Breitling Vs Invicta Watches: An Extensive Comparison

Breitling and Invicta are both very popular brands, and there are many people who often get confused when it comes to comparing these 2 brands, so today we decided to do that for you. So, without further ado, let’s get right into comparing both these brands!

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Every Product Comes With
a 2 Year Warranty
Comes With A 2 Year
Not As Good As Breitling When
It Comes To The Quality
So-So Quality
Made With Perplexity And Comes
With A Wide Variety Of Designs
As Well And Usually Come With
More Intricate Movements Then
Sinn Watches
Comparatively Fewer VariationsComparatively More Variations
In Designs
Comparatively Less DurableWay More Durable
Less Renowned More Renowned
Made In ChinaMade In Switzerland
Less DiscountsOffers More Discounts And
Offers Many Cheap Watches
If You Want To Know More About
This “Click HereOpens in a new tab.
Is More Expensive
Lesser Optimized
Online Store (There Are
Some Instances Where They
Mislead People Through
Their Website)
Comparatively More
Optimized Online Store
Founded In 1884Founded In 1837

Breitling spends essentially more on all segments like from the movement to the design, to ensure that it fits the High-income section.


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Breitling watch

Breitling makes quality watches. The general form quality and finish is estimable at the value point they are offered.

In spite of the fact that there are exemptions. All quartz watches from Breitling are highly precise watches and the entirety of their mechanical evaluation watches are guaranteed chronometers (COSC ensured).

Talking about mechanical developments, the larger part of their developments are conventional ETA-based which per Breitling are vigorously altered to coordinate with their quality affirmation norms.

Morever, there are many Breitling watches that have been known to hold their value and sometimes even increase in their value

A Video On Some Interesting Facts About Breitling

From a plan outlook, Breitling watches are large, intense and chic. A great deal of Breitling watches with great plan components are frequently offered in the 46–48mm territory which for a many individuals is an awkward and unreasonable size to don.

I like the design part of Breitling. The case and the wristband generally are excessively cleaned which makes them a simple unique finger impression magnet and inclined to scratches.

There is an immediate relationship however between the estimation of a brand, the acknowledgment of a brand, and the resale value.

While there are a few watches that have high resale esteem for different reasons like the extraordinariness or notable status of a watch; when in doubt, the better the brand the more you’ll get back when attempting to sell it. And like we said, Breitling doesn’t perform too bad on this side either.

A few examples of Breitling watches that have been known to hold their value or even increase in value are as follows

  • Breitling Transocean
  • Breitling Avenger
  • Breitling Colt
  • Breitling Navitimer

Breitling Prices

Breitling prices are less than the cost of Rolexes but they are usually more expensive when compared to Invicta watches.

With more reasonable watches, for example, the men’s 45mm Breitling Colt Skyracer which is fueled by a COSC guaranteed Breitling SuperQuartz™ Caliber 74 development for about $2,000.

Their precisely controlled automatic watches Such as the Chronomat Colt Automatic 44mm Start at an MSRP of about $3,240.

Breitling is the fifteenth most conspicuous Swiss watch brand on the planet. Is Breitling a significant watch brand? Indeed! And it has become renowned in the luxury watch section in the last few decades!

Any individual who is a watch enthusiast would appreciate the Breitling movement and the overall designs that this watch brand has to offer.

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Are Invicta Watches Really Swiss?

A picture of invicta watches

Most of the Invicta watches are made in China using Japanese movements.

In spite of the fact that Invicta values its Swiss legacy, not the entirety of their watches are Swiss inside.

Truth be told, while a considerable part of their assembling actually happens in Switzerland, a significant number of their watches begin in Asia. Similarly, a considerable lot of their watches, similar to the impeccable take Aviator, exchange Swiss timekeeping for Japanese quartz.

Swiss watchmaking has an unmistakable definition a definition that requests a phenomenal degree of preciseness.

An individual who is on the lookout for a Swiss watch realizes that the consideration and craftsmanship that goes into the inside development of the watch is a higher priority than timekeeping precision or style.

Furthermore, that, as is commonly said, is the rub, on the grounds that while it is genuine you can get an Invicta Pro Diver watch for under $100, one from their Swiss Made assortment, for example, the Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch will hamper you more.

Does Invicta Make Good Watches?

Yes, there are quite a few good invicta watches like the invicta prodiver, which has a tonne of good customer reviews, and a great look (though some say that it looks like a copy of the Rolex Submariner), but even if a copy it is way cheaper then the original submariner and still quite good in quality and durability overall.

Presently we go to the million-dollar question: Does Invicta follow through on the two pieces of their statement of purpose? Regarding esteem, they absolutely produce probably the most moderate watches available in styles that, at any rate at a shallow look, wouldn’t watch strange close to an Omega or Rolex.

The topic of value is somewhat murkier. As talked about above, while Invicta advances itself as a Swiss watchmaker working in the Swiss custom, only one out of every odd watch in their stable has Swiss timekeeping. That doesn’t really address a misfortune in quality. Indeed, quartz timekeeping is more precise than conventional Swiss mechanical timekeeping.

Additionally, regarding the value range, getting Swiss-made looks for under $500 is a very decent arrangement. An Omega or Rolex watch will seldom be found for under four figures. In the event that you’ve been hoping to possess a Swiss watch or simply excellent quartz, however you’ve been anxious about the harm it would do to your wallet, Invicta ought to control those feelings of trepidation.

Should you Buy Invicta Watch?

Well that depends, there are quite a few good Invicta watches that you could buy, not only they are cheaper most of the times, but are also quite durable as we said, and give off a great look. Moreover, the company does offer a 2 year warranty, so if there is an Invicta design that you just have fallen for, there is no reason to not buy that watch

Moreover, even some Invicta watches are not only reknown to hold their value, but there are some that have even increased in their value in the past few years. But if you are looking for watches as an investment, I’d recommend going for watches like the Rolex Submariner and Omega, as their increase in value is more significant.

Something else that Invicta has amazingly is the organization’s long watchmaking history. Dissimilar to other watch brands, for example, Michael Kors, Guess, or Daniel Wellington that are truly style creators that additionally sell watches, Invicta is a realized watch brand that has been making looks for more than 180 years! so they are without a doubt reputed in the watch market.

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Breitling Is The Winner For Me! though it’s not as reputed as Invicta, its movemnt are more precise and trusted, moreover, their designs are more original and the watches overall are very durable. But, there are a tonne of good designs that Invicta also has to offer, and they are also usually cheaper, and quite durable, so if you find an Invicta design that you like it wouldn’t be wrong to go ahead and by it as it is a reasonably good brand as well

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