass, or something of not as high caliber, for instance, solidified glass or mineral glass.

All things considered, you’ll have the option to feel the quality distinction of the glass on the off chance that you have a genuine and a phony Rolex close to one another.

10.Rolex bracelets

Diverse Rolex models have various wristbands. Most importantly, with regards to counterfeit Rolexes, the initial step is to take a gander at the watch and check whether it has the kind of wristband that it ought to. On the off chance that it does, head toward the look and feel the nature of the wristband. Frequently, counterfeit Rolex wristbands feel practically like inferior quality aluminum and make commotions. You can nearly feel the inferior quality that the armband holds.

On the other side, veritable Rolex armbands have an extraordinary load to them, they are strong, and they feel like something that is an incredible piece of craftsmanship.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and if you have any related questions, do use the comment section below. Lastly, If you are interested in knowing why do pendulum clocks stop during earthquakesOpens in a new tab.. We wrote an article on that, so check it out. And stay tuned for more interesting articles about clocks

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