Do Breguet Watches Hold Their Value?

Breguet Tradition 7077 - Chronograph Independent - 44mm Watches

Yes, many original Breguet watches do end up holding their value and there are some that even increase in value, but there is no specific model that we can pinpoint as of now that will definitely increase in value. Furthermore, the original Breguet is rather easy to determine considering the fact that its hands are quite unique and that Breguet watches have a guilloche dials

Breguet Watches Were Founded In 1775.

  • Breguet sells around 30,000 of its original pieces every year
  • Breguet is considered one of the most reputed luxury watches that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the quality of the watch.

As with Vacheron Constantin, the brand is often overlooked by newer collectors who favour the better-known brands, and yet you can release great value of these watches throughout pawning against its value. But Breguet watches hold a special cache with connoisseurs who are willing to pay high prices for rare or interesting examples. As a result, any vintage or limited edition Breguet represents an excellent watch to collect for an investment opportunity and will give you the opportunity to own a true piece of horological art in the process.

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