How High To Hang A Wall Clock?

There are a wide range of views on where to hang your clocks. Contingent upon your stylistic theme, the place where you hang your clock might vary quite a lot. This is just fine in the event that you don’t plan to utilize the clock, yet in the event that you do, at that point there is a particular stature at which the clock ought to be hung to be at ideal tallness. This can be changed over the long haul to suit you, however, there is an ideal tallness to hang your clock, regardless of the room or inside plan, and that along with some other aspects is exactly what we will be discussing in depth in this article.

The essential thought is that you should hang at an agreeable stature for you to see. The primary motivation behind a clock before everything is to tell the time. This is the reason the thought is that you should hang your clock some place around eye level or simply a bit above.

So to put it into words ideally, clocks should be put between 7 feet to 10 feet

The explanation that this is the best stature to hang your clock is basic, just so frequently individuals miss it. In the event that you hang your clock excessively high, at that point you will be continually gazing upward. This will after time have some effect on your neck and back from the strain of essentially telling the time in your own home. It may not be obvious promptly, yet throughout the long term you will feel it!

In a likely manner, hanging a clock too low will have a similar impact at an alternate stature. In your everyday life you as of now need to twist around a great deal, regardless of whether it is at a PC work area or watching out for your kids. So why add this errand to the developing rundown of things which can affect your stance and solace? On the off chance that the clock is hung among chest and eye level, at a tallness which is handy for all individuals from the house, bar the children, at that point you will have your divider clock at the ideal stature!

Subsequent to considering reasonableness, we additionally should consider the visual tasteful of the room you are hanging your check in, and where the remainder of your furniture is situated. Where might the clock look the best? Is there a bit of divider that is apparently ‘as well’ clear? Consider where the clock would be

Wall Clocks And Living Room

Regularly we invest a ton of energy in the lounge room, and possibly you have also passed by a clock when entering or leaving our homes. An eye-getting check set in a noticeable, front room area makes it simple to determine what time it is without depending on a cell phone, wristwatch, or speculating. Also, a clock adds a touch of style to the room’s stylistic layout. How about we investigate the past pointers, so you can pick the best area to hang a divider check in your lounge room.

As indicated by the craft of Feng Shui (though there is no objective reason for doing this), it is ideal to put a clock confronting the north, east, or upper east headings. Chinese who practice Feng Shui accept that in light of the fact that the word clock, when spoken, sounds like the word demise, it isn’t ideal to situate a divider clock on a focal area of the parlor. In Feng Shui, the shape, development material, and shade of a clock mirror its association with the world’s components and energy. With regards to Fen Shui stylistic theme, a square-formed clock, and not curiously large, is best for a lounge room.

Shading is likewise a Feng Shui factor to decide the area for your clock. A clock that is red, purple, or orange identifies with the component of fire and ought to be set at the southern point in a room. Putting a clock at the east or southeast is associated with the wood component, an ideal area for a green or cyan-hued clock. It is foolish to balance a clock at the north or west focuses in light of the fact that it brings

The Couch

Hanging a clock over the sofa might be debilitated by Feng Shui professionals on account of the conviction. Be that as it may, feel free to balance a clock over the love seat to increment visual allure by making the clock obvious from either an entryway or from anyplace in the room. Do take alert when hanging a larger than usual or weighty divider clock over a love seat – more to come on this in the blink of an eye.

Small Table And Bookshelf

Make a strong visual statement by avoiding locating a wall clock over a couch or chair. Instead, choose to hang an oversized, decorative wall clock above a small table or bookshelf. You can help balance things out by arranging artwork or plants to the side of the timepiece.  Use color, structure, and varying shaped furniture and accessories along with your wall treatment to create a cohesive look.

Windows And Doorways

All things considered, deciding to hang a larger than average, embellishing clock over a little table or shelf. You can help balance things out by organizing work of art or plants to the side of the watch. Use tone, structure, and changing molded furnishings and frill alongside your divider treatment to make a strong look.

Wall Clock Style

There are numerous appealing divider tickers accessible that will give your front room some genuine style focuses. You can raise the vibe of your lounge furniture and divider treatment with a wooden divider clock, an advanced watch without numbers, or a vintage clock. Peruse on for more plan thoughts.

What Wall Clock Should You Choose?

Trust your instinct and go with a clock that accommodates your style, financial plan, and lounge’s climate.

Spot a divider clock either produced using wood, utilizing Roman numerals or having a kitschy flower or peaceful plan in a provincial, farmhouse style lounge.


A shelf in a lounge is frequently an appealing visual point that can be complemented with the expansion of a divider clock. While putting a clock over a shelf, do consider how it will fit close by existing lighting.

Hanging A Heavy Wall Clock

On the off chance that you have a phenomenal divider clock you wish to hang in a family room, however it is somewhat hefty, you should make a few changes. Recollect wellbeing first, and request a companion to assist you with taking care of the clock during establishment.

You will need to have a force drill or screwdriver, a pencil, a stud locater, and an anchor screw or two good to go. Most tickers accompany the essential equipment to introduce it on a divider.

  • Utilize a stud locater to sort out where the stud is in the divider. On the off chance that you are not utilizing the stud for a hefty clock, you should utilize anchor screws to help the weight.
  • Hold your check in where you need it to hang and make a pencil mark at the highest point.
  • Mark utilizing a pencil where you need to put the anchor screws or nail.
  • Use a drill or screwdriver to screw secures into the divider, so they are flush. If not utilizing secures, the screw to hang up the check should stand out, so 1/3 of the screw is obvious.
  • Hang up your clock on the screw and any anchors for extra help. Ordinarily, timekeepers that are 20 lbs or less won’t require secures

And last but not least if you are interested in knowing why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices” Hopefully, this article was an interesting read, stay tuned to ohmyclock for more interesting articles regarding clocks


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