How To Determine The Age Of A Howard Miller Clock?

Checking the age of a Howard Miller Clock can sometimes help in the actual valuation of the clock. And as you might have heard, Howard Miller’ clocks can have quite a lot of monetary value attached to them. So knowing their age can be quite helpful, and that goes for other grandfather clocks and their ages as well, “here” is a link if you want to know about valuation of other grandfather clocks too. And most grandfather clocks are pendulum clocks as well, if you want to take a look at some of best pendulum clocks out there “Click Here

Coming back to the topic of this blog, To be exactly sure you will have to get it checked by an actual professional, or a trained appraiser who will be able to possibly tell you the age and the value of your clock, depending on a few relevant factors which include many things like the insides of the clock (If you want to know more about what goes inside a howard miller clock, click “here“), and other things like the overall condition of the clock

These things that an appraiser checks include the following:

  • It’s model
  • Conditions of its case
  • Its Dial
  • Its overall movement
  • The weights if it has any
  • The sound that it produces
  • The overall finesse of the clock

But there are also a few things that you can do to estimate the price of your Howard Miller Clock and we will be taking a look at those exact things moving on in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

To give you a preface of the things that we’ll be discussing and the things that you can do to get a gist of the age of your Howard Miller clock are as follows:

  • Analyzing the face of the clock (looking in for a logo)
  • The insides of the clock (model number)
  • The purchase date
  • Getting an actual appraisal

Don’t worry we’ll be analyzing them in quite some depth moving on.

Examining The Face Of The Clock

Mantel, desk, and wall are what most of the Howard Miller Grandfather clocks are made of, and having the name and logo of the clocks can be an indicator of the age, and especially the font in which it is written. Moreover, Howard Miller clocks also have a ” Made In Germany ” somewhere on them mostly on their very faces. As the founder, Howard C. Miller used to say ” Inspect our craftsmanship with your eyes, with your ears, and with your hands.”. But these things are more important in seeing whether your Howard Miller is authentic rather than knowing its age.

The logo of Howard Miller mostly runs in a horizontal frame in the center of the dial. Another very important point to note at this point is that from the past 75 years, the Howard Miller Clocks have a manufacturer logo styled “H over M” in the center. This can also help you determine how old your Howard Miller clock is.

The Inside Of The Clock

Opening the door of the clock and looking into the label that is embedded into the clock when it opens. The label in itself has the model number along with the specific information like the date when it was officially made. But not all of the Howard Miller come with this label.

The Purchase Date


Many times the Howard Miller clock’s date of purchase from the official Howard Miller is only a few months ahead of the making of the clocks and sometimes only even days. Many of the old people that used this clock often stuck the receipt on it somewhere, and it still might be inside the door or hidden near the dial somewhere, so you can take a look into that too, and hopefully, you will be able to estimate from the receipt , the actual age of the clock when you find the receipt.

Howard Miller clocks that have a door with them also mostly have a model number inside, which you can go in and see, after finding out the model number you can search them up on Google and see how old that models is and then guess how old your Howard Miller Clock, but this can only help in estimation and it is still suggested in this way to get an appraiser to help you in the process


So to conclude it all, it is best if you take your clock to an appraiser who is an expert in knowing the overall models of the Howard Miller clocks and would be able to tell you the age of the clock along with its true value at the time so you can have a better idea if it is actually worth the amount you’re expecting it to be

If you are worried about finding an appraiser of your clock, don’t worry you can get them quite easily online. All you need to do for this is to submit a photo of your Howard Miller Clock, one of the places that you can try are antique appraisal sites like, ” instappraisal

Do Howard Miller Clocks Increase In Value?

Yes And No, this means that there are some Howard Miller clocks that do increase in value but there are some that decrease in their value too like regular clocks, for instance buying a clock like Beacon Hill ( now worth around $8,500) will nearly double in value in around 15 to 20 year as expected by most experts. If you want to know more on this, we have an article written on this very topic as well, do give it a look if you are interested “Are Howard Miller Clocks Valuable

Fun Fact about Howard Miller Clock

Howard Miller Clocks Stop Functioning When There Is An Earth Quake. If You Want To Know More About This Click “Here

Do Howard Miller Clocks Need To Be Wound?

Yes and No, it really does depend on which type of Howard Miller clock are you talking about. If you want to know more about this “Click Here

Do Howard Miller Clocks Slow Down In Summers?

Yes, pendulum-based Howard Miller clocks do usually slow down in summers. If you want to know more about this click “here

Why Are Howard Miller Clocks So Popular?

The main reason of Howard Miller’s popularity is their grandfather clocks many of which have increased in value by thousands of dollars since when they were made. Howard Miller makes hundreds of types of other clocks now which are cheaper than the grandfather clocks. It offers over 300 types of other clocks and has expanded from its original course of only making grandfather clocks.

But the quality of the grandfather clocks that it makes is still astounding and that is the reason that many of them keep increasing in value. Moreover, when one searches the web for the best grandfather clock on the internet, most of the lists are overwhelmed by the name ” Howard Miller” which just further advocates the dedication that they have. Down below is a screenshot of when we searched “best grandfather clocks”, the very first list as you can see in the image down below is overwhelmed with Howard Miller Grandfather clocks in the list

A picture showing the google result of "best grandfather clock" to better answer " How To Determine The Age Of A Howard Miller Clock? "

A Bit More About Howard Miller

The company was started in 1926 by Howard C. Miller who aimed for giving quality clocks to the masses and the clock delivered to the level of quality that was expected of it. He took a strict watch on the conditions in which clocks were made and checked personally the quality of those clocks as far as he could, the clock company has passed for a total of 3 generations from then and still somehow manages to refrain the level of quality that is expected of it

Howard Miller also offers quite a lot of complementaries along with clocks and they too can carry quite a lot of value as many of them also cost thousands of dollars

This clock company has over 350 clock models and around 70 of them are of grandfather clocks. Moreover, they produce over 220,000 clocks every year and without a doubt are one of the biggest clock-makers in America

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your Howard Miller’ clocks-related questions If you have any clock-related question at all, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to read an interesting article on why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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