Do Breguet Watches Hold Their Value?

Breguet Tradition 7077 - Chronograph Independent - 44mm Watches

Yes, many original Breguet watches do end up holding their value and there are some that even increase in value in fact this is the brand that comes as one of the most recommended when it comes to investing in watches.

But there is no specific model that we can pinpoint as of now that will definitely increase in value (Some of the ones that have increased drastically in value previously include Breguet Grande complication Marie, and Breguet duc d’Orleans Sympathique

Furthermore, the original Breguet is rather easy to determine considering the fact that its hands are quite unique and that Breguet watches have a guilloche dials

Breguet Watches Were Founded In 1775.

  • Breguet sells around 30,000 of its original pieces every year
  • Breguet is considered one of the most reputed luxury watches that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the quality of the watch.

Breguet is one of the oldest luxury brand in the world, and it has been making quailty watches for over 2 centuries now which is in no way a small feat.

Are Breguet Watches A Good Investment?

Yes Breguet watches can definitely prove to be good investmenets, Breguet Watches are used as investments by many watch experts all over the world,

But there is no specific model that we can pinpoint as of now that will definitely increase in value though there are a few that are anticipated by watch experts (Some of the ones that have increased drastically in value previously include Breguet Grande complication Marie, and Breguet duc d’Orleans Sympathique

Do Breguet Watches Come With A Warranty?

Yes, Breguet watches do come with a warranty of 2 years, which mean that the company would deal with any fault that you might experience after buying the watch, but this is rarely ever the case. In fact this is so rare that

Where Are Breguet Watches Made?

Breguet Watches are made in Switzerland, and come with a smooth swiss movement that is respected and appreciated by watch experts from all around the world.

Are Breguet Watches Expensive?

Yes, Breguet watches usually start from a few thousand dollars and go upto millions of dollars. Down below is also a list of some of the most expensive Breguet watches as of now

  • Breguet Grande complication Marie : Comes At An Estimated Price Of $10 Million.
  • Then Comes “Breguet duc d’Orleans Sympathique” – Comes At An Estimated Price Of $6.8 million.
  • Moving On To “Breguet Antique Number 2667” That Comes At A Price Of $ 4.24 million.
  • Breguet Grande Complication Antique Number 4111 – $2.56 million.
  • Breguet Grande Complication Classique Number 5349 – $755,000.

Does Breguet Come With A Rich History?

Yes, Breguet watches do defintiely come with a very rich history, in fact like we mentioned above, Breguet is without a doubt one of the oldest watch brand that still serves its customer base. There are only a few other watch brands that are older then Breguet like Vacheron Constantin

A Bit More About Breguet

Breguet was established in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a Swiss watchmaker brought into the world to Huguenot guardians in Neuchâtel. He read watchmaking for a very long time under Ferdinand Berthoud and Jean-Antoine Lépine prior to setting up his own watchmaking business at 51 Quai de l’Horloge on the Île de la Cité in Paris.

The endowment that accompanied his union with the little girl of a prosperous French common gave the support which permitted him to open his own studio.

Breguet’s associations made during his apprenticeship as a watchmaker and as an understudy of science assisted him with building up his business.

Following first experience with the court, Queen Marie Antoinette became entranced by Breguet’s special self-winding watch; Louis XVI purchased a few of his watches. In 1783 the Swedish tally Axel Von Fersen, who was the sovereign’s companion and rumored sweetheart, appointed a watch from Breguet that was to contain each watch complexity referred to around then as a gift to Marie Antoinette.

The outcome is a Breguet’s magnum opus, the Marie-Antoinette pocket observe

The business was a triumph, and around 1807 Abraham-Louis Breguet took on his child Louis-Antoine as his accomplice, renaming the firm “Breguet et Fils” (Breguet and Sons).

Louis-Antoine assumed control over the firm upon the demise of his dad in 1823. After Louis-Antoine resigned in 1833 (he kicked the bucket in 1858) the business was passed to Abraham-Louis’ grandson Louis Clément Francois (1804–1883).

Abraham-Louis’ extraordinary grandson Louis Antoine (1851–1882) was the remainder of the Breguet family to maintain the business.

Despite the fact that he had two children and a little girl, they didn’t enter the business, so the Breguet organization recruited noted English watchmaker Edward Brown of Clerkenwell to deal with the Paris industrial facility. Brown in the end turned into an accomplice and, after Breguet’s grandson’s demise, the proprietor and top of the organization.

At the point when Brown passed on in 1895 the firm was taken over by his children, Edward and Henry. On Edward’s retirement in the mid 1900s, Henry Brown turned into the top of the firm

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