How Much Is My Jules Jurgensen Watch Worth?


The price of Jules Jurgenson watches vary from a mere $10.00 USD to $5,000.

So it really can vary which jules jurgenson watch you are talking about. Some of the factors that can variate the price of your jules jurgenson watch include

  1. Gems On The Watch
  2. The Dial Of The Watch
  3. Antiquity Of The Watch Model
  4. Who Owned The Watch

We’ll be discussing each one of these things that can might help you deterine what your jules jurgenson watch might be worth

Gems On The Watch

The gems of the watch or the materail of the watch can by itself carry quite some value. For instance, gold plated watches are worth more then normal watches. And Jules Jurgenson did produce some Gold-plated watches like 18k gold chronograph keyless lever watch which was nearly $5000, so if your jules jurgenson watch is a gold watch, you are definitley looking at a valuation of over a $1000. Moreover, apart from gold, there are also other gems that can hold some value. So, getting your watch checked by an appraiser can give you a great idea of what value of a watch you might be looking at

The Dial Of The Jules Jurgenson Watch

Jules Jugenson watches came with a variaiton of dials, and checking the dial is one of the ways to even see whether you watch was an original Jules Jurgenson watch. The original Jules Jurgenson watches always had the name of the company along with the date printed in italic in side the dial. So if your watch has that and is functional, it will probably be worth a few 100 bucks as of now

Antiquity Of The Watch Model

A Picture Elaborating on what worth your jules jurgenson watch holds

Jules Jurgenson is an old watch brand, moreover, the company has stopped its operations and does not make any new watches, so the old antique watches if still functional can hold quite some value and might even be worth a few thousand bucks if it is in functional state. The best way to get a value on that is through getting it checked through a watch expert.

Fun Fact

Some watch experts state that Jules Jurgenson watches might soon see a spike in their value due to them becoming popular for watch collections and there being no more production of the watches

Who Wore The Watch

Though this is unlikely but sometimes the value of the watch can also vary depending on who wore it or who it belonged to as there is always a fandom of famous people trying to get their hands on stuff of the star’s stuff. So, if the Jules Jurgenson, you have has a photo of a famous person wearing it or was owned by a famous person, then it is likely that it might also be worth over a $1000

A Bit Jules Jurgeson

Fun Fact

As Of 2010, Jules Jurgenson Has Closed Operations And Is Only Resolving Warranties Now

Numerous individuals are new to Jules Jurgensen, so maybe a short history of the producer is altogether. Donald Dawes composed a magnificent monograph covering the historical backdrop of the brand. I have generously acquired from his examination here.

Jules was naturally introduced to a horological family in 1808 and experienced childhood in Copenhagen. Jules concentrated in Locle, Geneva, London and Paris. Around 1835 he started making watches in Locle and wedded into a horological family in Geneva in 1836. Jurgensen had two children, who joined their dad in the watchmaking industry. The organization stayed in family hands until 1916 when it was bought by David Golay who worked for the firm.

In 1936 the downturn was influencing the purchasing force of clients and the interest for incredible watches contracted. Jules Jurgensen was offered to the New York place of Aisenstein-Woronock, who spent the old stock and started making pleasantly cased watches with very much completed developments from ebauches.

A US watch wholesaler, Mort Clayman, bought the organization in 1974. Mort started utilizing Japanese mechanical and quartz developments. Numerous watches were amassed in the US Virgin Islands, to qualify as “American Made” in this manner keeping away from import taxes. The net revenue was expanded when the watches started utilizing the Miyota 2035 quartz developments. These were extremely economical and gone before the Chinese watch intrusion. JJ watches were regularly esteem estimated however a couple of models were shockingly very acceptable and others all out junk.

Mort Clayman and his family maintained the business until his passing in 2010. The organization stopped tasks that very year. Helmut Crott, proprietor of Urban Jürgensen and Sønner obtained the rights from the Clayman family in 2011.

Where Were Jules Jurgensen Watches Made?

Switzerland, and it was founded in 1740, as is written most of their watches. Jules Jürgensen created a large portion of its watches in Switzerland. Jules Jürgensen was offered to the U.S. based organization in 1936, however, watches were as yet delivered in Switzerland until 1957 when the documentation shows the watches were made by different makers and marked with the Jürgensen name.

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