Damasko Da36 Lume: All About It

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The DA36 accompanies a dark dial with luminous hands and markers that glow in darkness when charged by light. The strong hands and Arabic hours make the dial excessively simple to peruse in the day or night. The 40mm case is made ice-solidified hardened steel with a dab impacted surface, making it more impervious to scratches.

The lume is maybe the lone significant depressed spot on the DA36. The C1 is known to be a piece disappointing as far as glow, yet the lume on the DA36 is probably the most fragile I’ve experienced. The actual use of the lume on the hands is additionally very smeared, which is somewhat startling from an organization so fixated on subtleties. Moreover, the Arabic hour markers aren’t lumed in any way; all things considered, the going with square indents are, an inquisitive decision that corrupts evening perceivability. It would profit Damasko to do the change to BGW9, guaranteeing a comparative tasteful while pacifying lume devotees.

Worth is a major piece of the conversation here on worn&wound. Frequently, it’s sufficient to say that a sensibly estimated watch with nice specs and a satisfying plan presents a huge worth. Be that as it may, for certain organizations, esteem doesn’t mean contribution simply the absolute minimum. For these brands, the craving to blow away the essentials is which isolates them from the pack, and on the off chance that it tends to be managed without charging the extreme costs one has generally expected from the watch business, at that point that is simply good to beat all. In the event that there is any organization that has come to epitomize this ethos in entirety, it’s Damasko.

Based out of Regensburg, Germany, Damasko initially entered the market in 1994 with a longing to explore new territory and unique. Since its origin, Damasko has set new and energizing norms for both the watch business and with customers concerning what a little brand could genuinely achieve. Driven by Konrad Damasko, whose mastery focused on work with fine metal parts for the aeronautical business, Damasko put out on a way to deliver watches that were tough, over-designed, and basically, more powerful than everything else available. Damasko holds various licenses on everything from their in-house developments and crown plan to the very steel used to make their cases.

Today, we’re investigating one of Damasko’s entrance level watches, the DA36 dark. For most organizations, a section level watch frequently implies making penances for cost, yet such isn’t the situation with Damasko. Other than the outsider development, the DA36 brags most the adored in-house tech one has generally expected from the brand. As you read the audit beneath, remember that the DA36 dark retails for a truly sensible $1,320. What Damasko can offer at that value point embarrasses contenders.


By all accounts, the case on the DA36 dark shows up moderately direct, with no clear visual ruffles to attract your eye to the plan. It’s somewhat unmistakable and utilitarian, however that is completely the point. Stylishly, it’s very like certain models from Sinn, most eminently the resigned 656. It ought to be noticed that the two organizations were in an association until 2002, with Damasko producing cases for Sinn before the arrangement of SUG, so the extend of specific components bodes well.


At the point when I think “Damasko,” I quickly envision the dial of the DA36. In my brain, it is the notorious Damasko look. The overall tasteful pulls from the exemplary flieger with a couple of updates to the recipe. The Arabic numerals are exceptionally readable, a splendid and lively white against a matte dark base. Instead of the 12 is the exemplary flieger triangle. The pilot hands are similarly as strong, with the hours hand drifting right over the hour markers and the minutes hand hitting the minutes track. The disruptive seconds hand is splendid neon yellow, the lone fly of shading on the watch. The dial is separated into quadrants by means of focus, which push the Damasko logo off to the correct side of the dial over the day/date window. The day and date wheels are custom, coordinating with the dial in both typeface and shading. They are additionally adjusted to sit somewhat beneath the customary 3 o’clock position, which adjust the situation of the logo.


At the core of the DA36 is an ETA 2836-2, the day/date rendition of the omnipresent 2824. It’s a workhorse development with 25 gems and a recurrence of 28,000 bph. It hacks and can be twisted physically, and it has a force save of roughly 41 hours. Damasko manages their developments, and my piece runs inside 2 seconds per day.

The development is shielded from attraction by a coordinated enemy of attractive internal confine comprised of the dial, the development holding ring, and a second case back. This safeguard gives against attractive security up to 80,000 A/m.

Straps and Wearability

The DA36 comes combined with a marked Di-Modell Pilot lash, a match made in German paradise. Di-Modell makes probably the most over assembled watchstraps available, with a stylish that supplements the DA36 very well. The clasp is marked and includes a similar solidified steel and Damest covering.


A Damasko isn’t only a watch, it’s a designing wonder. It’s an image of innovation, encapsulating the best of shrewd designing and plan. It shows a brand at its best, pushing past the norm and setting guidelines in an industry that is regularly alright with business as usual.

The DA36 dark, at $1,320, presents an uncommon worth, one that is really unmatched on the lookout. What’s more, it’s not even the most moderate in Damasko’s arrangement; the DA36 sans Damest covering is $120 less expensive. On the off chance that the plan addresses you, there could be no more excellent choice. Also, on the off chance that it doesn’t, Damasko has various other comparably valued models to browse, all loaded with a similar marvelous Damasko tech.

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