How To Tell If A Cartier Watch Is Real?

A picture of a cartier watch elaborating on how to tell if a cartier watch is real?

Cartier is one of the most famous watch brands on the planet. Not only do they represent class but they are also sometimes considered great investments, as several of them even go on to increase from their initial price frame. Today we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can determine whether a carrier watch is real or fake. The Things that we’ll be discussing one by one to get into the crux of this topic are

  • The weight
  • Inscription
  • The Scratchroof Glass
  • The Screws
  • The Luminocity
  • The Gems
  • Serial Number
  • The Dial
  • Signature
  • The Blue dials on some of the types of carrier watches

Fun Fact About Cartier

Cartier Was Founded Back In 847

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Here Are The Things Which Can Help You Spot A Fake Watch


In the same way as other extravagance watches, authentic Cartier watches are actually very substantial because of the nature of the materials they are made with. In this way, if there is any uncertainty about the watch you have picked being excessively light, it’s practically sure to be a fake watch.


Eliminating the case back is the most effortless approach to tell a phony from the genuine article. Certified Cartier watches have the brand name recorded and effectively spelled with the principal ‘r’ included in the development.

The brand likewise explains CARTIER on either the 7 o’clock or 10 o’clock markers. You’ll likewise discover the words SWISS MADE plainly under the 6 o’clock marker – regularly excluded by fraudsters.

Scratch-proof glass

Genuine Cartier observes consistently have scratch-verification glass and you unquestionably will not locate this quality material in the thump offs. The glass is additionally non-smear so if any water drops were to sprinkle it, they would essentially move off. On fakes you would see the water smear across the face.


With regards to security, you’ll generally discover indistinguishable flathead screws holding down the case. Imagine Cartiers frequently have modest snap-on cases or use Phillips head screws, which are marginally adjusted.


Numerous Cartier watches are made utilizing a substance called LumiNova, which sparkles in obscurity. With a fake Cartier, this shine wouldn’t be anyplace close as brilliant.


The winder of a veritable Cartier watch includes a cleaned gemstone, called a cabochon stone. On the off chance that there’s no stone, it’s a phony Cartier watch. The jewel ought to be safely secured, not stuck on.

Serial number

Authentic Cartiers consistently have a chronic number comprising of two letters and six digits imprinted on the back. The number will be engraved as various phony Cartiers include a chronic number that is scarcely carved onto the watch.

The Dial

In most Cartier watches, you’ll see that the dial has a balanced guilloché design. The guilloché is an enhancing strategy that makes a dreary and extremely exact, roundabout wave-like example.

A Cartier watch will likewise have excellent completing on the dial. Search for barbed lines on the hour markers, masses of paint on the dial, and sporadic textual styles.

The Secret Signature

Cartier likewise puts a “secret mark” on the majority of its watch dials. Set on either the 10 o’clock or 7 o’clock Roman numeral markers (as seen above) is CARTIER explained in cleartext.

Directly underneath the 6 o’clock marker, you’ll additionally discover the words SWISS MADE explained in cleartext. It is not really noticeable and this is a staggeringly little detail that is frequently forgotten about by forgers.

The Blue Details

The Cartier Tank, Ballon Bleu, Panthere, Santos, and Ronde would as a rule have Cartier’s unmistakable blue subtleties: the blued steel hands and the round-grained crown set with the blue spinel cabochon. Look carefully at how the cabochon is joined to the crown: it ought to be set into the crown and not stuck on it.

Contact luxury watch experts

In case you’re stressed over accidentally buying a fake watch, the best activity is discussion to our specialists here at Luxe Watches. In case you’re stressed over the realness of a watch you have just bought, we would be glad to help.

What Elements Of Craftsmanship Do You Expect To See On An Authentic Cartier Tank Watch?

Look for excellent completing of the case, dial, and development. All edges on a real Cartier case ought to be smooth to the touch with no sharpness or metal pods. The dial ought to be spread out neatly and plainly (no masses of paint where there shouldn’t be and no barbed lines). I likewise search for the Cartier “secret mark” on the watch dial. In the event that you examine the markers intently, one will have “Cartier” worked out in little content inside a Roman numeral. Cartier will as a rule remember these for the 10 o’clock and 7 o’clock markers. It shifts from one model to another which number they conceal it in, yet it’s quite often there.

Then, we check that the crown cabochon fits accurately, has no squirm room around the width of the stone, and is produced using the right stone sapphire for every single 18k model and spinel for two-tone.

Cartier likewise does very good quality completing of their developments for example the watch’s internal systems even on watches without straightforward presentation case backs. When taking a gander at the developments. Geneva stripes are totally beautiful examples comprising of line designs. Fine pelage comprises of round or direct examples on the metal, and language is an angled, generally high-clean completing to the edges of the fundamental plate and extensions. Frequently every one of the three of these examples is available in a genuine Cartier watch, however once in a while, it’s just two of the three.

If A Genuine Cartier Tank Has Diamond Accents, What Should They Look Like?

In the event that a Cartier Tank watch has jewel markers, the settings ought to be spotless, and the precious stones should all have a similar cut, with a similar width, predictable lucidity, and shading. This is something a lot of forgers get off-base since they typically aren’t precious stone specialists. There was a period from the 1980s through the 1990s where outer stones were of marginally lower clearness and shading appraisals; these jewels ought to be either drab or almost dry and may highlight little incorporations or imperfections inside the jewel. Anything from the year 2000 forward ought to be extremely top-notch the extent that the stone and craftsmanship go. The equivalent goes for precious stones working on it for current models.

What Hallmarks And Details Does Cartier Use For Tank Watches, And What Do Counterfeits Often Get Wrong?

A certified Cartier Tank watch ought to incorporate the Cartier logo and a chronic number comprising of two letters and a numeric code. You ought to likewise see the case material and metal trademarks, however once in a while these won’t be recorded. Regularly we see models in steel, 18k gold and steel, and solely 18k gold, however, Cartier utilizes platinum for select models. Legitimate Cartier watches will likewise quite often highlight a 4-digit model number. Utilizing the 4-digit number, one can do additionally explore by means of Google and discover the consistently tricky “W” number, which is Cartier’s genuine reference number. Forgers as a rule miss this.

The most ideal approach to evade disillusionment is to consistently purchase from a legitimate vendor. A veritable dealer will actually want to give an authentication of genuineness to the watch you wish to buy. Our blog entry on How to detect a phony Breitling additionally contains valuable data for likely purchasers.

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