Do Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Need New Batteries?

Citizen Eco Drive Men Bracelet Watches in Pakistan

No, it doesn’t require new batteries on the grounds that Eco-Drive doesn’t have a battery in it by any means. The way a Citizen Eco-Drive works is that it runs off light as its force source, not a standard silver oxide battery. As per reports from Citizen Watches, tests uncovered that the sunlight based cells and auxiliary battery utilized in Eco-Drive watches will keep going for as long as 10 years.

Citizen Eco-Drive watches utilize light (common or fake) as their wellspring of force, which means they have no real battery. All things being equal, they have a sun-based change board and an energy cell that cooperate to change light over to power, which is the thing that the watch runs on. Spot the watch in daylight. The Citizen Eco-Drive is additionally a very much regarded sun-oriented innovation in the watch business and they are viewed as the absolute best sunlight-based watches.

What Is An Eco-Drive Watch?

First and foremost, Eco-Drive alludes to the interaction Citizen watches use to pull energy from light. Any sort of light, it doesn’t make any difference. This can be normal or fake. The energy is saddled and put away inside a lithium-particle cell that adequately re-energizes itself. In this way, in principle, it could run for eternity. A watch that might actually out-live you!

Eco-Drive watches are sustainable

Citizen case that their Eco-Drive watches are straightforwardly liable for a decrease of ten million batteries across Northern America alone. This is surely tremendous for the climate and one monstrous advance in diminishing contamination.


Everything started in 1996. These watches offered the business phenomenal progression in innovation contrasted with sun powered choices of the time. This advanced tech eliminated the requirement for those cumbersome, heavy force cells and supplanted them with slimline plans that really looked great.

The idea of the Eco-Drive comes from its 7878 type development. It was the first of its sort. Sun powered cells were mounted under the dial. This was straightforward to let light go through to make power, hence charging the battery. This watch can continue to go for an entire 180 days prior to waiting be presented to light once more.

On the off chance that a sun oriented watch doesn’t get a light hotspot for a given timeframe, a ton of different brands will go into a condition of hibernation and the hands in the end quit turning. The quartz development will keep on following time however. At the point when it’s presented to light once more, the hands will move to the correct time and continue to go as it once did. In the event that you set your watch aside in a cabinet for a quarter of a year and afterward took it out once more, the hands would figure out the right time.


Reports from Citizen have shown information from tests that show the sunlight based cells related to an auxiliary battery in an Eco-Drive watch will continue to go for 10 years. They say the oils utilized in the development have been created to build life span of the watch. The oil doesn’t solidify, so you can anticipate that it should go on long past the long term mark.


Now and again, however once in a while, a watch can encounter harm through outrageous or unreasonable warming during re-energizing periods. citizen exhorts, accordingly, that these watches don’t see temperatures of over 140F. You may think about how this would even occur, yet individuals have been known to hold their watch near a light to get a fast charge.


In case you’re searching for another watch and your objective is to get a one watch that will be dedicated to you for the remainder of your life, you’ve discovered it here. It won’t ever require a solitary charge and it will continue forever, and on. Unadulterated supportability for anybody hoping to do whatever they can to save the planet. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for something somewhat more geek you could think about a sun-powered watch

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