Can Watches Be Polished? (All About It)

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To polish or not to polish is the main question that is often asked by many watch owners. So, today we decided to write an elaborate article answering just that, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Yes, watches can be polished, but make sure you get it done through an actual professional if you actually want to go through with this. Moreover, it is also highly suggested that you not get your watch polish too often as that would mean leave a higher probability of your watch being mishandled as all of the delicate pieces of your watch would need to be taken out for it to be polished correctly.

A Video Elaborating On Polishing Watches

Moreover, it is highly suggested that you don’t polish any watch that is an investment, as such watch will decrease in value if you get it polished

Polishing your watch can sometimes be a tricky topic because personal preference plays a huge factor and there is no right or wrong answer that can be applied to all watches and people.

With that in mind there are certain things that are important to note when it comes time to polishing watches so that you can make the right decision when it comes, time to polish or not to polish for starters.

But What is polishing as it pertains to watches? Polishing is the process of altering the surface finish of components to achieve a desired aesthetic effect there are many different types of surface finishing techniques but the two most common types of polishing techniques that you will see on watches

  • High polishing which creates a shiny mirror-like effect and brushing which is responsible for the matte satin finish texture that is seen on many sport
  • Tool Models: Through tools to simply put it. There are many different types of polishing techniques the vast majority of them involve removing very tiny layers of the surface material which is why polishing a watch is not something you can do at home and should only be performed by an experienced professional.

Who Can Polish Your Watch?

To properly polish a watch the movement needs to be taken out of the case and parts like the crown bezel and bracelet also need to be removed both the disassembly process and the actual polishing process itself requires the use of specialized tools and equipment. And even jewelers that are highly capable at polishing may not have all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your watch should you decide to have your watch polished.

It is recommended to only have it done by a watchmaker or someone who specializes in watches unlike a ring or bracelet the case of a watch needs to be sealed against moisture and dirt and a poorly done polishing job can actually permanently alter the shape of the components and prevent them from functioning

In many instances polishing is included in the service process and many watch brands and service centers will give your watch a full polish while they are servicing your movement and replacing your gaskets a properly conducted polish can remove years of wear and leave a watch looking brand new but not everyone wants to have a brand new looking watch and in some instances polishing your watch can actually decrease its value so should you polish your watch? The right answer to this question can depend a lot on the type of watch that you have but it ultimately comes down to whether you prefer to have your watch looking fresh and brand new or for it to show signs of age and the life that it has lived.

If you own a watch that is maybe around 15 years old and has already been polished once or twice before and there is no real harm in having it polished to restore its appearance however if you own a collectible vintage watch like a rolex submariner daytona or gmt master that has never once been polished since.

It was purchased brand new in the 1960s then polishing it can actually significantly detract from its resale value many vintage collectors would prefer an unpolished watch complete with all its marks and scratches rather than the exact same one that had just been polished and was looking brand new this is largely because it’s incredibly uncommon to find a luxury watch that has existed for over half a century without ever being polished and just like the patina on an ancient bronze sculpture this untouched condition is a large part of its value and collectibility additionally some collectors simply prefer to leave their watches unpolished not because they are interested in preserving resale value.

But simply because they like how an unpolished watch reflects the life that it has lived with each mark in scratch telling a story now for those of you who prefer to have their watches looking brand new how often should you have your watches polished and what can you expect because the polishing process involves the removal of tiny layers of material it is crucial that you do not have your watch polished too often as this can wear down the components faster and ultimately alter their shape in the long term.

Generally speaking it is recommended to only have your watch polished when you are getting it serviced as this will virtually guarantee that it will only be performed by professionals with access to the proper tools and equipment additionally since polishing is often included in the service process this also saves you the additional expense of having to pay for a polish it is important to note that not all marks and signs of damage can be remedied by polishing the vast majority of the light scratches and scuffs that accumulate through normal wear and tear can all be easily removed.

But deep scratches or dents cannot be remedied by polishing alone although they can be significantly improved at the end of the day whether or not to have your watch polished is an entirely personal decision for most timepieces it will have very little if any impact on overall resale value.

But it is still important to be aware of the potential impact it may have so that you can make the most informed decision possible

Lastly it’s important to note that you can’t ever really unpolish a watch once a watch has been polished it can never truly be in unpolished condition againregardless of how many scratches it may accumulate therefore if you are on the fence about polishing your watch it may just be best to wait and keep thinking about it because you can always have your watch polished at a later date if it is ultimately something you want to have done

Should All Watches Be Polished?

No, optimally they shouldn’t especially rolex submariner watches or other watches that have been brought as an investment as polishing them would decrease the price of the watch without a doub

On the off chance that your watch is produced using strong steel, titanium, gold, or some other single metal it is protected to clean it without taking a chance with the expulsion of any surface coatings. In any case, you can clean or, rather, “revamp” a watch just two or three times before the evacuation of that material begins to influence the watch’s shape.

Does Polishing A Watch Devalue It?

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Yes, polishing can devalue some watches so you do need to be careful especially for vintage watches. Moreover, even if you are about to get your watch polished make sure, you get your watch polished through a typical routine RSC administration time as it were. What degrades any Rolex is the individuals who need to constantly clean every time they see an imprint or scratch. Also, why pay to have arm band cleaned when it will be done as a component of routine assistance.

Things Done While Polishing Watches

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  • Clean and oil the movement and adjust for accuracy
  • Send the dial out for Professional Dial Refinishing
  • Polish and shine the case
  • Clean & straighten the hands
  • Install a new crystal if needed
  • Attach a new leather band or clean and polish the existing band
  • If broken – the crown, stem, and/or mainspring may need to be replaced
  • Dials are sent to International Dial Co for professional refinishing.

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