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Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches is a small watch brand that is slowly growing in its name and this is also the reason that many people out there are curious a bout this very brand, so tooday we decided to review this very brand and look into whether it is actually any good.

  • Price: The range of this watch brand varies from any where between $50 to $700, this is the range in which the majority of thew atches from this brand lie in
  • Variety: This watch brand does have quite a few unique designs tthat it has to offer, an example of this is given in the photo above.
  • Reviews: Though there are only a few reviews available online when it comes to this specific brand but most of them appreciate the movement of the watch and its overall look. Morevoer, their quick delivery along with the refund policy is also often appreciated
  • Water- Resistent: Most of the watches that this brand offers are water-resistent to an atleast of 50 meters
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The Two Main Reasons Why Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches

Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches Don’t Make Their Own Movements

Assuming you’re a watch producer, quite possibly the most costly pieces of the cycle are creating great developments. Particularly when you need a programmed development in your watch then you can anticipate that this should add up rapidly.

Thus Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches has chosen to not make their own developments in-house. Rather they reevaluate this piece of the creative interaction to grounded organizations that will furnish them with the developments. These organizations are ETA, ISA, Ronda, Seagull, Miyota, and Seiko.

These organizations are known for their great form quality however obviously these developments are nothing extraordinary. While we’re regarding the matter of developments it’s additionally significant that numerous Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches watches utilize a Japanese quartz development. These developments are of acceptable quality yet they are additionally extremely modest to fabricate which assists Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches with keeping an exceptionally low cost.

Use Of Materials

Other than the ease of developments it’s likewise important that Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches utilizes great quality yet exceptionally basic materials to create their watches. The majority of their watches will be produced using treated steel. This will be valid for the wristband just as the instance of the watch. Assuming you’re searching for a gold-conditioned watch, it’s acceptable to realize that Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches in some cases utilizes particle plating which is more strong than gold paint. That is really a decent touch.

At the point when we take a gander at the materials of the watch, you’ll likewise see that the glass that covers the dial is produced using sapphire-covered mineral glass. I need to say that this is really a decent decision given that this makes the glass very scratch and break safe. Despite the fact that this material is acceptable it’s not extremely rich or costly and consequently, the cost stays low.

At long last, you’ll need to realize that the creation of most parts is moved to different makers around the globe (essentially China). Hence Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches can sell their watches economically, essentially on the grounds that assembling and gathering costs stay low.

The watches that are somewhat more costly ($200+) are regularly Swiss-made which implies 60% of their assembling costs have been spent in Switzerland. This makes the creation of the watches more costly and thusly the cost likewise expands a piece (however still not definitely).

Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches watches are incredible watches in case you’re searching for something that you can wear day by day without being terrified of harming them destroyed. All things considered, if this happens you’ll just lose about $200. They’re additionally incredible watches in case you’re searching for something that will get your eyes since Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches by and large sells extremely garish watches.

In case you’re searching for something with incredible form quality or something that will keep going you an exceptionally lengthy timespan then Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches does not merit the cash. For this situation there are apparently better choices, for example, Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Hamilton and so on The greater part of these will be a smidgen all the more than $50 yet they will likewise last a more extended time.

Why These Watches Are Discounted Heavily?

That is a notable showcasing and deals methodology. put an enormous sticker price on items and then markdown them intensely still with benefit likewise for the hefty limited ones.

Individuals without a doubt will be more glad to purchase an Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches with a 70% markdown for 100 bucks than a Seiko at a similar cost.

So get educated for the specific model that you like about highlights the development and different watches in a similar value range prior to buying.

Should You Buy An Christian Van Sant Men’s Watch?

It relies upon what you need. Christian Van Sant Men’s Watches aren’t a superficial point of interest kind of watch, so in case you’re the sort of individual that loves a brand to impart something important to you, they presumably aren’t for you. They are not an extravagance brand that deserves a ton of admiration, likewise don’t wager on them expanding in an incentive since they are not a brand that individuals gather.


These watches are made in USA and offer reasonable quality especially for its cheaper model, nearly all of tis purchaser online has appreciated the brand and approved of it. We are especially astonished by its cheaper watches and their designs as they are not only eye-catchy but also durable.

That’s about it for this blog, if you have any further clock/watches-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to read an interesting article on why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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