Damasko Vs Stowa: An Elaborate Comparison!!

Damasko and Stowa are both reputable watch brands and there are quite a few people out there who want to know which one is better for them. So today I decided to do just that and compare both of these brands and analyze the pros and cons of both of these brands at length. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Comparing Both The Brands

Every Product Comes With
a 2 Year Warranty
Comes With A 2 Year
High-Quality, Nicely Engineered
Made With Perplexity And Comes
With A Wide Variety Of Designs
As Well
Less Stylish Watches
Then Stowa
Has More Design Variations Then
Damasko Watches
More Durable Immensely Durable
Made In GermanyMade In Germany
A Better Optimized Online StoreComparatively Less Optimized
Online Store
Founded In 1994Founded In 1927


Damasko is a generally youthful German company known for building watches that are for all intents and purposes durable, with exclusive case tech that humiliates most different firms.

In any case, past their reformist casework, Damasko is additionally an undeniable production, having delivered the programmed A35-1 out of 2010, and afterward the manual winding H35 type two years after the fact.

This plan takes into account a bigger equilibrium wheel, which thusly hypothetically improves general execution.

Damasko’s types additionally have an in-house produced EPS silicon hairspring and silicon gets away from the wheel, two highlights used by generally hardly any different creators.

Damasko’s newest watches come with the most recent cycle of their in-house development, the DK200 fueled by the A35-2.

The DK200 is a gigantic stylish flight for Damasko, a firm known for its obvious plan ethos. The DK200 has another dial plan and a Genta-propelled case made of Damasko’s renowned ice-solidified steel and highlights rotating brushed and cleaned surfaces–something that I envision is very hard to accomplish.

The development is an adjusted A35 with an additional GMT entanglement, making it the principal GMT watch from the brand just as Damasko’s first in-house GMT development.

Tragically, similar to GMT developments from ETA, the hour hand isn’t free on the A35-2, yet there is a quickset date work for setting the date autonomously.

Best Watch of damasko

Damasko DA36 Automatic Watch, Damasko Watches, DA36 WatchMann.com

The DA36 is presumably the most notable of the entirety of Damasko’s models and is a natural face among watch gatherers, yet the armband is pristine during the current year, and this is, truth be told, the primary Damasko wristband we’ve at any point seen. This DA36 really went ahead wristband and going ahead, you will actually want to arrange numerous models on the armband instead of getting it independently.

The DA36 itself is an ideal contender for the new wristband survey it is, by a wide margin, the most famous watch Damasko makes and likely the one that most represents the brand.

It has exemplary pilot’s watch styling with strong Arabic numerals and amazingly high decipherability, on account of the white and yellow hands against the matte dark dial. Like all Damaskos, it has various highlights intended to make it harder than a normal watch, the clearest being the very hard case.


Over the most recent few years, Stowa has been developing its index by acquainting contemporary redesigns with their previous lines. Among these updates are the TO1 TESTAF and the Flieger GMT, the two of which modernized the look and.

In fractional keeping with this direction, this previous summer Stowa unobtrusively revealed another arrangement of Fliegers, an assortment named the Flieger Klassik Sport.

The Flieger Klassik Sports arrangement comes matched with a powerful 43mm case including a thick sapphire precious stone, a screw-down crown, and a great water obstruction of 200m an invited move up to the 5atm rating found on the authentic arrangement.

The Klassik Sports arrangement wears similar to the TESTAF TO1, however the exemplary dial alternatives Flieger without logo (with or without date), Flieger with logo (with or without date), Flieger B-dial, and the Ikarus–give the arrangement the look and feel of the conventional Flieger setup.

The new case accompanies a little extra charge retail is €1,067 without VAT around $1,170 as of this composition yet it is a value that is merited.

They are understood for their fabricate quality, clean plan, and astounding client assistance not on the grounds that they have a colossal publicizing financial plan, but since they’ve performed well for devotees who post about it on discussions like this one. Every individual needs to choose if STOWA offers great benefits.

Best Stowa Watch

Stowa Seatime Prodiver 1000m German Made Swiss Automatic 42mm... for $1,695  for sale from a Trusted Seller on Chrono24

Stowa Seatime Professional Diver. This model is an uncommon find is as yet one of the more famous models as a collectible thing. This is an uncommon dark orange number 2 men’s watch that includes a tempered steel case that actions 43 mm in width. The wristband is a silvertone made of coordinating with hardened steel material. It is controlled with a programmed development and the watch is water-safe for up to 30 ATMs. This is a restricted release that highlights iridescent hands for high intelligibility, alongside a remarkable orange and dark shading plan for the dial and bezel.


Damasko Is The Winner For Me! Though both of these brands have some exceptional watches and deliver great quality, Damasko has been argued by some customer of both brands to be more durable and just has the look that I personally would prefer.

That’s about it for this blog, if you have any further clock/watches-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to read an interesting article on why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!Opens in a new tab.“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devicesOpens in a new tab.

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