How To Spot A Fake Omega Watch?

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The incredible interest in Omega watches likewise implies they are a top pick among forgers. While it is in every case best to have your Omega watch confirmed at approved sellers, there are components you can search for to try not to succumb to the snare of a phony Omega watch.

At the point when forgers attempt to imitate exemplary models like the Speedmaster or the Seamaster, they attempt to get tied up with the brand’s picture of perseverance, in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to copy small subtleties that the normal purchaser wouldn’t take note. To shield yourself from falling for a phony Omega watch trick, follow this guide we’ve assembled to recognizing a genuine Omega from a fake.


Ensure everything is spelled effectively and equally divided on the dial. Does the plan show close scrupulousness or are there are blunders? Spelling or etching botches are evident giveaways that it’s a phony Omega.


On legitimate Omega watches, the logo is a different piece of metal appended to the dial. With frauds, then again, the logo is ordinarily painted on.


Most extravagance watch brands, including Omega, plan their watches with Swiss developments. Along these lines, the second hand ought to have a smooth, smooth movement without making the ticking sound of Quartz watches. On the off chance that you can hear the watch tick or notice that the recycled stammers along, you can wager it’s phony.

Additionally, remember to test the change abilities of the crown. While changing the time, the second hand on a true Omega should stop to guarantee precision. With counterfeit Omegas, in any case, the recycled keeps moving, even while changing the time.


Omegas watches are furnished with intelligent surfaces called lumes, which shine in obscurity. That is the reason the markers, the hands, and the dab on the pivoting bezel should all sparkle when you turn off the lights. Obviously, a phony omega could in any case have lumens, however the sparkle would be tragic contrasted with a unique.

Holding it under a brilliant light for only fifteen minutes is all you require to test the watch. At the point when you turn off the lights, it ought to be shining splendid and keep going for a lot of time.

Moreover, Omegas have lumes that cover more surface territory on all fours than counterfeit models—which regularly just have slim lines


A seven-or eight-digit chronic number, which relates to the particular model, is stepped on each Omega. On the off chance that you search this chronic number, ensure it coordinates the watch precisely. Any errors should raise a warning.

Make sure to likewise check where the number is found. Vintage models have it put within the case back while present day watches have it put on the lower part of one of the carries.


As one of the brand’s generally nitty gritty and useful watches, the Omega Seamaster is positively sought after. Furthermore, that is likewise why it falls among the most usually forged Omega models. Not exclusively is it water-safe up to 50 meters for jumping purposes yet it additionally incorporates a helium valve.

Counterfeiters don’t have the opportunity nor cash to incorporate unessential highlights like these. Subsequently, if a watch promoted as an Omega is missing one, it’s unmistakably phony. What’s more, regardless of whether a watch has one, it doesn’t mean it works.


On true Omega Seamaster watches, the valve is consistently similarly situated; it should almost hit the 10 o’clock mark. Nonetheless, if the center of the highest point of the valve adjusts impeccably with the 10 o’clock, you’re presumably holding an impersonation.


In case you’re looking at a watch with more than one crown position, yet there aren’t any relating dials or they don’t work, it’s a fraud.

How To Try Not To Purchase Fake Watches?

Always buy from a reputable dealer.

Your best protection against purchasing a phony Omega is to get your watch from a set up vendor. This will guarantee that you just have veritable watches to look over.

Know your desired Omega watch inside and out.

On the off chance that you as of now have an Omega watch as a top priority, doing your examination previously and realizing the watch down to the most moment subtleties will help you detect a phony all the more without any problem. In the accompanying segments, we’ll show you what parts to take a gander at.

Inspect the dial.

As modern as certain forgers might be, they actually commit errors. Check for any blunders on the watch, like spelling and etching botches, which are snappy giveaways.

Check the construction.

Beside the dial, Omega observes additionally have recognizing highlights on the remainder of the watch’s body; and forgers typically don’t duplicate these superfluous highlights to save money on creation costs.

Check the functions.

Omega watches are furnished with Swiss developments. This implies that the recycled’s moves in a smooth, smooth movement, rather than faltering along. There ought to likewise be no ticking sound if the watch is fueled by a mechanical development.

Ultimately, have a go at changing the time on the watch. At the point when you pull up the crown to change the time, the second’s hand should stop along with the moment and hour hands, to guarantee the exactness of the time. In the event that it keeps on moving, it is a fake.

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