Do Titanium Watches Scratch Easily?

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No, watches that use titanium don’t usually scratch easily. Not only is titanium twice as strong as stainless steel. Moreover, Titanium watches are also rust-free, and keep watches from rusting. However, how scratchless a titanium made watch usually also depends on the other materials that are used along with titanium as mostly titanium is mixed with some other elements to make a watch, so the properties of the other materials/elements also determine the scratch durability of a watch

Titanium is often used as a substitute to stainless steel when it comes to making watches

Moving on, titanium is specifically liked by some makers due to its strength, along with its agility, but on the other hand it is also more expensive then other materials like stainless steel, which is one of the reason that only established watch’brands use and make watches from actual titanium

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Do More Expensive Watches Scratch Less Easily?

Yes, usually speaking more expensive watches are less prone to scratches as they are made of better materials and more pure materials.

Using better materials is the reason why not only are more expensive watches more durable but even sometimes increase in value, though this is not only due to them being scratchless but also because of the intricate movements that they materialize as being made by the hands of Watch professionals

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