Best Silent Wall Clocks: Stunningly Soundless Clocks

Clocks have been a great blessing. They have helped us grow by conducting better experiments, by truly scheduling our day, assigning things time, and overall becoming more productive. Humanity took centuries to stumble upon viewing time the way we do nowadays. But despite the conveniences of clocks nowadays, one of the things that annoys a lot of people a lot about them is the ticking sound that they make every second. So today we here at ohmyclock decided to give a look into this and collect a list of some of the best silent clocks to that you can choose from

A Great List of Silent Clocks by Ezwid Wiki

Thehaki Decorative Wall Clock

An extremely elegant looking clock and one of our favorites. It is quite plain yet nicely polished and acts great as decor and a gift. This clock is very lightweight as can be inferred from its plain look, it weighs only 0.4 pounds

A Picture of TheHaki Decorative Wall Clock

This clock can be a perfect fit for bedrooms, classrooms, dining rooms or literally anywhere else. It is made up of Artificial Leather and harmless EVA ( So basically no glass ). Moreover, it comes in 8 different color variations: Black, Grey, Black, Grassy ( Green ), Brown, Black, and Orange. The price varies depending on the color you want and the one displayed above is available on Amazon for $22.99

Answers to some frequently asked questions about this clock

Question: Is it really non-ticking? Answer: Yes. It is absolutely silent. This Decorative wall clock is perfect for a bedroom, classroom, office, and any room in your home.
By MYJOYBOX SELLER  on December 4, 2017

Question: Does it glow at night? How easy is it to see it at night? Answer: No
By JakeTheSnake on February 27, 201

Question: Can this be hung on push pin? How does the back of the clock look like Answer: Yes push pin would be fine. It’s very light.
By ANDRA IN CANTON on May 17, 2019 

Question: Where can I buy this hook separately? Answer: I do not know maybe Lowes I returned I liked it but it was to small for me
By Karen on July 12, 2018

Question: looking for a ticking clock Answer: Absolutely silent. No ticking sound.
By Jooart SELLER  on March 24, 2018

Question: What size battery does it use? Answer: AA size.
By Jooart SELLER  on March 29, 2018 

Question: Is the khaki color for this actually green as pictured?Answer: Yes. It is the actually green as pictured. Thank you.
By MYJOYBOX SELLER  on September 3, 201

Question: Could I get this with black hands, a white face, and no numbers?Answer: no

Epy Huts Modern Simple Wall Clock

A Graceful non-ticking clock which is a simple 10-inch round clock. The numbers are quite clear and big, which makes reading time quite easy. Moreover, the vividness of this clock also makes it ideal for teaching your children time.

A picture of Epy Huts Modern Simple Wall Clock

This model does come in various colours like black, white, pink and blue that you can choose from. Moreover, it is quite accurate and stays that way as it is powered by a single AA Battery. Lastly, it comes at a price of $18.85 on Amazon as of this moment which is quite affordable.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about this clock

Question: Is the clock noisy ? Answer: It makes NO sound at all

Question: How long is the warranty period? Answer: They are very friendly, professional, and quick to help me out. After I contacted the seller about my issue with one of the clocks.
By Henson Nicolette on January 15, 2019

Question: Teal or a periwinkle colour? Answer: The clock I purchased is teal. The picture to the left of this text box is periwinkle. Both colors were available.
I like the clock–quiet aurally and viz.
By Ganesereth on April 29, 2020

Question: Does the clock face will glow at night? Answer: No, this clock can’t glow in dark. It’s tiffany the wall clock face.
By MOD CLOX SELLER  on April 30, 2019

Question: Is this clock made of plastic? Answer: Yes but it is a strong plastic housing. I am actually surprised that it has a higher quality feel to it and is truly SILENT. I am in the middle of updating my living room & one of the primary colours is orange (Metallic Orange really) and I have received several compliments just on my clock!
By Amazon Customer on November 12, 2018

Question: Is the clock labelled “blue” blue or teal?Answer: They are completely different colours, blue is the sky, Teal is turquoise, hope this helps you.
By Byers Hector on January 14, 2019

Hito Silent Kids Wall Clock

A 10-inch round clock that comes in 12 different color variations that you can choose from. This clocks’ hands move around in a sweeping movement which further advocates the utter silence that it comes with

A Picture of Hito Silent Kids Wall Clock to better elaborate Best Silent Wall Clocks

The clock is powered by a single AA Battery and the battery can function the clock for more than a year. The prices vary a bit depending on which variant of these silent clocks by Hito you choose, the one displayed above is now available on Amazon for $18.99

Answers to some frequently asked questions about this clock

Question: Has anybody been using this as a bathroom wall clock? If so, how does it deal with humidity? Answer: No. I use this clock in the guest room. It looks beautiful. I don’t know if anybody use it in the bathroom, but I think it can be use. Mine is blue, but I don’t know if it comes in other colors.
By Amazon Customer on October 15, 2016 

Question: The clock description does not say if the cover is glass or plastic. I am looking for plastic. Which is it? Answer: Hi Annette Shaw, hito wall clocks of 10 inches come with glass front cover. If you want plastic, you can try hito wall clock of 12 inches.
By hitoseller SELLER  on March 17, 2016

Question: What’s the size?? 110″ ?? Answer: Size says 10.4 x 10.2 (not possible for a circle), the seller says 10, someone else says 9.75… ? Should be in top bullet points. No need to respond unless you’re the seller – thanks!
By BMB on October 26, 2018

Question: Is there a lens over the hands of the clock? Answer: Yes. And the clock is very quiet.
By D. Hartman on July 11, 2015

Question: Can the cover be removed from the front? Answer: I don’t think that it can
By Theresa F. on August 24, 2016

Question: Is any part of the clock or the hands illuminated? Answer: Yes plus there is a button to illuminate more if needed

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A special clock for all the art fans out there. It is a handmade wall clock that has one unique design. It is very easy to install, and works great as a gift. Moreover, it doesn’t make the annoying ticking sound and is quite silent. Hence best suited for someone looking for a quite environment.

A picture of the Nightmare before Christmas Clocks to better elaborate Best Silent Wall Clocks

It can also be set up in your kid’s room if he/ she likes cartoonish clocks or is a fan of a nightmare before Christmas. It has the following dimensions: 11.4 x 1.6 x 11.4 inches and weighs 8.8 pounds and does not put much pressure. Lastly, it costs only $24.99

MEIMEI 12 inch Wooden Indoor Silent Decorative Battery Operated Lager Wall Clock

Finally a clock with Garfield on it, and it also has a small snoopy near the end. A clock that is made of high-quality wood and also doesn’t make the annoying ticking sound

A picture of the Garfield clock to better elaborate Best Silent Wall Clocks

It is lightweight and easy to hang and has the following dimensions: k 11.8 x 11.8 x 0.20 inch. Moreover, it requires a single AA battery to function. Lastly, it is great for home decor, kitchen, bedroom or your kids’ room

Snoopy Dog Wooden Clock Birthday Gift for Boy 

A beautiful clock that is meant for you if you are a fan of snoopy’s. It can also prove a great gift for your if he/she likes to watch snoopy roll his way on the TV

A picture of the snoopy clock to better elaborate Best Silent Wall Clocks

Even if you don’t know snoopy, it’s still quite a cute clock that is sure to lighten up the overall atmosphere. It is a wooden clock and does not make any sound so it is best suited for you if you like a quiet environment. It requires 1 AA battery to run and has the following dimensions:  Diameter 12 Inch (30 CM), thickness 16 mm.

Mickey Mouse 11’’ Handmade Wall Clock

Finally, a Micky mouse clock for all the mickey mouse fans. It also doesn’t make any ticking sound and is hence quite suitable if you want a fun look without the annoying ticktock sound.

A picture of the micky mouse clock

It makes a great gift for anyone who likes cartoons or specially micky mouse. It has the following dimensions: 11 x 1.6 x 11 inches. Lastly, this clock is available on Amazon for $35 as of now which isn’t too much for this stunning Micky mouse clock. But despite the unique Micky Mouse look, this clock does have a few negative reviews on Amazon too

” Don’t waste your money. It’s as thin as paper basically. I am BEYOND embarrassed by the amount we paid. This item had positive reviews when we purchased it and I don’t understand why. I overpaid. I’ll be looking into returning it after it took so long to get here because it ended up coming internationally. Do not buy!!”

“This is not hand made it is assembled by hand. huge difference. it is also extremely flimsy and cheaply made. worth maybe $5 to $10 . not worth the money DO NOT BUY you will be disappointed”

ABB Performance LED Illuminated Outdoor Clock

A plain-looking clock with a black metal frame and a glass lens is just right for putting it anywhere you want. It also has LED illumination and has the following dimensions: 3.5 x 18 x 18 inches

A picture of ABB Performance LED Illuminated Outdoor Clock to better look into Best Silent Wall Clocks

Its weight is 6.5 pounds and is weather-resistant, which is an obvious necessity if you want to use it outdoors. Moreover, it is reliable, great for using near a garden and is just relaxing to look at. Lastly, it is silent and barely produces any noise.

Some other Silent Clocks

Driini Wooden Desk & Table Analog Clock

It is one of the most simple looking yet elegant mantel clocks that you can find. This clock is made of pine and is battery operated with a silent sweep mechanism

A picture of Driini Wooden Desk & Table Analog Clock Epy Huts Modern Simple Wall Clock

It is a sturdy looking clock with even its hands made of clean wood. Furthermore, it doesn’t make much sound and has the following dimensions:  4.3″ x 4.3″ x 1.5″. It is available on Amazon for $19.90 which is a good price for this chic looking mantel clock.


Design Toscano Chateau Carbonne Cherub Mantle Clock

A beautiful french style clock that is bound to get a look. It has two chubby children with wings that add divinity to the whole look

A picture of Design Toscano Chateau Carbonne Cherub Mantle Clock,
which is one of the best mantel clocks out there to better elaborate Epy Huts Modern Simple Wall Clock

This beautiful clock weight 5 pounds and has the following dimensions: 9.5″Wx4″ Dx10.5″H. It also requires two AA batteries to work and does not produce much sound. The golden look that it gives off cannot be defined other than being divine and elegant

Hopefully, this article was helpful in showing you some of the best silent clocks that you can use at your house or even offer as a gift. Lastly, if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. And stay tuned to ohmyclock for more interesting articles about clocks

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