Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between both

We are all familiar with clocks and watches. Aren’t we? We use them every day in and out. And nowadays more than just telling time, they both also play a very vital role in the overall decor of the room or your personal overall look in case of watches. Watches, as we all know are attached to a strap and are worn on the wrist. There are many classy looking watches, that just look graceful and tell time. Whereas, on the other hand, there are also watches that not only tell you time. But also let you know your heartbeat, schedule your meetings, and even let you play games.

A picture of clocks to better elaborate Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between both
Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between both

Comparing the technologies in watches and clocks.

In contrast, clocks have also progressed but they don’t usually do stuff like telling you your schedule. But rather a wall clocks, nowadays, can tell you the temperature and the humidity level. There are also clocks that change their lightings according to the surrounding lighting now. But, that’s about it when it comes to technology and wall clocks. Whereas, when we talk about alarm clocks the realm of innovation has been on another level. There are clocks that turn their lighting up and down according to the sequence of the night.

We will start off by comparing clocks and watches on the technological level first by looking at some of the most advanced clocks and watches that we have as of now. We will be looking into one advanced clock, one watch and an alarm clock

Starting Off With


A high tech watch, arguably one of the best, that does everything from setting alarms using the internet, connecting to your computer. And is essentially like having a small computer on your wrist. It also comes with different skins that you can change according to the vibe you want to pull off

A picture of hd3slyde to better elaborate Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between both

It has a big screen that will completely own your wrist and comes with three battery indicator lights on the side. It has a light sensor that automatically adapts to the surrounding lighting. This watch also has a USB port for the users’ convenience as well as a capacity of 250 mAH. Its battery lasts about two weeks in a go before needing a charge. Lastly, it is an epitome of grace and tech in the watch industry

Now a clock

PresenTime & Co 18

This is one unique looking clock that is different than most. It is an elegant, graceful, and a self-illuminating clock that has an 18 inch LED. A great feature that it has that separates it from the crowd is that it has an automatic light structure. Meaning that its light sensors will sense when its night time or day time and will change its illuminicity accordingly.

A picture of PresenTime & Co 18 to better look into Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between both
Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between both

It is waterproof and UV resistant and hence you don’t have to worry about it getting broke due to the weather. Moreover, this clock also comes with a Thermometer & Hygrometer

It requires an AA battery for clock movement and a 4 sized battery for the LED lights and size. Lastly, it is available for $87.99 for Amazon as of now which sounds fair for the value it provides and without a doubt great look on any outdoor place you put it.

And Now An Alarm Clock

Furthermore, the most intriguing alarm clock is the “clock alarm on wheels”:

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

This is one of the most fun clocks out there. It not only is a great alarm clock but if your kid is a sleepy head and doesn’t wake up on time, this might be one of the best clocks for addressing that. What it does is that it jumps and keeps running around whilst buzzing the alarm so the person in the room would have to get up physically and run after the clock to turn it off, sounds interesting right

A picture of  clocky to better elaborate Clocks vs watches: A detailed comparison between the both

Moreover, it can jump up to 3 feet in height and can jump off of a nightstand. It also comes with a beeping sound and a super loud alarm. It is a great and helpful gift for deep sleepers. This clock costs $46 on Amazon as of now and is well worth its price

Now that we know the different levels and standards of innovations on types of watches and clocks lets dive a bit more into their differences.

Difference in types

The different types of watches include wristwatches, ring watches, and pendant watches. Whereas, the different types of clocks are analog clocks, digital clocks, projection clocks, tactile clocks, multi-display clocks, and auditory clocks.


Clocks originated from pocket watches and then evolved to be what they are today. On the other hand, clocks originated from mechanical clocks. To elaborate, the first-ever watch was made by Peter Heinlein who was a German locksmith and clockmaker. And the first mechanical clock that was an astronomical clock that used water was invented by I Hsing in 723 A.D


Watches are strapped on your hand and go wherever you go. They can be waterproof and you might as well go swimming whilst wearing one. On the other hand, Clocks are mostly hung on the wall or if they are mantel clocks or alarm clocks on a nearby desk.


They both tell time and are becoming well, less essential than they once were. The main reason for the decrease in their demand is other technological advancements like smartphones. People just don’t feel the need of using wristwatches and clocks just for the main purpose of telling time. But they still have their value as they don’t only better your or your room’s overall look but watches are more convenient whilst you are exercising or doing other hectic work. Whereas, clocks are convenient to look at in rooms and lastly alarm clocks come with some pretty unique features like Philip’s wake up light that still keep them in demand.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your clocks-related questions If you have any clock-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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