How Much Is An Omega Watch Service?

An Omega watch service typically costs $650. The cost of complete service is determined by the watch model, condition, and movement. Automatic and mechanical watches, regardless of brand, are more expensive to repair and restore than quartz watches.

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How Much Does Omega Watch Restoration Cost?

According to Omega’s website, the cost of an Omega watch restoration service starts at $1,500, but based on what we’ve seen posted on forums and business pages, the most common starting price is around $1,625 per watch.

Service Charges for Omega Watches

For a full service on your Omega watch, you should budget between $450 and $950. Expect to pay between $225 and $400 for partial service. On average, complete service on an Omega wrist piece costs around $650.

Omega watches with precious metal crowns (such as silver, gold, and platinum) are more expensive to service than Omega watches with non-precious metal crowns (ceramic and steel). This is due to the fact that precious metals are more valuable and resistant to everyday wear and tear and corrosion.

Omega has a fantastic collection of watches, ranging from the De Ville and Constellation lines to the sportier models aptly named Seamaster and Speedmaster lines.

Watch Servicing Omega – Debunking The Myths

The Price of Omega Service for Automatic Watches

Service for your automatic Omega watch will cost between $550 and $950.

Automatic watches are not as ‘easy’ to repair as quartz watches, which are battery-powered and typically only require a battery swap to be operational. Automatic watches have far more complex movements (often with 130 components!) and thus require far more skill, labor, and high-quality parts to repair.

If you own an Aqua Terra, a De Ville Prestige, a Seamaster 300M, or a Seamaster Bullhead, you can expect to pay up to $500 for a full service and $225 or more for partial service. Automatics include the Diver 300M and the jaw-dropping Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer. The Speedmaster Racing Chronograph is the same.

Omega Mechanical Watch Service Fee

Full service for an Omega mechanical watch costs between $550 and $950.

Mechanical watches have a similar number of internal components to automatic watches around 130 or so – so they are still quite expensive to service. Omega’s mechanical watches include the De Ville Prestige and the Speedmaster 38.

Omega Quartz Watch Service Fee

Omega quartz watches are frequently the least expensive to service, costing around $450 – $550 for complete service and $225 to begin with for partial service. If you want to replace the battery in your Omega quartz, it should cost around $55.

Popular Omega quartz watches include the Tresor 36mm and 39mm, as well as the Constellation 28mm and Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer.

What Exactly Is An Omega Service?

The typical Omega service entails disassembling the watch and internal mechanism into individual components. Following that, each component is thoroughly cleaned using several tried-and-true techniques. Exterior parts may be polished to remove blemishes and restore their original appearance. Any parts that need to be replaced are replaced. Following these steps, the watch goes through the rebuilding stage. Following the rebuilding of the watch mechanism, your watch enters the testing stage, which lasts several days.

After your Omega service, it is returned to you in a secure manner to ensure its safe arrival. We are confident that when you receive your watch, you will be more than satisfied with any work we did on your behalf.

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