Best Rolex Watches To Invest Into!

Rolex is without a doubt the most popular watch brand in the whole world. And they are quite well-renowned for their value retention. So, today we decided to take a look into some of the rolexes that would prove to be a great investment in the coming year, so, without further ado, let’s get right into it!


Looking for the most popular Rolex watch to invest this year? A Submariner might be the watch for you.

Waterproof to almost 300 metres, it’s far deeper than the usual sport diver will ever go. It’s elegant design and waterproof integrity.

Beautiful, long-lasting, and athletic all sum up this Rolex.

Collectors of pre-owned timepieces prize Rolex Submariners for their superb build quality and long-term dependability.

There is a growing premium on modern Submariners, in particular those with ceramic bezels.

On Chrono24, the current Rolex Submariner ref. 126610LN costs over £12,000, while the beefier previous-generation Rolex Submariner ref. 116610LN costs around $11,000.

In other words, the ref. 126610LN is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a Submariner at a reasonable price.

It’s difficult to find a Rolex Submariner. It’s possible that, if the current trend continues, the ref. 126610LN will rise in price significantly.

However, the pre-owned watch market is flooded with fakes of the Rolex Submariner 126610LN. It’s best to get your hands on a certificate of authenticity from a reputable seller.

Fun Fact: It Is Estimated That Rolex Produces A Estimate Of 1,000,000 Watches Per Anum

John Mayer Edition Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (Green Dial)

In the days before Mayer joined on with the Rolex Daytona collection, this yellow-gold green dial piece was selling well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

It went on the market for over £37,000 nine months later. Even after John Mayer’s endorsement, the price has continued to rise.

Even though the 18ct yellow-gold watch has become more of a fashion symbol, it was originally developed for endurance race drivers.

It is possible to determine an average speed over a specific distance using the tachometer scale on the bezel. So it’s no surprise that watch connoisseurs are still willing to part with their hard-earned cash to own one of them.

Its green dial is another a selling factor for this Rolex. The combination of a green dial with an 18ct gold hour marker is almost enticing, given that green is a symbol of prosperity in many cultures.

The green dial of this timepiece can appear either black or bright green depending on the angle of the sunlight. Isn’t it fascinating?

It also boasts an incredible power reserve that will keep the watch functioning for at least three days (72-hours) while it is not worn.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “John Mayer” Green Dial ref. 116508 is a good investment because of the money you can make.

The wristwatch is currently available for roughly £87,338 on eBay. Anyone who bought it for £43,142 in January 2010 stands to make more than double their investment.

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The GMT-Master by Rolex

Since 1950, the GMT-Master line has been available. It was designed to keep track of multiple time zones at once for pilots.

GMT-Master II became more than just a pilot’s tool when it was released in the 1990s.

Automatic movement and sapphire crystal-encrusted ceramic bezel are featured on the 40mm clock.

One of the most sought for Rolex timepieces for investment in 2022 is no surprise. The GMT Master II, on the other hand, nevertheless emits a subdued eccentricity.

The rotating 24-hour advanced bezels of the Rolex GMT-Master II let the wearer to simultaneously read three distinct time zones.

Despite its obvious wear and tear, this model has a charming appeal that goes well with both casual and formal outfits..

Its large dial exudes elegance, and potential purchasers are drawn to its attractive appearance.

With a green dial, this is the first GMT-Master II to incorporate a ceramic bezel. Among collectors and wearers alike, the ref. 116710LN’s green GMT hand makes it a sought-after model. Around £12,000 to £17,000 is the current price range for this item.

Ref. 16710, 126710BLNR, or 126711CHNR are resale superstars, so you won’t have a problem with either one.

Today’s GMT Master 16710 costs £20,950 although it sold for about £13,000 at the beginning of November 2021.

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Rolex Air King:

In the world of watch collecting, the older Rolex Air-Kings are among of the best value for the money. We’ve been saying this for years. The latest 40mm manufacturing model may now be worth more than its retail price on the open market, but prior generations of the Air-King are some of the most cheap Rolex watches on the market today.

Since it was produced from 1958 to 1989, the ref. 5500 is the most sought-after vintage Rolex Air King and can be purchased for between $3k and $4k in pre-owned condition. The reference 5500 has always been one of the most affordable Rolex watches, and as demand for the brand continues to grow, it is only inevitable that the value of this entry-level model will also rise.

There are a few notable differences between the ref. 14010 and the original 34mm Air-King, including an upgraded movement and sapphire crystal. Rolex ref. 14010’s engine-turned bezel provides the watch a somewhat greater wrist presence and sets it distinct from other models, as this form of bezel was never made available on Rolex’s 36mm watches. Air-King prices and demand have steadily increased over the past few years and we expect this trend to continue until the second half of 2021.

In the end, the Rolex Air-King collection’s discontinued 34mm models with 6-digit reference numbers, such as the ref. 114200 and ref. 114234, offer the best value. Compared to the 5-digit generation, they are just marginally more expensive, but in exchange, you receive a chronometer movement, a strong link bracelet, and the option to choose from an extensive selection of unique and eye-catching dial designs. Prices are bound to rise as more individuals try to add the current Air-King production editions to their collections now that the watch’s popularity has drawn attention to this previously underappreciated Rolex line.

Rolex Date:

It was only last year that Rolex officially dropped the smaller and more cheap 34mm Datejust from its collection, ending an era of availability that spanned decades. Even though Rolex used to exclusively make the 34mm Date in stainless steel or White Rolesor (stainless steel with a white gold bezel), the older full yellow gold models have enjoyed a recent increase in popularity since its discontinuation.

Rolex’s premium versions of the Date, first in 14k and then in 18k gold, provide significant savings over their 36mm counterparts. However, pricing for all of these solid yellow gold Rolex Date models are now hovering around the $8k to $12k level for 14k models like as the ref. 1503 and ref. 15037 compared to its 18k counterparts, such as the ref. 15238. In spite of the fact that this is still a significant price increase compared to similar stainless steel models, it represents around half the price you would anticipate to pay for a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date President 36mm model.

These 34mm gold Rolex watches also have a good amount of fascinating design elements and peculiarities to look out for. All modern Rolex watches use 18k gold regardless of hue, and the reference 15238 features a gold rivet link bracelet despite being released in the late 1980s, when the rivet style had already been superseded on other models.

Because of the pricey nature of its raw materials, solid gold watches have a price floor that might change with the gold price. As a result, collectors have been paying attention to the 34mm models, which are some of the cheapest solid gold Rolex watches on the market today. Because the Rolex Date has been discontinued, these watches are likely to remain popular for the remainder of 2021, especially if gold prices remain as high as they have been over the past few years. The Sea-Dweller by Rolex

The Rolex Sea-Dweller collection is undervalued as a whole. Due to the Submariner’s huge fame, collectors often ignore the brand’s other professional diving watches. You can easily get a Rolex Sea-Dweller for the same price as a Submariner on the second-hand market, despite its higher performance and lower popularity.

When compared to other Rolex models, the ref. 1665 is a little surprising because it was the first Sea-Dweller and was instrumental in developing the helium-escape valve. One of Rolex’s best tool watch collections, the “Great White” ref. 1665 is amazingly affordable for being the first iteration of a Rolex Sea-Dweller reference to be fitted with an acrylic crystal and the ultra-rare Double Red (DRSD) and Single Red (SRSD) watches.

There are two succeeding generations of the Rolex Sea-Dweller with 40mm cases, flat sapphire crystals, and aluminium bezel inserts: the 16660 “Triple Six” and the 16600. A matte dial version of the transitional ref. 16660 will set you back between $9k and $11k for one of these watches, which is around the same price point as a standard Submariner watch, even if the Sea-Dwellers have better performance metrics than their predecessors.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 116600 is one of the most sought-after models in the collection, although many collectors neglect it. As the last Sea-Dweller to incorporate a ceramic bezel inlay, the 116600 is also the last of the 40mm model. As an added bonus, this model was Rolex’s final Sea-Dweller to include a Cyclops-free crystal before one was included in the newest iteration. Despite the fact that the ref. 116600 is currently very reasonable, it is expected to continue to rise in value as more collectors become aware of this unique reference over the next few years.

The Datejust by Rolex

The traditional two-tone Rolex Datejust is the brand’s most recognisable model to the general public. During the pinnacle of its popularity in the 1980s, Rolex’s Datejust 36mm in stainless steel and yellow gold became an absolute symbol. The two-tone Datejust 36, one of Rolex’s most known and important models, is surprisingly reasonable on the pre-owned market compared to the brand’s other iconic models.

Rolex’s traditional two-tone Datejust with a fluted bezel has been available for many years, and it may now be obtained in a variety of different forms on the pre-owned market. However, since prices for all of Rolex’s other watches have risen over the years, the classic two-tone Datejust has unexpectedly become an undervalued option for individuals shopping for a used Rolex.

Pre-owned versions of the ref. 1601, ref. 16013, or ref. 16233, all with pie-pan dials and acrylic crystals, may be had for between $5k and $8k, which is only a slight premium over their stainless steel counterparts.

The ref. 116233 features a solid-link bracelet and a revised case with bigger lugs, so it has a similar aesthetic to the current production model. Datejust 36 reference 116233, on the other hand, has an open market price of several thousand dollars cheaper than the current edition, making it a tempting option for buyers on the secondary market.

Rolex Explorer 2

The 216570 Rolex Explorer II was replaced early this year by the new ref 226570 model, which replaced the previous model with an improved case and movement.

Despite this, both versions are still among the most sought-after Rolex timepieces today.

Market demand is high for both models of the Rolex Explorer watch.

There isn’t much difference between the two in terms of appearance. So you should take into account the price while making a purchase of this high-end watch.

Rolex Explorer II ref. 226570 costs over $11,000, whereas ref. 216570 costs roughly $8,000.

Because of this, you’ll save money if you get the latter version.

The Rolex Explorer has grown in popularity over the years and is one of the Rolex timepieces expected to see an increase in price in the near future.

Consequently, your Rolex Explorer II purchase should be profitable by 2022.

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