Best Wifi Clocks: The Most Accurate

Clocks have been around for a while and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Moreover, like everything else nowadays clocks too develop and become more and more technologically advanced as time passes. Clocks have developed in many different ways, for instance there are clocks nowadays that not only tell you the time but also the temperature as well as the level of humidity in the air.

Accordingly, when we talk about advancements in alarm clocks, there are clocks that will keep making sounds and jumping around until you physically get up and turn it off. And there are other clocks that change their lighting according to the time of the night. Anyways, today we are going to look into some of the most graceful and advanced wifi clocks that will use the internet to be more accurate and tell you the exact time.

La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10″, Silver

A beautiful whitish clock that that is sure to add grace to anywhere you put it. You could set it up in your living room, dining or even your kitchen. This also works great as a gift. It automatically connects and sets the exact time and is accurate to the second.

A picture of this La Crosse atomic clock to better elaborate "Best Wifi clocks 2020: The most Accurate"
Best Wifi clocks 2020

This clock weighs 0.32 ounces and has the following dimensions: 10 x 1.5 x 10 inches. It requires a single AA battery to function and comes with a whole year’s warranty. The clock also resets itself routinely by radio control to match the US atomic clock for accuracy. Lastly, this clock is available at Amazon for $15.64 as of now.

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • “Most of the reviews/feedback basically said that people put in a battery… the unit does not properly set itself. SO, they then start all the troubleshooting like reversing battery polarity for a minute… placing it outside… moving it higher in the house… facing it West towards Colorado… all of that is great, but it still didn’t work for me. Here is what you do, and it worked on TRY #1 in my case. Put a battery in the clock… hang the clock where you want it… walk away. I put mine on the wall Sunday night at 10:PM. At some point between 10:PM Tuesday night and 8:00 AM Wed morning, it set itself perfectly. It just takes time to lock onto and decode the signal. LEAVE IT ALONE… it’ll be fine.” Brian Mirsky
  • ” Nice looking clock but does not auto set for countries outside of the US. As such a bit pointless for UK market. ” Evans
  • ” Never set itself after 5 full days (said to auto-set itself after up to 5 nights). Moved it to window, away from electronics and facing Colorado, 2 more days and nothing. It also didn’t work as manual said – Manual said put battery in, it’d go to 12 O’clock, and 10 mins later start moving from there. In my experience, the clock only went to 12 O’clock, and NEVER once moved from there. I reset, pull battery out, put new one in,it’d go to 12 again, and never move again. I tried to set the time manually as instructed, pressing “set” for more than 3 seconds (sometimes for more than 15 seconds), then press set again (or quick tap faster than once/second), never once the minute hand moved at all!!.” Anonymous

La Crosse Technology C82929-INT WiFi Projection Weather Alarm Clock, Black

A small black clock that uses wifi to function properly. It has adjustable angles and also offers different levels of intensities. You can also set the time manually but the clock does this automatically once connected to wifi. You can also set an alarm using this alarm. And comes with a USB charge port

A picture of this clock to better elaborate "Best Wifi clocks 2020: The most Accurate"
Best Wifi clocks 2020

Moreover, this clock also provides weather information, personalize display messages, and forecast icons as well as notification. You can also connect to the clock using an application from IOS or Android. And requires a CR123A battery. Lastly, this clock is available for $54.99 on Amazon as of now.

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • ” I am unable to connect to wifi no matter what I try. I followed all the instructions and still nothing. That being said the clockworks and so does the projector. I just wish it worked as advertised. ” Nick
  • ” After six weeks this no longer connects to the internet. So I need to manually set the time. But what really is disappointing is that I’ve contacted lacrosse about this at least five times and have not heard back a single time. Such a waste of time and money “Albert
  • “If you have a router that allows you to create an entirely isolated 2.4 GHz only network, then this is a neat product. (If you’re into this sort of IoT product, you should really be isolating it from data and devices you care about anyway.) And if you’re thinking of connecting this to your regular home WiFi, *don’t*. First, you’d need to disable anything on the 5 GHz band, suffering a needless loss in performance and shifting traffic to the much narrower and already congested 2.4 GHz band. But second, you’d be giving a device access to everything on your network that was designed so cheaply it simply falls over if you try to connect it to a completely standard dual-band network. This is the stuff botnets are made of. ” Barnet

The Lenovo smart clock

It is not only an alarm clock but can also be referred to as a bedside assistant. Moreover, it is connected to the internet and hence can also be used to check the weather and traffic whenever you go out. It doesn’t take much room and can fit anywhere you like. It also has a slowly brightening screen like in the Philips wake up clock. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of different wake-up sounds. It supports google services and can play Spotify too

A picture of the lenovo smart clock to better elaborate "Best Wifi clocks 2020: The most Accurate"
Best Wifi clocks 2020

It can also control your other home devices and is very easy to set up. Lastly, one of its biggest pros is that it is quite affordable. It costs only $46 which is nearly half the price of the Philips wake up light and comes with a great design which also gives a chic to whichever place you put it

But, it, like everything also has its share of cons. You cannot make calls with it. Its audio quality is not extraordinary and could be better. Lastly, it requires a phone to set up

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • ” Love the clock, the form factor, etc. But the Google assistant leaves much to be desired. If I ask her to play NPR, it says “let me get some more information so I can help you with that”. I checked, NPR is within the Google Play ecosystem, but somehow this clock won’t connect. It won’t play radio stations and is unable to connect to websites and stream content. It will tell me how old George Clooney is… ” Sky terry
  • “Decent speakers for its size, the screen gets very dim and the base alarm clock functionality is good combined with the google assistant features. Although, the software could be a better fleshed out, setting up a music alarm clock complicated and weirdly pushes you to use free Spotify rather than free youtube music. Overall an overpriced alarm clock but decent smart alarm clock and Chromecast remote” George Snapes
  • “I like it. Tells time, answers questions. Simple to use for the most part. Can’t wake up to a song, but I can set it to be pretty dark at night… So… Yeah. It wakes me up” Anonymous
  • ”  Sunrise setting is really useful and the alarm is loud (can be adjusted), I had a habit of sleeping through my alarms at times- Not anymore.
    • – I use this for Spotify as well and the speaker is of very high quality, sounds great!
    • – Lots of clock faces to choose from to make it your own, I personally like the dynamic weather clock face, screen changes and moves when Cloudy, Clear night sky (stars display), Rainy
    • – Screen brightness adjusts automatically. I am one of those that need total darkness to sleep well and this does not impact that at all, I don’t even notice it. ” Ryan

La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10″, Silver

Another La cross clock that automatically sets itself to the exact time. It requires a single alkaline battery to function properly and is for anyone who wants precise time at their office or home. The clock’s face features a chrome-colored finish with an inner black trim and has the following dimensions: 10 inches in diameter and 1-2/3 inch in depth with a 7-1/4-inch diameter face

A picture of La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10", Silver
Best Wifi clocks 2020

This clock also comes with a whole 1-year guarantee. It also resets routinely by radio control which will match it to the US atomic clock. IT requires a single A battery to function properly. And is available on Amazon for $15.64 as of now.

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • ” Nice looking clock but does not auto set for countries outside of the US. As such a bit pointless for the UK market. ” Evans
  • “Simple and functional clock. If you hang your clock in an area that satellite signal can easily reach, there is nothing to do after you put the battery in and set to one of the 4 time zones (and opt in/out day light saving). The 3 hands of the clock each run a complete cycle, and once it found the radio signal, it will adjust to the current time. The instructions said that it might take up to 5 days, our took about 15 minutes. Even if it could not find the signal, there are instructions on hanging the clock manually and use it as a regular clock (or hang it in another location) ” Y Chui
  • ” I bought this clock because of its simple design and not to ever have to worry about the correct time again.
    • It works and receives the U.S signal up in Toronto.
    • It does automatically switch to daylight saving time twice a year which is great. However, that requires the (one time) switch of a button on the back of the clock,
    • No major inconvenience but something one needs to be aware of. ” Anonymous

Sharp Atomic Clock – Atomic Accuracy – Never Needs Setting! – Jumbo 3″

Another digital clock in this list that stands out. It comes with precise accuracy and has a built-in receiver that connects with the atomic clock in colorado to tell accurate time. Moreover, this clock also comes with wireless outdoor sensors that tell the temperature indoors as well as outdoors.

A picture of " Sharp Atomic Clock - Atomic Accuracy - Never Needs Setting! - Jumbo 3"
Best Wifi clocks 2020

This clock requires 3 AA batteries for the main unit and two AA batteries for the sensor. You could use this clock as a wall clock or as your desk clock depending on your preference. And lastly, this easy to set, read and use clock is available at Amazon for $34.23 as of now.

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • ” This clock has a nice display and the outdoor reader that comes with it is reliable. The only reason I did not give it five stars is the price. As the years go by these types of clocks should come down in price a bit. I have had several different brands of atomic clocks and out of all of these, my original Sharp atomic clock in my kitchen has lasted the longest now at 14 years old with next to no problems with it. I am hoping that this new one will last just as long because several of my other atomic clocks only lasted a few years. So when weighing the options, buy a more expensive one and there is a good chance you will not have to replace it quite as soon. “Anonymous
  • ” The product description says its dimension is 13 x 11 inches, but the clock I received is only 8.5 x 8 inches. It seems that the product description is based on the dimension of the package instead of the product itself. This is very misleading and annoying, and I decided to return the product. ” Anonymous
  • ” Everything worked great after I got new batteries in it. Initially, I put some used batteries in it and the outside temp wouldn’t work. Worked great with new batteries. I like the fact that it has several channels, so you can change channels if your neighbor has one. Time is easy to read from across the room. Temperature is OK to read from 10 to 15 feet. Totally accurate. ” Dennis
  • ” Every day I push the button but it won’t sync with atomic time. I have 2 other atomic clocks from another company that works fine but not this one. Would not buy again. “Anonymous

Last words

This was an extensive list of some of the best wifi clocks out there. Hopefully, it was helpful and if you have any further related questions do use the comment section below.

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