How Much Is A Broken Rolex Worth?

A broken Rolex could be worth from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on its condition, and where and much damage has been done to the watch.

Has something bad happened to your Rolex watch and it’s now a total loss? How many generations have passed since the last time you looked at an old, damaged family heirloom?

Is it possible to sell a broken Rolex, and if so, for what? Can you restore a broken Rolex, and if so, is it really worth the trouble? We’ll get to the bottom of all of these issues and more in this post.

Whether or not it’s broken, a Rolex watch is always valuable, regardless of its condition. Broken Rolexes are obviously less valuable than ones that are in working order. For example, the condition of your Rolex watch, the extent of its damage and what model it is are all considerations in determining the value of a broken watch.

Broken Rolex’ Worth

No matter how badly damaged or shattered a Rolex is, it will always be worth something. This word, “broken,” has a variety of meanings. Even if the watch doesn’t work, it can be maintained and fixed to make it perform like a working Rolex again, increasing its resale value. However, if the watch is severely damaged, such as if it has been dropped or has numerous dents and dings in it, it may be impossible to repair. Damaged Rolex watches may not be worth fixing if repair costs are more than their market value once they’ve been restored. The watch will be disassembled and sold as scrap in this scenario.

Cost of Rolex watch parts is high due to the high price of the watches. To make matters worse, Rolex is extremely picky when it comes to genuine replacement components, so you’ll have to pay a premium if you want to buy one used. You can therefore sell the watch for its parts and make a respectable profit even if your Rolex is completely destroyed.

If a Rolex is broken, it’s likely that it may be fixed and hence has some value. As a result, the value would be considerably lower than that of a watch in perfect working order. The model of your broken Rolex, what’s broken, and the extent of the damage all go into determining its exact value.

However, sending a watch to one of the certified Rolex Service Centers or affiliates for repair can be exceedingly expensive for individuals wishing to fix their watch before selling it. So much so that in some situations, it can even cost more than the watch’s current market value, not to mention the initial selling price!

Broken Beyond Repair

A shattered Rolex is still valuable, mostly because of the parts that make it up, as stated above. The value of a non-repairable Rolex depends on a variety of elements, the most important of which is the model and the state of the watch. Your watch will be worth less if every part is severely damaged or destroyed. This is true even if some elements, such as the bracelet or some movement components, are in good shape.

When it comes to Rolex servicing, “damaged beyond repair” is almost never the case. Rolex, for example, can replace the case if it is completely destroyed during a service. Moreover, if the dial is completely destroyed, they can simply replace it with a new one. When it comes to the large, crucial components, you’ll have to spend a lot of money. Repairing a Rolex can cost more than the price of a new watch or its market value.

As for example, a new case for a Datejust 36 reference 116234 from Rolex will set you back about $2,000 USD (not including the white gold fluted bezel). In light of this, exchanging the case may not be worth the money. As a result, the repair will cost more than the value of the watch will increase by having it repaired. When deciding whether or not to replace a damaged watch, you need to take into account the extent of the damage and the specific pieces that need to be replaced.

If you’re handy enough to dismantle the watch and patient enough to sell the various parts, you can make a sizable profit from the 2nd-hand market alone. If the case is in good condition, it can sell for hundreds of dollars. Five or six hundred bucks can buy you an intact balance wheel. Of course, a lot is dependent on the model.

Pre-owned dealers can disassemble and resell the components separately for parts and replacements. Send it to the Rolex Servicing Centre for an estimate on repair before you scrap it.Preowned dealers can disassemble and resell the components separately for parts and repairs. Send it to the Rolex Servicing Centre for an estimate on repair before you scrap it.

A Rolex Repair Review

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