How To Spot A Fake Patek Philippe?

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While every assortment has its own particular highlights, beneath are general qualities that will assist you with recognizing and detect a phony Patek Philippe watch over a genuine one across all assortments.


It’s anything but a misrepresentation to say that everything imprinted on a certified Patek Philippe dial ought to be awesome, much under extraordinary amplification. Patek Philippe watches are eminent for their outright flawlessness on the whole parts of the watch, making it simpler to detect a phony Patek Phillippe. Genuine Patek Philippe watches will act fresh and uniformly divided printing, liberated from incorrect spellings.

Aside from skeletonized models, genuine Patek Philippe watches don’t have an obvious tourbillon or equilibrium wheels on the dial.

All cutting edge Patek Philippe watches utilize sapphire gems.

Models with glowing covering, like the Aquanaut and Nautilus, ought to have even radiant consistency when seen in obscurity.


Bona fide Patek Philippe watches have a strong load to them while fakes feel lighter as they are frequently made with lesser quality materials.

Certifiable Patek Philippe cases are made with treated steel, platinum, or 18k gold. Except for select restricted version watches, Patek Philippe case backs don’t have inscriptions or adornments.

Patek Philippe watches with strong case backs have their sequential and model numbers printed inside the case, while watches with display backs have their sequential and model numbers printed around the inside edges.

Fresher Patek Philippe watches have “PPC” imprinted on the carries too the case’s individual metal like Au750 for 18k gold and Pt950 for platinum.


Real Patek Philippe wristbands come in 18k gold and platinum while ties are accessible in cowhide, stain, or an uncommon composite material (solely for the Aquanaut). Armbands are printed with a model number explicit to their watch’s arrangement.

Real Patek Philippe ties have the Calatrava Cross and Patek Philippe logo imprinted within. Clasps are printed with the Patek Philippe logo and their particular metals.


All Movements have brilliant hand-getting done with fresh etchings.

Contingent upon the watch’s age, the movement will be decorated with the Geneva Seal or Patek Philippe Seal. Starting in 2009, Patek Philippe declared that their watches would solely include their own marked seal.

Where To Buy Real, pre-owned Patek Philippe Watches

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Genuine versus Fake

Patek Philippe isn’t only quite possibly the most sought-after extravagance watch brands on the planet, it’s additionally perhaps the most duplicated. There are numerous purposes behind that, however here are two of them.

In the first place, so not many of each model is produced that a great phony can bring a huge payday for an effective forger – and the extravagance watch “copy” market has never been more blazing, with specialists saying it’s currently a billion-dollar-a-year business.

Second, there have been such countless various models and lines delivered by Patek since the mid-1800s that there’s no single “obvious” highlight which would promptly be a clue to a sham.

It’s consistently an extraordinary thought to discover a list or online photographs of a legitimate extravagance watch that you’re thinking about buying at an incredible cost, to contrast the genuine article with the watch you’re taking a gander at. On account of a Patek, that approach is much more significant since the organization’s models have had such various attributes (other than their quality) over almost two centuries.

It’s a lot simpler to detect a phony Patek Philippe watch in case you’re willing to dismantle it, yet we’re accepting that possibly you will not have the chance or the nerve to do that. So in case, you’re not going to pull out your gem specialist’s screwdrivers and loupe to dive deep into the developments of a speculate watch, here are a few pointers to remember when attempting to smell out a fake Patek.

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