10 Best Korean Watch Brands.

If you’re looking for some of the best Korean watch brands then you’ve come to the right place, in this article we’ll review some of the watch brands which we think are the best, so stay tuned and keep reading.

List Of The Best Korean Watch Brands

Now that we have listed some of the best watch brands in Korea let’s go into their detail.

Best Korean Watch Brands


Harriot is a Korean watch brand that handcrafts all of its watches.

Their Harriot watches are attractive and have a classic style. Customers may always expect this brand’s prices to be reasonable.

Many of their timepieces are inspired by Korean bridges. For example, their limited edition Dobo series is inspired by the leaders of North and South Korea’s footbridge.

Their KARI series is another lovely limited edition.

Moonphase watches are included in this category. Harriot and the Korean Aerospace Research Institute collaborated to create them.

Harriot has been rated the best overall watch brand on our list for their beautiful hand-crafted timepieces that are both reasonable and exquisite.

It’s unclear how long the brand has been in operation, but their major purpose is to manufacture watches that are vintage-inspired, notably those from the 1970s.

Harriot is a great believer that a watch should not be uncomfortable to wear. They’ve been around since 1988, and their watches have a distinctly neoclassical aesthetic. They were the first Korean watch maker to develop a dive watch band capable of withstanding 500 metres of water pressure.

The TL245HM sports watch is one of their most popular models. It is made of stainless steel and has a soft leather band. It’s a 45mm watch with a water resistance rating of 5 atm. The watch is reasonably priced, and the internal components are protected by a glass cover.

The EM0B17LL watch is a popular choice among women. As with the TL245HM, this watch is manufactured from stainless steel with a glass covering and stainless steel band. It has a 3 atm water resistance and comes with both a black and white watch face.


The Dogfight Korean watch brand comes in second place on our list. Their timepieces recount the great storey of the pilots who fought valiantly in the skies throughout the World Wars.

The company has been in operation since 1919 and is well-known for producing World War II-inspired timepieces. The brand gets its name from two planes crashing in the air, a phenomenon known as Dogfight, which is why their emblem is a fighter plane.

Some of their more interesting watches have a 1940s pinup girl on the watch face. The Dogfight Lucky Lady and the Dogfight Keep ’em Flying are two of them.

Both timepieces include an exquisite leather band, a 44mm stainless steel case, and a 3H date display. Because the company first opened its doors in 1919, these watches were only made in 1919 to commemorate that date.

If the pinup look isn’t for you, they also have a lovely quartz watch line, including the popular Wingman DF0035. This is one of their most popular models, with a stunning retro-inspired appearance in stainless steel and quarts. It’s water-resistant to 50 metres and has a stylish leather strap.

Amy Eugeny

Amy Eujeny is well-known for its high-quality Korean watches and jewellery. Their timepieces are only available on the Amy Eujeny website, and they can only be purchased in their stores. Prices are also not available online.

Aside from the price, their timepieces are really stunning. They all feature mechanical movements, and you may choose between hand-wound and self-winding movements for each watch.

Furthermore, their skeleton watches, such as the AE TN002, are magnificent. If you’re not familiar with skeleton watches, they’re watches that allow you to see all of the moving parts within them via the front or back of the watch.

The AE AT001 is one of the most exquisite watches we’ve seen on this site. The bezel, main case, case back, and crown are all made of stainless steel. The dial has a mirror finish and is made of Mother of Pearl. The glass is sapphire crystal, and there are gorgeous stones encircling the watch face.


Romanson is a South Korean watchmaker that has been in operation since 1988. They specialise in the neoclassical style, and their name is derived from the mechanical competence of the Swiss town of Romanshorn.

Romanson not only produces some of the highest quality Korean watches available, but they were also the first business to manufacture a dive watch that can withstand pressures of up to 50 atm.

It can withstand 500 metres of water pressure. If diving watches aren’t your thing, they also make gorgeous dress watches and luxurious steel timepieces.

The Romanson De Arbon CA5A10RM is their most popular watch overall. It is made of stainless steel and has a gorgeous sapphire watch face. It’s water-resistant up to 5 atm and goes with any suit or dress shirt.

They also manufacture a lady’s watch. The RM0B16QL is one of their most gorgeous pieces. It’s a 30mm stainless steel watch with a lovely glass watch face and a stainless steel band. It can withstand water pressures of up to 3 atm.


Foce, commonly known as Foce Milano, is a luxury sports watch brand. Tottenham Hotspurs inspired their watch collection. The line was developed in collaboration with the Tottenham team. Tottenham Hotspur is one of the most well-known football clubs in the United Kingdom.

Foce was founded in 1997 with the goal of creating fashionable timepieces on a budget. They also custom-make their timepieces to correspond with each individual player.

The best thing about these sports watches is that they aren’t at all garish. Many sports team timepieces have their logo or some crazy colour scheme. These timepieces do not. They keep their class while also representing your favourite athlete.

The Foce F812GB was a watch that piqued our interest. Its stylish black stainless steel finish and band make it both appealing and versatile. The watch looks great with any outfit. It also has a pressure rating of 5 atm.


Rolens has been producing timepieces since 1950. They are most recognised for producing timepieces that resemble Rolex models. You may have noticed that their name is identical to the Rolex name. The majority of their clocks are quarts, mechanical, or custom-made.

The Rolens firm is well-known for producing two presidential timepieces, one for President Roh Moo-Hyun and the other for Lee Myung-Bak. Today, the majority of their watches are gold-colored Rolex clones, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

On the plus side, they’re usually reasonably priced. Most watches cost between 180,000 and 200,000 Won, or around $154 USD.

We won’t lie: their most recent gold Rolex clones are a little flashy. Their other designs, on the other hand, are quite vintage-looking and fashionable.

The GA1974N is one such watch. This timeless piece features a stainless steel case and an exquisite leather band. It boasts a gorgeous quartz movement and is water-resistant up to 3 atm.


Tisell is a newcomer to the Korean watch market. Oh Changdo, a Korean watchmaker, founded the company. The timepieces are both inexpensive and retro or classic in design.

Tisell provides high-quality, timeless elegance and contemporary designs in a wide range of styles. Their timepieces all come with a 2-year warranty and full after-warranty support. They also make diver, pilot, and traditional pieces to suit any style.

The Tisell Automatic Diver Watch is one of our personal favourites. It has an automatic Miyota 9015 movement and a date display.

It is a water-resistant watch that can withstand depths of up to 200 metres and is perfect for deep-sea diving. It features a sapphire crystal and an anti-reflective coating in a classic diver style. The band and case are both made of stainless steel and may fit wrists measuring 14-23 cm.


Don’t forget that women enjoy wearing timepieces as well! Julius was born in 2001 in Seoul, South Korea. Their primary concentration is on female clientele. This label is well-known for producing some of the most youthful designs at reasonable costs. They provide high-quality items made with cutting-edge technologies.

This firm was not born in a country known for its watchmaking. They did, however, begin in a country with a well-developed fashion industry. This explains why they were able to reach the summit so quickly.

The majority of their timepieces are embellished with valuable stones and eye-catching glass crystals.

The JA-1305 is one of their most cheap and attractive pieces. This timepiece has a lovely rose gold case with a leather strap. When worn on the wrist, its square shape makes it appear more attractive.


This is a relatively new brand on the market. Some may be unaware, but their name is derived from the well-known mangosteen emblem. Because this brand has just been around for a few years, they are well-versed in the latest fashion trends and have the right fashion sense for today’s market.

Even though the watch company is relatively new, you can still distinguish their timepieces since their designs are so distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

They intended to create a timepiece that would look lovely and charming on a lady’s wrist. Furthermore, these watches have been recognised by a number of Korean celebrities.

The Leepi collection has one watch that really sticks out to us. The Leepi MS518E is the model. This stunning rose gold watch is perfectly matched with a mesh band. It’s water-resistant to 3 atm and has a lovely rose dial.


Valence is the last but not least. In 2001, this company was founded in Seoul, Korea. The name is derived from the city in France that played a role in King Napoleon’s history.

This firm is known for creating one-of-a-kind sapphire and solid stainless steel combos. Despite their elegance, the watches are marketed particularly to males, with the motto “the first watch of men.”

The timepieces are all under 100,000 Won, making them quite inexpensive. They are appropriate for all guys, including students. Each watch is enhanced by subtle features that add to its allure. It’s been compared as holding a little Valence city in your hand.

Our favourite watch from this brand is the VC-079D. It is made of gorgeous sapphire glass and has a Swiss movement. The band is 20.0 mm dark stainless steel and the function is quartz. It’s water-resistant up to 5 atm and has a date display on the third position of the watch face.

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