Cool clocks for kids (2021)

Clocks like for everybody also play a very important role for kids. Adults, themselves can use their phones to set alarms and whatnot, but that’s not the case for kids. So, here are some clocks that will not only help your kids wake up in time for school but also keep them in line with time whilst the day passes by. Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the best and most suitable clocks for your kids and their bedrooms

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

This is a multifunctional clock that comes with a nightlight, sound machine, and time to rise alert. It is a very easy to use a device that you can control from your cell phone. Moreover, you can customize color, sound, and brightness level according to how you deem fit.

A picture of Hatch baby rest sound machine to better elaborate Cool clocks for kids 2020
Cool clocks for kids 2020

It can also be used manually to set controls which might also prove quite convenient for your child. This clock also encourages a better sleeping experience as the color combinations and preset sounds are recommended by sleep experts themselves. This amazing clock is available at Amazon for $59.99 as of now.

Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock 

Another great clock that comes with a naptime function and also works as an alarm clock. This unique clock also comes with different animations to give them a fun personality. Children just have to press the toe button to lighten up their day and see the fun animations

Cool clocks for kids 2020

It also comes with a micro USB with battery backup. The main reason for this clock’s popularity is that it is easy to use and children can easily understand how it works This clock is available for $25.04 on Amazon as of now and might just be the right companion for your kid.

It’s About Time Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kid

A very fun looking clock that is sure to excite your kid just by its look. It is also a sleep-enhancing clock that comes with a spotlight and a sculpted figure. There are separate design options for the sculptures including Elmo, cookie monster, big bird driving a car, and others that you can choose from

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Cool clocks for kids 2020
Cool clocks for kids 2020

Its very simple to understand and use. The red light means its time to sleep whereas, the green light means its time to wake up on the stoplight, so it will help toddlers know what supposedly is to be done. Lastly, this clock is available on amazon for $32.61 as of now

Zazu Kids Pam The Penguin Sleep Trainer

This beautiful penguin clock might just look like a part of the decoration sequence but it is way more than that. This penguin clock comes with a nightlight through which you have the option of changing between different colors

A picture of the penguin clock to better elaborate Cool clocks for kids 2020
Cool clocks for kids 2020

It has a Bluetooth speaker through which you can easily connect your phone for convenience. It has a modern touch design with an internal rechargeable battery (mini USB included). This Penguin glows red 30 minutes before wake-up-time and green when its finally time to wake up. Moreover, you can even put in sweet lullabies through the wireless speaker. Lastly, this clock is available for $49.95 on Amazon

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer, 

A patented beautiful clock which has been a phenomenal success in the alarm clock world. It uses different colors and facial expressions. It also features three different sounds and five-night colors that further add to its diversity

A picture of lettlehippo  Mella to better elaborate Cool clocks for kids 2020
Cool clocks for kids 2020

Another interesting thing about this clock is that this clock closes its eyes when its time to sleep. Moreover, this clock is quite durable and is child safe. It is approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH and CPSIA. This amazing smiling clock is available for $45.99 as of now on Amazon.

Gro clock Sleep Trainer

This clock is quite unique like many others in this list and uses the stars and the sun to tell children if its time to wake up or not. There are a lot of stars that come at night and then disappear one by one as time passes and when its time to wake up the clock turns orange and the sun rises.

A picture of Gro clock to better elaborate Cool clocks for kids 2020
Cool clocks for kids 2020

This is very suitable for children who are too young to read an ordinary clock and tells them when its time to wake up. Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable screen brightness. And lastly, it is available on Amazon for $59.99 as of now

ClicTime Lego Star Wars 9002113 Darth Vader Kids Minifigure Light Up Alarm Clock

A special for any StarWars fans out there. A clock featuring Darth Vader. It is 9.5 inches in size and comes with moveable arms and legs. It comes with a two-year warranty and is a perfect gift of for kids

A picture of the darth vader clock
Cool clocks for kids 2020

It comes with 2 AAA batteries included, an Alarm, snooze function as well as a light-up the display. It is available for $22 on Amazon as of now

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

This is one of the most fun clocks out there. It not only is a great alarm clock but if your kid is a sleepy head and doesn’t wake up on time, this might be one of the best clocks. What it does is that it jumps and keeps tunning around whilst buzzing the alarm so your kid would have to get up physically and run after the clock to turn the alarm off, sounds interesting right

A picture of  clocky
Cool clocks for kids 2020

Moreover, it can jump up to 3 feet in height and can jump off of a nightstand. It also comes with a beeping sound and a super loud alarm. It is a great and helpful gift for deep sleepers. It cost $46 on Amazon as of now and is well worth its price

This was an extensive list of some of the most useful clocks for kids out there. Hopefully, it was helpful and if you have any related questions feel free to use the comment section below.

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