Citizen Vs Seiko Watches: Which Is Better

Seiko vs Citizen | Review & Comparison

In the a very long time since quartz watches became well known, two Japanese brands have etched out a significant piece of the market: Seiko and Citizen. By all accounts, there are a ton of similitudes between the two organizations, even past their nation of cause. However, actually, the brands and their watches have significant contrasts.

Seiko’s History

Seiko’s underlying foundations go right back to 1881 when a man named Kintarō Hattori opened a watch and gem retailer in Toyko, Japan. Beginning in 1892, Hattori started making timekeepers under the name Seikosha, which by 1924 would develop into a watchmaking organization named Seiko. Seiko is Japanese for “choice” or “achievement”; unmistakably, Hattori had great aspirations for his organization from the earliest starting point.

The organization would do consistent business for years and years before it helped change the watchmaking game in 1969 by delivering the principal quartz wristwatch for public utilization: the Seiko Quartz-Astron 35SQ. Those watches sold for $1250 (about $8500 in the present dollars).

It would be a couple of years before the quartz watch got adequately moderate to turn into an item for the normal individual, yet the Astron was the initially shot in an upheaval.

The 1970s saw incredible disturbance in the watchmaking scene, with the lofty Swiss watchmakers tossed into alarm. As the innovation got less difficult to recreate, quartz watches, which depended on a battery as opposed to winding systems (like mechanical watches), dropped in cost and the purchasing public went to them as a group.

Citizen Watches Hisotry

Contrasted with Seiko, Citizen’s set of experiences is more limited and less sensational. Helped to establish by both Japanese and Swiss financial backers in 1930, Citizen was at first enlisted in Switzerland in 1918 by Swiss watchmaker, Rodolph Schmid. In the a long time since that enlistment, the organization has been particularly centered around developing and making maintainable watches.

A large number of their watches are sunlight based fueled, yet the organization’s most prominent case to inventive acclaim is the production of the first multi-band nuclear timekeeping watch in 1993. A nuclear watch gets a sign from one of the nuclear clocks – the most precise timekeepers at any point made – situated around the planet. A nuclear watch will lose short of what one second in 100,000 years (contrast that with numerous quartz watches that lose a second in the time of months or even weeks).

Since the Quartz Revolution, Citizen has developed into probably the biggest watchmaker on the planet.

In spite of the fact that their fundamental assembling arm is in Japan, large numbers of their watches can actually profess to have “Swiss development” and can precisely be portrayed as Swiss-made. Notwithstanding the Citizen watch line, the Citizen Watch Co is the parent organization of American watchmakers, Bulova.

Which Watches Are Better: Seiko or Citizen?

Elaborately, additionally, Seiko will in general go for more exemplary looks while Citizen has accepted an innovative, even test style. Being the more seasoned organization, it appears to be that Seiko is truly hoping to build up its standing by intentionally making an association with the past.

Resident, then again, puts more accentuation on current innovation. This is underlined by the way that Citizen accepted sun based force innovation in their watch lines a whole lot sooner and more grounded than Seiko.

As far as deals, Citizen gives off an impression of being the champ, having soaked the market more altogether than Seiko, however the distinction isn’t immense.

For most watch enthusiasts, the two brands share a comparable standing: quality watches that are neither showy nor excessively costly. For every one of these reasons, the most ideal approach to contrast the organizations is and a straight on correlation of their identical watches.

Is Seiko or Citizen More Popular?

Notwithstanding the similitude between the two brands regarding nation of beginning and cluster of styles, it’s really certain that Citizen is appreciating more noteworthy deals and a more extensive reach.

While looking for Seiko watches, you’ll regularly track down that the significant retailers aren’t conveying them and that you either need to purchase straightforwardly from Seiko or through strength watch sellers. Presently, that isn’t abnormal, particularly for extravagance watch brands like Rolex or TAG Heuer.

The issue is, Seiko isn’t an extravagance watch brand and their customer base is without a doubt to look through Amazon or another significant retailer than a niche store.

Resident, paradoxically, is making their essence felt all through the watching retailing world. Some portion of that immersion is their attention on their Eco-Drive innovation. As well as being harmless to the ecosystem and more solid, sun based innovation addresses perhaps the greatest irritation with wristwatches: changing the batteries.

The shifting characteristics of each brand’s watches are difficult to measure, yet regarding an incentive for your dollar, Citizen for the most part has the lead. For any individual who is explicitly on the lookout for a mechanical watch, Seiko unquestionably has a ton to bring to the table. For every other person, Citizen’s future-disapproved of watch plans will most likely be the really captivating draw.


On the off chance that you are on the lookout for a Quartz and sunlight based controlled watch, Citizen has undeniably more decision and life span with their Eco-Drive scope of watches. In any case, with regards to mechanical, remember the precision will consistently be not exactly a Quartz, however, that Seiko is the best approach here.

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