Do Patek Philippe Watches Tick?

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No, the Patek Phillipe watches won’t ever tick or make a sound. Patek Philippe has a long history and enthusiasm for tolling watches. Having actually tuned in to each and every ring over ages, they invest heavily in guaranteeing that a Patek Philippe minute repeater or grande sonnerie won’t ever solid like some other.

How To Spot A Fake Patek Philippe

While every assortment has their own unmistakable highlights, underneath are general attributes that will assist you with recognizing and detect a phony Patek Philippe watch over a genuine one across all assortments.


It’s anything but a distortion to say that everything imprinted on an original Patek Philippe dial ought to be awesome, considerably under outrageous amplification. Patek Philippe watches are prestigious for their supreme flawlessness taking all things together parts of the watch, making it simpler to detect a phony Patek Phillippe. Bonafide Patek Philippe watches will behave fresh and uniformly divided printing, liberated from incorrect spellings.

Aside from skeletonized models, genuine Patek Philippe watches don’t have an obvious tourbillon or equilibrium wheels on the dial. All cutting-edge Patek Philippe watches utilize sapphire precious stones. Models with an iridescent covering, like the Aquanaut and Nautilus, ought to have even glowing consistency when seen in obscurity.


Bonafide Patek Philippe watches have a strong load to them while fakes feel lighter as they are frequently made with lesser quality materials. Veritable Patek Philippe cases are made with treated steel, platinum, or 18k gold. Except for select restricted version watches, Patek Philippe case backs don’t have inscriptions or adornments.

Patek Philippe watches with strong case backs have their sequential and model numbers printed inside the case, while watches with show backs have their sequential and model numbers printed around the inside edges.

More current Patek Philippe watches have “PPC” imprinted on the drags too the case’s individual metal like Au750 for 18k gold and Pt950 for platinum.


Genuine Patek Philippe arm bands come in 18k gold and platinum while lashes are accessible in cowhide, stain or a unique composite material (only for the Aquanaut).

Wristbands are printed with a model number explicit to their watch’s arrangement. Legitimate Patek Philippe lashes have the Calatrava Cross and Patek Philippe logo imprinted within. Clasps are printed with the Patek Philippe logo and their separate metals. All arrangement catches include the Calatrava Cross.


All developments have great hand-getting done with fresh inscriptions. Contingent upon the watch’s age, the development will be embellished with the Geneva Seal or Patek Philippe Seal. Starting in 2009, Patek Philippe reported that their watches would the only element their own marked seal.

Other Method To Identify Original Watch

You could take it to Patek Philippe; one of their authority watch shops, that is. Notwithstanding, in the event that you leave the watch in their ownership for check purposes and they choose it’s a phony, you will not get it back. You may end up experiencing an individual from staff who isn’t as by-the-book as the others, who will actually want to give you a 90% exact speculation with respect to the watch’s validness just dependent on eyeballing it. Could go whichever way, however.

You could take it to a very good quality watch retailer for an informal assessment, however, they might possibly need to help you, in light of how exacting their responsibility strategies are.

You could show it to a vendor of very good quality watches, obviously, the result will depend significantly on his own and business compunctions.

You could present pictures of it on a respectable watch gathering, obviously, the nature of the appropriate responses will differ. The equivalent goes with a great deal of watch vested parties on Facebook. It’s brisk and normally exact, however not the most ideal choice on the off chance that you need to be watchful about your requests.

You could undoubtedly discover what a genuine ref. 5059 looks like via looking for pictures on the web; you at that point contrast your piece with what you find. By learning a couple of tips on the best way to recognize a very good quality watch and development, you can tell whether your watch has been fabricated to Patek Philippe’s standard guidelines or not. The mix of these two methodologies will presumably give you around 75–80% conviction about your watch’s credibility.

The development of the second’s hand even after that watch has been lounging around in your cellar doesn’t really demonstrate that it’s a battery-worked (quartz) watch. You may have moved it around or granted energy to its barrel just via conveying it up the steps, incidentally swinging it about a bit, which is sufficient to begin it ticking once more.

Has it kept a wonderful time since the time you left it in the cellar or did it just beginning ticking again after you recovered it? On the off chance that it’s simply been sitting unmoving for quite a long time and still tells the perfect time without you having set it by another watch/clock since, at that point better believe it, I’d say it’s quartz and probably a phony.

The Patek 5059 retrograde ceaseless schedule is indeed a programmed development, which clarifies the gold half-circle swinging about on the converse of the watch. The roundabout purple stones are known as rubies they are made of engineered sapphire gem and have tribological work, which implies they diminish contact in quick turning parts. Quartz watches can have them, so can mechanical ones.

Furthermore, in light of a past answer, Patek Philippe actually makes quartz watches right up ’til today; they are indeed the organization’s blockbusters. The quartz Pateks are anyway essentially regardless ladylike watches and surely not high-complexity ones like retrograde never-ending schedules.

Likewise, it’s not surprising for Patek Philippe to offer jewel set watches for men. It particularly relies upon the market they’re exceptionally famous in Russia, for instance, however less so in Western Europe.

All things considered, none of the things you called attention to about it essentially demonstrate that it’s not a fake one, however, neither do they fundamentally highlight it being phony. You can either ask somebody official, ask somebody informal, or do your own exploration and discover for yourself.

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