How Much Is A Howard Miller Clock Worth?

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The worth of Howard Miller clocks can vary quite a bit from nearly $20 to even Millions of dollars. An example of an expensive Howard Miller clock is “Howard Miller Limited Edition J H Miller II 611031 611-031 Tubular Chime,” which is estimated to be worth over $42 Million. But conventionally speaking Howard Miller clocks are usually in the mid thousand dollar price-range

The Most Expensive Howard Miller Clock Is Estimated To Be $42 Million

Howard Miller clocks is without a doubt the most reputed clock brand especially when it comes to grandfather clocks, any online search regarding “best grandfather clock” would advocate how to overwhelm any grandfather clock related list is by the name Howard Miller, an example of this is the screenshot below

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Now, getting back to the topic of this article which is “how much is a Howard miller clock worth?” this can actually vary quite a bit depending on which model you are talking about or if due to any other value attached to the Howard Miller clock!

Here is a list of some of the things that you can do to guess the estimated value of your grandfather clock if you own one

  • Looking For A Logo On The Face Of The Howard Miller Clock
  • Checking The Model Number From The Inside Of The clock
  • The Date Of Purchase
  • Appraisal Through An Expert

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